Headache in the forehead area


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most common headaches are located in the forehead- at least once in a life in this place the head was hurting every person on earth. The main accompanying symptoms are the severity in this part of the head, the transition of pain in the whiskey and eyes. At the same time, a person may not have absolutely no health problems, as the causes of its occurrence most often do not fall within the body, and affect it from the outside.

Headache in the forehead area

Headaches in the forehead are most common, and therefore the causes of their appearance can be very different: from viral diseases to nerve eruptions.

It is very difficult to immediately understand exactly why the forehead is sore. In medical practice dozens of causes of these unpleasant sensations are encountered.


Complications of an infectious disease or a problem with indigenous teeth can lead to sinusitis. It is expressed in inflammation of the mucous membranes in the uterine sinus. How to distinguish between pain of sinusitis and other types of headache? If the inclining of the head during the onset of pain on the background of prolonged non-runny nasal passages will feel pressure and swollen - most likely, the cause in the sinusitis and need to contact the otorhinolaryngologist.


One of the varieties of sinusitis is the frontal lobe, there is inflammation of the frontal sinus. As a result, a person in the morning feels a severe headache. If the sinuses empty, then the pain will decrease or disappear completely, but after turning back. To cure the frontitis, a variety of medical products are used - narrowing the vessels of ointment and drops, analgesics to fight the symptoms, inhalation. In the most complex cases, when the disease has become chronic and traditional means do not help, it is necessary to resort to antibiotics and even surgery.


Inflammation of the lattice sinus, located behind the nose, at the depth of the skull, is also accompanied by headache. In the risk group, preschool children and patients with weak immunity and pathologies of the nasopharynx. In this disease, pain occurs and increases at one and the same time, and other symptoms may indicate not inflammation of the mucous membrane, but into general intoxication.

Infectious Diseases

If the body temperature rises sharply during an infectious disease, then almost always there should be pain in the forehead area. This may be:

  • Angioma
  • Pneumonia
  • Chills
  • Influenza
  • Acute Meningitis
  • Malaria
  • Typhoidum
  • Encephalitis
  • Dengue fever and other

In this case, they are accompanied by the relevant infectious disease with characteristic symptoms - bone pain, rash, photophobia, and others. Particularly careful attention to the state of your health should be turned to those who recently visited in hot countries - most of the dangerous diseases with severe headache can be found there, for example, because of bites of insects.

Increased intracranial pressure

If a patient is prone to frequent and severe changes in blood pressure, he will be more likely to suffer from headaches. To effectively deal with an illness, it is imperative to monitor your health and promptly clean up the reasons for which the "jump" pressure: to monitor the diet and sleep, to avoid stress and fatigue, in the change of weather and climate, in advance, take appropriate drugs, which helps to adapt.


An hereditary illness that, when ignored, becomes quite painful - attacks can take several hours, sometimes accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Treatment for migraines should be regular and complex, and should be conducted under the supervision of doctors, and not be stopped by large doses of analgesics.

Clustering Pain

A rare but painful disease. How widely migraine is widespread among women, the same beam or cluster pains persecute men. They are expressed in a sharp, unbearable pain in a specific area of ​​the head, often on the forehead. The pain of such a force that the patient experiences tears, he can not concentrate on anything else. Propagating cluster pains can have such harmful habits as alcoholism and smoking, as well as harmless relocation to another climate.

Neuroses and Neuralgia

Pain focuses on the forehead and around the eyes, but it is difficult to say what caused it. There can be many reasons, but it is most likely to indicate the head can only a neurologist. Most likely, here the case is in psychological deviations - neurasthenia, suspicion and others, only a little deviant, but at the same time they are discomfortable with the patient's body. Any experience can turn into a protracted headache, a struggle with which to prove a great deal of analgesics or soothing.

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Headache in the forehead area
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Excessive and overexertion of

In addition to a little discomfort, fatigue and excessive strain of the physical and mental forces of the body are threatened by headache that is localized in the forehead and eyebrows, while the person feels nausea and dizziness. It effectively helps to relax with all available means: water procedures, sleep, massage, medication, special complexes of psychological and physical relaxation.


Headache in the forehead area

Fat, salty, spicy, roasted and sweet, alcohol and nicotine - all of this has a very negative effect on the blood vessels and, consequently, the brain.

Disregard for your own body and the use of food containing harmful substances may end up with regular pain in the lobby. Therefore, you should carefully read the composition and avoid the following substances:

  • Sodium glutamate - a flavor enhancer, a food supplement that is used in virtually all fast food products and in large quantities contained in thermally untreated seafood.
  • Caffeine is a stimulator of nervous activity, contained in coffee, black and green teas, sweet soda water and energy. In large doses, it leads to strain of the nervous system and headache, so it is worth remembering that only one cup of coffee is useful in the morning.
  • Nitrates - contained in meat products after processing and vegetables, designed for long storage.
  • Thyramine is a substance that helps narrow the blood vessels. Contains raw, chocolate, nuts, crackers and chips, fast food products.
  • Histamine - an allergy agent, is most commonly found in alcoholic products of all kinds, including low-alcohol beverages. Applied to a small extent, it strengthens the immune system of the body, but in large gives impetus to the development and frequency of migraine attacks.
  • Citrus - Mandarins, oranges, lemons and other citrus rich acids that are contraindicated for allergies, as they can provoke severe headaches.

But the diet is not just a set of products. Do not forget about culture and diet. No need to fall into the extreme - hunger strikes the body just as well as overeating, and both approaches to food literally provide headaches. You can not skip breakfast, since the body needs energy before the day begins. But between eating and sleeping, it is better to take a break for a couple of hours, so that the forehead does not get sick and do not torture nightmares. The volume of portions depends on the motor activity of the patient during the day, but it is better to eat less, but more often - so the stomach will not be overloaded. Be sure to eat vegetables and drink enough water.

Poisoning by chemical compounds

When buying something, do not hesitate to sniff it. Cheap materials, especially plastic - have a sharp unpleasant odor. When using a home purchase, this smell, released by harmful chemical compounds, causes headache. In essence, this condition is called poisoning.

Long staying in a room with open banks with paints, varnishes, superglue, gasoline and kerosene almost necessarily cause headache. The abusers at the same time say "smack", and doctors - "poisoned".Therefore, if you can not avoid buying a cheap smells of a household object, its surface must be thoroughly washed away with detergents, and all work with flammable liquids and paintwork is carried out in the respirator.

Pain Relief in the Lobby

Swallowing a headache pill is a temporary measure, especially when it becomes regular. The tablet masks the symptoms, without affecting the cause of the origin of the pain. Therefore, in no case can a delay in the visit to the therapist - this doctor should put a preliminary diagnosis and send a referral to a specialist. Naturally, the treatment should be complex - it is unwise to hope that only the use of medicines by appointment will help the patient to recover, if the reason is contained, for example, in the capture of sweets.