Night Headache: The Causes of Adult Pain

In this article, we will consider the causes of night headaches. Why are they formed, which affects this factor and should worry already today? !Let's consider the main causes that arise both in adults and children.

Night Headache: The Causes of Adult Pain

Headaches are considered to be the most commonly reported

discomfort. Under this notion is meant any painful sensation in the head. This syndrome in one of its numerous manifestations at least once took place in every person, even has excellent health.


  • Why do we have headaches at night?
  • Headaches occur due to lack of oxygen
  • Excessive, systematic mental strain of
  • Migraine - as the main cause of adult pain
  • Back problems also cause
  • Daily stress and depression lead to headache
  • One of the causes of headache is diabetes mellitus
  • Awhat if everything is more serious than it seems?
  • Stroke causes headaches in the morning and at night

Why are headaches at night?

In the medical language, headache is called "cephalagy".Especially painful pain that manifests itself at night. If usually a dream helps to cope with it, then at night headache, on the contrary, it is not necessary to count on a good rest.

In general, cephalalgia may have several varieties:

  • for neu-cranial pathologies;
  • for infectious diseases;
  • migraine;
  • cluster pain;
  • voltage pain;
  • for craniocerebral trauma;
  • drug administration or exposure to chemicals;
  • vascular pathology;
  • metabolic disturbance;
  • intracranial pathology;
  • has no brain-damaging headache.

Brain is a unique structure of the human body, but at the same time it is the most insecure part of our body. Brain tissues do not provide oxygen and other nutrient accumulation, which is called "reserve", so that in case of lack of it, quickly fill the missing element.

Therefore, even with minor violations of innervation, blood supply, and substantial metabolism, brain activity is instantly impaired.

Pain syndrome is a sign that something is wrong with this body. At night, our body begins to function somewhat differently, because in this period processes of recovery and exchange predominate, the organism does not interfere with typical daytime irritants.

That's why at night the possible deviations in the body appear more vividly. Night headache usually becomes a complete surprise, unceremoniously forcing a person to wake up. Often after such an awakening, it is not possible to fall asleep in the morning, leading to a broken condition, lack of attention and disability.

Causes of headaches at night are quite varied. They can be caused by such harmless circumstances as suffocating, spitting air in the room of a sleeping person, or excessive mental overload on the eve of the afternoon, and may also indicate a development of malignant tumorous formation in the brain.

A very often causative cause of cephalalgia is injury, intoxication and infection, vascular disease, meningitis, intracranial abnormalities, even abuse of too strong coffee. We will not fall into the extreme and begin with the most simple factors that provoke night headaches.

Headaches arise due to lack of oxygen

Very often, night pain is caused by an unpleasant pillow, a barbed blanket, a rigid mattress, sleeping in the bedroom, and so on.

These simple and insignificant, seemingly trivial things often lead to lack of oxygen in the blood.

The first one, this deficiency, begins to feel the brain, manifested by sudden and sharp, very unexpected night pain in the head area.

Similar reasons can be eliminated quite easily: it is enough to only ventilate a room, change bed linen or a pillow. By the way, on a very soft pillow, it is not recommended to sleep, it is better if it is a special orthopedic, which provides the neck and head a comfortable position and retains its shape.

Excessive, systematic mental strain of

If on the eve of a person during the whole working day engaged in intense mental activity, his body was under intense stress. And it happens that even at home, a person continues to reflect on some work moments, as they say, to a future dream. He falls asleep, and his brain continues to process information that has occupied all the thoughts of the owner until recently.

To eliminate this situation and prevent the development of cephalalgia for this reason, it is easier to approach the organization of your evening leisure.

The work remains at work, and you better take a walk before going to bed in the open air or walk on foot to the house. It is very useful to drink herbal tea with the addition of honey, and next to the sleeping area is recommended to keep a pillow with dry herbs like eucalyptus and mint.

Migraine - as the main cause of adult pain

Very often, headaches that have arisen in the face of a migraine appear at night. The pain is localized from one side or focuses in the area of ​​the forehead. The pain is sharp, sharp, even intolerable. May be accompanied by vomiting, photophobia, rejection of sharp odors.

As practice shows, it is impossible to eliminate the true cause that causes the emergence of migraines, especially with hereditary etiology. Typically, doctors prescribe drugs based on sumatriptan, providing vasoconstrictive action to the vessels of the brain. Due to such drugs, neuropeptides cease to be emitted into the bloodstream and the migraine syndrome ceases.

Back problems are also the cause of

Night Headache: The Causes of Adult Pain Very often, the cause of headaches that bother at night is osteochondrosis.

Inactive during life provokes the development of various degenerative-degenerative processes in the joints and muscles of the spine.

Nerves and blood vessels in the vertebral column are clamped. In the process of sleep, the person practically does not move, the stiffness of the nerves increases, and the body signals a violation of the headache.

The attack of cephalalgia, which has developed as a symptomatic manifestation of osteochondrosis, is eliminated by the use of any analgesic like tempalgin, etc. But this is a temporary measure, for the final relief from the pain of such an etiology, it is necessary to undergo appropriate complex therapy aimed at eliminating osteochondrosis.

Usually, such treatment involves manual therapy, chondroprotective therapy and physiotherapy.

Daily stress and depression lead to headache

According to experts, all kinds of depressive mood and stress conditions affect the behavioral and personality traits of the patient, and are accompanied by sleep disorders and nighttime attacks of cephalalgia.

If for the average person a night is a time of rest and sleep, then people with depressive disorders at this time of day begin to feel extra discomfort. If the depression has reached quite serious stages, then it requires immediate treatment under the guidance of an experienced specialist. Self-cure depressive condition is unlikely to turn out.

As for cephalalgia, which accompanies depression, it will relieve it of taking an anesthetic drug for a short time. But finally, getting rid of pain can only be done by removing a depressive state by treating antidepressants.

One of the causes of headache is diabetes mellitus

. In the presence of diabetes mellitus, patients should strictly adhere to the recommendations for the administration of drugs that reduce the amount of sugar and time to receive it. If these recommendations are not followed, there may be a sharp drop in blood sugar. From this phenomenon, the brain will suffer, and the diabetic will wake up from severe pain in the head.

You can fix the situation by eating a sugar cube or caramel or drinking a sweet tea to increase the blood sugar content. In order not to wake up at night from such a headache, it is extremely important for diabetics to strictly observe all medical prescriptions.

And what if everything is more serious than it seems?

One of the most terrible causes of unexpected headaches at night is brain tumors. Usually this pathological condition develops asymptomatic for a long time, but one of the first manifestations of the specialist is the main headache.

Night pain occurs, as a rule, suddenly, localizing predominantly in the area of ​​the nape. The usual preparations of analgesic action eliminate pain syndrome only for a short period of time, but soon the pain returns, becoming even more intense.

Symptoms of neurological character, such as speech, motor disorders, memory disorders and coordination, numbness of legs or arms, are characteristic accompanying features. To get rid of headaches of this kind of etiology, it is necessary to consult with a neuropathologist in order to select adequate therapy.

Stroke causes headaches in the morning and night

According to survivors of a stroke of patients, the attack is accompanied by a strong head protein. Typically, pressure rises overnight or early in the morning. If at that time there was a strong cephalalgia, accompanied by linguistic or motor disorders, it is extremely important to urgently call urgent help.

For the prevention of such attacks, individuals with hypertension are advised to take drugs such as captopril or enalapril overnight.

It is also not recommended to fall into the extreme. If a night headache attack has touched you only once or is observed very rarely, then pain relief is completely under the influence of a tablet of analginum. But if you notice any periodicity or even the persistence of similar pain syndromes, then it's already an occasion to enroll for a doctor's appointment.