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Why are pimples appearing on the beard: the main factors


  • How to get rid of problems at home?
  • Popular methods - the best solution for
  • Bearded acne: some more helpful tips
  • Interesting and useful mask
  • Useful home tree
  • Field anti-inflammatory plant

Why are pimples appearing on the beard: the main factors All of us, when we were adolescents and the problem, like acne

on the chin, troubled many of us. But as it turned out, and after 30 years, such inflammation does not disappear and from time to time make itself known.
So for some reason there are suppurative education in the beard and how to get rid of them?

At the time of puberty, the adolescent's body changes the hormonal background, which contributes to improving the efficiency of the sebaceous glands, from which the ducts can not cope with the growing onslaught.

One of the most urgent reasons can be attributed to the wrong way of life - stress, nervous tension, smoking, the use of alcohol and fatty foods all this is reflected in the skin in the form of rashes.

Wrong face care, non-compliance with simple hygiene rules, will necessarily trigger the formation of acne.

How to get rid of problems at home?

Extracting acne is not recommended especially on the beard, forehead and in the lips area, otherwise it threatens to cause infection. Modern medicines presented in a wide range of pharmacies will help solve the problem, but only with complex use. So, it's better to use long-proven methods.

Folk methods - the best solution for

You will come in natural and affordable aids in the fight against infectious diseases:

  • Salicylic. For sale in all pharmacies, it costs cheaply and perfectly removes inflammation on the skin. One minus - dries it, but this can be avoided by using a moisturizing cream after the procedure.
  • Healing broth of chamomile. Neutralizes redness and irritation on the skin. Use it in the form of a compress, or freeze and rub with ice cubes chin. Why are pimples appearing on the beard: the main factors
  • Aloe juices and parsley. One and the natural means to choose several times a day to clean problem areas.
  • Clay mask. Dilute to the consistency of sour cream and apply to the chin. Clay has a drying property and cleans pores from dirt, in addition, removes inflammation.
  • Face mask - eliminates greasy shine, penetrates deeply into pores and frees them from excessive amounts of grease, dust and dirt, reducing the likelihood of acne formation.
  • A mask of natural honey - the well-known antiseptic, thanks to the content of beneficial substances, has a beneficial effect on the epidermis and is harmful to ulcers.
  • Pimples on the beard: A few more helpful tips

    The most effective and simple tools that will help eliminate puffy eyebrows are always on hand. For example, all the favorite grapes - simple fruit and a source of useful vitamins. It can be used to treat places where acne appears, including on the chin, thereby neutralizing the inflammatory focus.

    Interesting and useful mask

    A mixture of honey and egg whites - good for drying out pustules and relieves inflammation. Eliminate the problem will help and pharmacy tincture calendula on alcohol. But you can cook yourself: 2 tbsp.lcalendules pour 0.25 cups of vodka. Insist the solution for several weeks in a dark, warm place. Then add to the received composition 5 gr.boric acid and 3 ml of glycerin.

    This tool is recommended to treat faces in the morning and evening. After a while, the places where inflammation is constantly exposed will become noticeably cleaner.

    Useful Homewood

    An effective folk remedy - a tincture of aloe tree-shaped. Young leaves are cut off from it, after which they are stored in the refrigerator for 10 days. Then they are well crushed, filled with water in a proportion of 1: 5, placed on a water bath and after filtering. With internal acne on the beard, a fat epidermis and exacerbation of the inflammatory process, this infusion should be used to treat the person. Why are pimples appearing on the beard: the main factors

    Field anti-inflammatory plant

    An ancient remedy known from the time of our grandmothers, after which all the abscesses on the chin disappeared completely - a healing tincture of celandine. Therefore, with this recipe, many are not familiar with the rumors: pour 40 grams of herbs with a few glasses of boiling water, leave to strain for 3 hours, filter - the magic lotion is ready.

    One problem - the celandine strongly dries the epidermis, so use this infusion is recommended for owners of oily skin, on dry, peeling may appear.

    How to prevent a problem?

    In addition to cosmetic procedures and other therapies, a set of measures to avoid further acne formation should be followed. This is not only the application of folk methods, but also the observance of the basic rules, namely:

    • Pusynas can not be pushed - the removal of one education can lead to the emergence of another.
    • It is not necessary to touch dirty objects and hands with problem areas, but also to be too tidy is also not recommended. Unfortunately, internal inflammation - it is mainly skin, oxidized by the influence of some cosmetic products.
    • You can not clean and apply a scrub in the places where you have nasal sprays, this will not only worsen the condition of the present, but will also cause the appearance of new ones.

    And do not forget to keep track of your diet. Why are pimples appearing on the beard: the main factors What does not only mean compliance with a diet, but also the rejection of a number of products, such as:

    • foods and coffee containing caffeine: the use of an empty stomach coffee in the morning can lead to worsening of the acne;
    • flour products and sweets;
    • cheese and ice cream in exorbitant quantities;
    • fats of animal origin, it is preferable to give them vegetable natural oils;
    • nuts: in large quantities, they can provoke acne and other inflammation.

    If you regularly have acne and you do not know how to get rid of this problem? Then remember that a proper diet, the elimination of bad habits, a relaxed lifestyle without any stress, a good mood and everyday facial care will help you forget about them forever. Be always beautiful and watch yourself!