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How to deal with lighting in the bathroom?

Often during repair, we are contemplating lighting in the office, in the bedroom, even in the kitchen. After all, there we spend the most time, work, do some important things, and the lighting should be good. But the lighting in the bathroom is sometimes unfairly

remains unattended. It is unfair, because there too, a lot of different procedures are carried out. First, we wash it there. Secondly, we wash it. Many girls make makeup too in the bathroom, the men shave there. And how nice after a hard day to sit in warm water with foam and give yourself rest and relaxation.

So, the lighting in the bathroom should also be good, so that you see everything you need.

Bathroom lighting in the functional zones

The bathroom is divided into several functional zones. Actually, the above has already described what can be done in the bathroom, and it is in accordance with it, it can be divided into different zones. Bathroom lighting can be completely different. Only you choose the lighting in your bathroom. But here are the options that are key:

  • Illumination of the entire bathroom, or the upper light.
  • Light near the mirror.
  • Decorative or atmospheric light.
  • Why do you need an upper light? Everything is simple - it's an ordinary light for those cases where you do not do anything in the bathroom that requires attention. That is, it is necessary in order to simply be light and see what happens, especially if the bathroom does not have a window. This may be an ordinary chandelier in the center of the ceiling. But it's better that the light is scattered, and for this perfectly fitting spotlights around the perimeter. Also, there may be several lamps in different corners of the room. It depends not only on your preferences, but also on the size of the room. Too bright lighting is also not very nice and useful for the eyes. How to deal with lighting in the bathroom? When you choose the lighting in a bath, you should pay special attention to the light next to the mirror. First, it should be as close as possible to the natural day. Secondly, he still needs to dissipate correctly. There should not be any big problems, since working with a mirrored surface is a bit easier. Lamps that you place near the mirror will be reflected in it, creating additional lighting. And again, depending on your personal wishes and the size of the bathroom, you can choose from a huge variety of fixtures, sconces, floor lamps. They may be pointy, hanging, other types. The main thing is to place them around the perimeter of the mirror or symmetrically on both sides. This kind of lighting in the bathroom is necessary, because otherwise, looking at yourself, you will see shadows on the face that prevent you from achieving the goals for which you use the mirror.

    Decorative Light

    Thinking about lighting in the bathroom, if you can afford it, you can arrange an additional decorative light to create a relaxing or romantic mood( if you want to have a bath in a romantic style, see here) an atmosphere. You can do this not only with the help of sconces on the walls, but also with the help of light in the floor. There are various spotlights that are embedded in the floor. But you can use portable fixtures in the form of lamps, flashlights or even self-made special closed semi-transparent or openwork candle holders. All this is done in a wide variety of color schemes, allowing you to create exactly the mood you need at the moment. Lighting in the bath can touch the bath itself. It can be illuminated if desired. And, of course, such a world will wear the most decorative character, because for some practical purposes it is unlikely to be necessary. There are baths with built-in backlit. It is located in the day or on the side and in other places, depending on the shape and design.https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? v = W_iWyQU63sQ

    Security rules

    When planning a repair, carefully study the electrical wiring diagrams in the bathroom. And do not forget that this room has a lot of moisture. Water is not only in the bathroom itself, it sprays from the shower on all sides, plus before that condensation forms on the walls. Therefore, it is very important to calculate everything and look at the scheme where it is best to place and how to choose the lighting in the bath. And chandeliers, lamps, sconces themselves should not react to moisture, that is, at least hermetic. What else do you need to know about safety when choosing bathroom lighting? Grounding. This is definitely not discussed. Moisture for sockets. And even if it is, the sockets still can not be located next to the water sources( bath, sink).Lack of open wires, tees, extensions. This is especially true of wires on the floor right under your feet. They also get confused. The same applies to bulbs, sconces when illuminated in a bath - do not place near water. Use only closed wiring type cables to make the lighting in the bathroom really safe.

    Bathroom lighting: several additional points of the

    The wiring may be aluminum or copper. But better copper, as it has a higher electrical conductivity and strength, albeit less flexibility. How to deal with lighting in the bathroom? Bulbs you can take halogen( they are quite popular), energy saving LED, luminescent, that is, as you would like, but at the same time moisture-proof. They can be mobile, with an adjustable angle of rotation so that you can change the direction of illumination. An option with LED strips is also possible. Specialists recommend to buy for lighting, chandelier LED lamps, because they are suitable for a humid environment( working from low voltage).Such light bulbs are energy-saving, safe for health, with adjustable brightness and color. You can really highlight anything you want, such as shelves, furniture drawers, etc. It is advisable to make the lighting in the bathroom combined to turn on and off the light in separate zones, if necessary. Before making repairs, carefully check with the bathroom lighting, think of all possible options, look at the photo and choose what's right for you. And do not forget about the safety features. Then in your bathroom you can relax calmly.