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How to apply autosunge correctly

Self-ignition is an ideal tool for those who dare to buy sun-tinted skin at home, but it's not as easy as it may seem at first glance. An unlucky experience and a dreadful result, similar to dirty skin, can kill the dream of sexy

mulatto. In order not to happen, you need to know all the subtleties about how to properly apply autosynthus and how to care for it.

Types of means for applying artificial sunburn

Today, the beauty industry has moved so far into the creation of new cosmetic products that choosing the right one for itself will not make any work. Self-heating on a body can be put in three kinds of means.

  • Toner Accelerators .They do not simply color the skin, but activate the natural tan of the skin. They contain a special substance - tyrosine, it perfectly cope with the tasks. Using the accelerator, you can be sure that the beautiful southern skin tone will last for a long time;
  • Different cosmetics .These include spray, cream, milk and even wet wipes. They are very easy to apply on the skin, painted its upper layers. The first result can be seen in three hours, but in some sprays it is reduced to one hour. As the horny scales disappear, the tan begins to gradually disappear;
  • Bronzers - a means that paints only the upper layer of the skin. They provide the most short-lived tan, which can be lubricated when it hits the moisture. Bronze also has an indisputable advantage - its effect is visible immediately after its application.

How to apply autosunge correctly

How to choose autosorbing

80% of the beauty of the future sunburn depends on the right tone of the money. The more natural it will look like you, the better. The light-tempered tempter on the dark and orange palette is better not to look at all. Ideally, you need to choose one or two tones darker than your skin. To do this, you need to put a remedy on a special paper-probe and after trying on the result.

How to apply autosunge correctly

Photo before and after autosamble

If it is possible, then it is better to buy a probe and put it on your wrist. So you protest not only the color of the future sunburn, but also an allergic reaction that happens quite often.

Application of autosoluble without splinting and stains

  • Before you apply the tool, carefully inspect yourself. If there are pins, wounds, scratches, peeling on the skin, then using autosunbil is not recommended until they are fully treated. If the body has scars or scars, then know that the remedy is applied separately.
  • In advance, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative peeling of the whole body. For this purpose all kinds of scrubs or loafs of lobsters will be perfectly suitable. Look at your legs, if there is excess vegetation, then you need to remove it.
  • To get a tan turned out to be equal, you need to apply a special lotion to the entire body and face, and allow it to dry properly. The autosener is applied from the bottom upwards, starting with the lower part of the legs. On a scar, scars and folds you need a little less money. On the back to put it yourself will not succeed, for these purposes, seek an experienced assistant.
  • Do not forget to wear protective gloves so that your hands do not get black. After finishing with drawing, it is necessary for at least fifteen minutes to not wear clothes and not sit down, so as not to leave your tan on the fabric.
  • Detailed video instruction for high-quality autosampline

    Sunscreen Saving

    If you have achieved the desired result, then you need to fix it and save it. For this pair of hours, you can not use moisturizing creams, and during the day to avoid getting water. Also during this period, try not to sweat.

    How to apply autosunge correctly


    If you do not like the result, then you can quickly wash your autosunge quickly in the shower as soon as it comes with a rigid scrub and scrub.