Where to find a rope and a sign in the Borodan game. Understand and forgive

In the article I will give an instruction where to find a rope and a sign in the game Borodany Understand and forgive. Computer game based on the famous Russian TV series "Bearded."Understand and Ask "quickly became popular in Russia. An exciting script in the quest genre, sparkly dialogs and

is a nice graphics, a unique hero with a vibrant and vivid character - all of these bonuses have been valued at Play Market for more than half a million people. It's not difficult to go through the game( instructions here), but for those who are stuck on some stage, I propose this material, where I will tell you where and how to get the sign and the rope and to release Palitch from imprisonment.

Where to find a rope and a sign in the Borodan game. Understand and forgive

Game Borodan. Understand and forgive the

The success of the Borodan game. Understand and ask

The basis for creating a game of the game Borodany To understand and forgive became the story of the eponymous series from the company Comedy Club Production ยป.The main character of the series is Alexander Borodach( his role is performed by well-known comedian Mikhail Galustyan), he works as a bodyguard, in love with Irina stripper, and constantly falls into various comedic situations. His companion in the adventures is always the retired Palych, and the final stage of each series is a dialogue in the police station, which regularly finds bad luck companions. Difficulty in the game Borodany Understand and forgive is the search for a sign and a rope.

The plot line of the TV series has grown from the not-so-famous TV series "Nasha Rush" and its separate plot line about Ryazan's guard Borodach, who due to its features is forced to change work place once and for all.

The game "Bearded." Was released on the grounds of the TV series. Understand and forgive "has amusing graphics and an excellent soundtrack, captures from the first minutes, and jokes from the protagonist add a game of brightness and positive. The product is designed for mobile iOS and Android operating systems, executed in a logical puzzle style, with the passing of the game one can spend an hour of game time.

How to find a rope and where to take the sign

So, coming out of the police station( for the exit it was necessary to wash the floor with a cloth) the player is in amazement, what to do next. Money for the purchase of watermelon and seeds he does not have, a friend Palych asks to release him from detention with the help of a rope, and where to take it is unknown.

So, a list of actions in order to find the rope and sign in Borodany. Understand and forgive the following:

  • Put the car into a taxi driver's dirt. To do this, go to the car and stampede to the puddle next to the car. Then talk with the tax collector, he will ask you to wash the car for a fee. You have a cloth from the police station, wash it in the puddle near the site, and then return to the taxi and clear it from the dirt with a clean cloth. For work you will receive 50 rubles.
  • Change the sign on the plot. To do this, return to the site, in the rubbish bin next to it will lie a vial of paint. Take it out and then kick the bucket. The bucket will fall, you will become on it, and write a vial on the signboard of the site with one letter( now Poliusia will be replaced by "Police").

    Where to find a rope and a sign in the Borodan game. Understand and forgive

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    Borodany at Police

  • Get a magazine in Borodin Understand and forgive. After changing the sign, we go to our grandmother, who trades seeds. For originality and ingenuity in changing the signboard, she will sell you seeds not standard 100 rubles, and 50. With the seeds received, go to the saleswoman of watermelons, and spread the seeds to watermelons. The birds will burrow and begin to suck the seeds, the saleswoman will drive them away. As long as she is busy, steal her phone. When a saleswoman finds himself missing, she will write a statement to the police about theft, and you will remain her substitute. Now take a watermelon and go to the window of Palitch from the street. Let him hold the watermelon, and then sprinkle under him the seeds received from the grandmother. The birds will flourish to squeak seeds, arrested, throws a watermelon, it will fall on the birds and kill( stun) them. Take the birds and give them to the grandmothers. She will give you a magazine for them.
  • Be careful. We go to the office, we talk to Palychy. Then we go out into the street and give it through the lattice the previously stolen mobile phone. We are returning to the site and we suggest sales assistants to call on a stolen phone. She calls, Palitch answers, he is accused of stealing the phone.

    Where to find a rope and a sign in the Borodan game. Understand and forgive

    Forcing the taxi driver to leave

  • Get the police cap. We go to a taxi driver and give him a magazine, but instead we get from him the rope and ski .Rope in "Bearded."Understand and forgive "tied back to the car, then go to the plot and take off the police cape from the cupboard.
  • Forcing the tax collector to pull the jail bars. We approach the taxi driver and say that the parking is prohibited, the tax collector refers to the absence of a corresponding sign. Insert skis dirt from the rear of the car, we snap a caper on the skier, and on the cap with paint paint two lines( "Parking is forbidden").Then we go to the tax collector, pointing to the , he drives the car out of place and breaks the play. The ball is released, and you've gone through the game.
  • Where to get a sign and a rope visually you can watch a video:


    The game "Bearder Understand and Forgive" is an undoubted hit of the end of summer this year, offering an original idea, sparkling humor and exciting gameplay. To go it is not difficult, and for those who are stuck on any of its stages, I can advise to use the proposed algorithm of search of a rope and a sign, and to fully enjoy the fascinating plot of the game "Bearded".