2017 Year

New Year's table of 2017 recipes with photos. What should be on the New Year's Cock on the table?

New Year

There is little time left before the New Year celebration begins in 2017. Increasingly, people are beginning to wonder what should be on the New Year's Eve Cock.

Rules for serving the table in the New Year 2017.

The 2017 festive table should, as usual, be rich, but here is the

series of several rules to please and to please Cock. The Fiery Cock is intense and senseless, so you should be careful when choosing festive dishes. It is worth paying attention to the finest details so that the Cock does not get angry and does not give a scratch.

So what should be on the New Year's table, and what can not categorically be put? The most important thing is to make a table that should be distinguished by its brightness and colorfulness, like the Corn's tail. The table should have a lot of vegetables and fruits, which can be a regular cut. Another prerequisite is the large number of greenery. As for meat dishes, you can not put on the table dishes made from poultry. This year, meat dishes on the New Year's table should be made from pork, beef and mutton. It's not bad to put a fish on the table. The special advantage is salads, which do not have eggs. The cock is happy with the amount of bread on the table for cereals and other products. Dairy products and cheeses will also appeal to the North. Apart from poultry and eggs, the table should not contain pickles, jam, various canned goods and even mayonnaise. So it is better to fill salads with oils or natural refills of yogurt.

New Year

How to decorate the table before the New 2017?The

North feels the same bright banquets as it does for yourself. Therefore, the table should be supplemented with red or burgundy napkins, candlesticks, plates and even flowers. As for tablecloths on a festive table, it must necessarily be cotton or flax. But in the center of the festive table you should put a vase of sprouted grains. The cock chooses natural materials, so it is better not to use artificial glassware. For plates, porcelain is suitable, and glasses can be crystal. You can make a serving table in a rustic style. In this case, you can use wood and ceramic plates. To set a festive New Year's mood you can alternate dishes of different colors.

The house can be trimmed with fruit baskets and floral or grassy compositions.

Dishes at New Year's Eve 2017.

And what should be the New Year's table in 2017?Recipes from photo of colorful dishes.

Recipes should also meet the requirements of the Cock.
First of all, the dishes should be as bright as possible. Such foods will convey the fervor to their minds that Horn will love. The easiest way to achieve this colorfulness is by making salads. Consequently, salads should consist of tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, corn, grains of pomegranate, lettuce leaves and many other things. For salads to not lose brightness, it is best to use vegetable oils for refueling. You can use salads from several layers, the top of which will be bright color. Hot dishes can also be made vivid. These include red fish, stuffed peppers or vegetable ragas. As a garnish you can use pasta of different colors.

New Year

New Year

New Year

New Year

It is worth noting that the North is more like light meals, so there should be more salads than meat dishes and side dishes on the table during the New Year's 2017 meeting. In addition, the dishes should be simple. On the table, as much as possible, there should be vegetable, fruit and cheese cuttings.

To bring the Cave a special joy, you can put a glass with a plain, plain water on a festive table.