How to remove Zodiac-game.info

If the startup page of your work browser has been changed to zodiac - game . info , while surfing the Internet, various ads pop up, and the computer itself began to bite and slow down - it means your system was attacked by a hysterisk called "zodiac-game.info".In this article, I will tell

what zodiac-game.info is and how it works, where it came from your computer, and how to remove zodiac-game.info from your PC.

How to remove Zodiac game.info

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Table of Content

  • 1 What is Zodiac-game.info
  • 2 Where does the virus come from your PC
  • 3 How to remove zodiac-game.info from your computer
  • 4 An effective but more sophisticated removal method( video)
  • 5 Conclusion

What is Zodiac-game.info

As I have already mentioned, Zodiac-game.info is a hijacker program, the essence of which is the promotion of advertising. After penetration into your system, this program modifies the start page of your browser on Zodiac-game.info while working on the network, you will independently open new pages with advertising content and appear advertising banners. Therefore, after displaying it on your PC, you need to immediately delete zodiac-game.info. The program will place your autoresponder in the system registry, and will not only run at every start of the system, but also ensure that you do not change your browser settings for yourself.

In addition, programs of this type modify the results of search engines, and also conduct statistics on visiting users from different resources. The hijacker collects all your identifiers and passwords, sends them to third parties, and they already use them at their own will and discretion. This is hardly what you need.

How to remove Zodiac game.info


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As usual, programs such as zodiac-game.info, Nuesearch.com and Trotux.com fall into the user's system as a result of the bandling, when several more programs are installed along with the main program on the PC.others about which user can be notified. Thus, by installing a video player or photo editor from the network on the computer, and by choosing the automatic installation of the product, the user gets along with the main program and any Zodiac-game hijacker. Next, I'll tell you how to uninstall zodiac-game.info and how to clean the system from infected files.

Additionally, such adware is very easy to "pick up" on sites of dubious origin and dubious targeting - on pirate torrent trackers, pornosites, websites of the "yellow" press and so on. Sue with the presence of hijackers and various programs of the level of different "Internet accelerators", "super-players" and the like.

How to remove zodiac-game.info from your computer

Immediately notice that it is senseless to try to remove the zodiac-game.info hijacker from the browser settings yourself, trying to return the desired start page. Located in the PC memory active program-program will check the computer's registry and return the browser settings that it needs. Therefore, you must first start using the capabilities of antivirus applications, and then, if necessary, bring the system to mind "independently.

Since, after user feedback, removing zodiac-game.info is not so easy, I recommend you a set of antivirus programs, the function of which is specially focused on the malignant software level I have reviewed Zodiac-game. This is AdwCleaner , Malwarebytes Anti - Malware , HitmanPro , Zemana AntiMalware , HijackThis .

The sequence of actions to remove zodiac-game.info is as follows:

  • First, go to "Remove Programs" on your PC and remove the program( program) with the mention in their name " Zodiac - game . info ยป.
  • Also, it would not hurt to remove the program, the installation of which was the reason for the appearance of the hidgeter I described.
  • After removing these programs, restart your computer.
  • Then install the first program described in my series( AdwCleaner ).
  • Select a full scan on your computer, wait for the operation to complete, and then restart your computer. Typically, after checking the system with AdwCleaner, the malicious activity of Zodiac-game.info disappears and you can enjoy the full performance of your system( maybe you may need to manually install the startup page you need in your browser settings).
  • If this does not work, go to the next program with the ones I mentioned earlier, and then run a full system analysis for malware.
  • In addition, in some cases, after scanning your computer, an antivirus program may require a full reset of the browser settings. For example, for Chrome, you need to go to the settings, then click on "Show additional options", click on the "Reset" button, and then confirm the operation by clicking on "Reset".
  • Also does not prevent from checking the shortcut of your browser on the desktop, to which the hijacker can add the link he needs. Right-click your browser's shortcut, select Properties, find the "Object" field and view the text in the text field. If, for example, you have Firefox browser, and in the "Object" field after firefox.exe "there is still mention of zodiac-game.info - then boldly delete that mention. Check labels

    How to remove Zodiac game.info

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  • effective, but more complex method of removing( video)

    If using software to remove the virus failed, you dig yourself a PC registry to get rid of the malware zodiac-game.info can also recommend this video:


    The zodiac-game.info hijacker I described is one of hundreds of its similar. The functionality of such programs is limited by the modification of browser settings and the promotion of advertisements, while the work of the computer can be changed to the worst side. I would recommend never choose an automatic installation when installing unfamiliar programs for you, and if you already have hijacked yourself into the system then use the tools described above by the antivirus software, they allow you to easily and quickly remove malware from your computer zodiac-game.info.