Hemorrhoid Treatment

Gemo Platinus - worth buying or not?

A modern man to make hemorrhoids very easy. It affects a sedentary way of life, food in a dampy, stress, bad habits and many other benefits of civilization, which together with hereditary burdens cause stagnation in the veins of the pelvis. Cure this disease is not easy,

especially in the underdog cases when you have to resort to surgery. However, the initial stages of hemorrhoids are well exposed to conservative therapy with various medications. Among them, the Gemo platinus solution, which is not sold in pharmacies, can be purchased only through an official website. What kind of drug, which he has, how to use it from hemorrhoids, has his instructions, negative feedback from doctors or patients, whether it's cheating or not - we will try to understand.


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reviews say General information

Gemo Platinus - worth buying or not? Gemo platinus is a special solution for the treatment of hemorrhoids, developed in Germany. The drug has undergone clinical trials, which proved its effectiveness. Currently, the solution is used all over the world, its analogues have not yet.

Gemo platinos has a unique composition, it includes humic acids - organic substances formed as a result of biochemical reactions from dead plants under the influence of microbes, water and oxygen.

These substances have high adsorption capacity and biological activity.

About the properties that the solution has, tell the instructions and the manufacturer's site. Why use this remedy for hemorrhoids:

  • reduces pain and inflammation in the hemorrhoidal veins;
  • promotes healing of cracks, improves regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • warns of aggravation of the disease.

The solution does not have an unpleasant odor, does not cause discomfort in the patient, in addition to the complex of biological active substances, it also includes a regulator of acidity, an oxidant and water. The drug has an acidity index of pH = 7( neutral value), so it does not cause irritation and can be used for the intima zone. The

Gemo Platinus - worth buying or not? Application Guide is annexed to this product, in addition, the site contains information on the rules for using the solution for hemorrhoids treatment:

  • shake the bottle;
  • put the tool on a wad disk;
  • make compress on a sick spot;
  • procedure to be conducted twice a day;
  • treatment for at least a month( relief usually takes 3-4 days).

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Advantages of

Gemo Platinus - worth buying or not? Traditional drugs for topical hemorrhoids treatment are ointments and candles. They act quickly, effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease, improving the quality of life of the patient. Not all people like fatty composition, the possibility of contaminating the bottom or bedding, some of the tools are not suitable for the treatment of pregnant and nursing mothers, allergic people and children. Unlike these drugs, Gemo platinos has a number of advantages that its composition has:

  • does not have an unpleasant odor;
  • is of natural origin;
  • does not contaminate clothes and linen, despite the brown color;
  • safe for pregnant and lactating women;
  • has no contraindications;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • does not contain preservatives and dyes;
  • is convenient to use.

If you decide to buy a solution, you can do this through the company's website, there is an instruction, reviews, the price of the drug, as well as possible discounts and promotions for buyers. It's best to check all information once more to avoid possible fraud by unscrupulous sellers. In pharmacies, this tool is not for sale, otherwise its price would be significantly higher than the stated on the site.

What do the reviews say

Do you have hemorrhoids?

Mikhail Rotonov: "The only remedy that is suitable for a complete hemorrhoids treatment at home and which I could recommend is. .." Read more & gt; & gt;

Most people who leave their feedback on the Internet do not believe that Gemo platinos is another lure. Many ordered a solution through an official website, satisfied with the timing of delivery and the effectiveness of the drug. Some people note minor positive results or their absence contrary to expectations, though their responses do not contain information on the stages of hemorrhoids, the use of other drugs. Launched forms of the disease are subject only to complex treatment. There are negative feedback from patients who were not lucky with the provider, maybe they were fraudsters who brought fake. There are links to such sites, this must be sure to pay attention if there is a desire to buy a solution.

Positive feedback from experts suggests that the solution was tested in clinics, no minuses were found. Therefore, the drug is recommended for complex treatment of hemorrhoids, if it suits the price( about 1000 rubles) and there is an opportunity to deliver directly to the door.

Doctors are interested in the effectiveness of conservative treatment, especially in external hemorrhoids, so all the novelties appearing in this direction attract the attention of experienced doctors and stimulate the further study of such drugs.

To avoid being divorced by fraudsters, before purchasing any drug, follow:

  • consult a physician,
  • to examine the composition of the remedy;
  • find the official site;
  • to get acquainted with the views of doctors and patients, whose reviews are posted on many forums dedicated to treating hemorrhoids.

On modern ways to treat hemorrhoids in video:

Anyway, everyone is taking the decision - how and what to treat hemorrhoids. However, do not forget that this serious disease requires an appropriate approach to a range of activities( diet, lifestyle, local and systemic drugs).