Drowsiness and Nausea: Causes in Children, Symptoms and Treatment

Two side effects - dizziness and nausea can be manifested in the early stages of complex diseases and some kind of signals. Very often they accompany headache attacks.

Drowsiness and Nausea: Causes in Children, Symptoms and Treatment

In some cases, the head begins to spin before an attack, and sometimes during its

run. Nausea may be easy, but there are cases that even vomiting can begin.


  • General Information
  • Why does dizziness appear?
  • Why do you get nausea?
  • Causes of the appearance of children
  • Treatment of nausea and dizziness

General information

First of all, do not be scared to try to rest, get into fresh air or open a window. These manifestations may also indicate fatigue or food poisoning.

If these symptoms start to occur very often, go to the hospital, make MRI of the brain, hand over the necessary tests.

In the event that your child often complains that he is scratching, dizzy, observe his behavior, try to notice then he has complaints. It is very important to find out what exactly provokes them these attacks.

If the violation of the work of certain organs is observed from his birth, the doctor may prescribe surgical intervention or a very long course of therapy. In no case do not neglect his advice. It will depend on his future life.

Why does dizziness appear?

At dizziness there is a feeling that everything is moving around - to circle. Such complaints occur quite often. The causes can be very diverse, up to very serious illnesses.

There are cases when dizziness occurs due to several reasons in the complex. If a person has a healthy dizziness due to a failure in the work of the vestibular apparatus, violations of the visual system.

There is an imbalance, impulses from different systems do not reach the brain. In this connection, the perception of the surrounding world or its own body is disturbed.

There is a possibility of an onset of an attack when a general state of nausea, dizziness, and a loss of consciousness may occur. Such problems are encountered in diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypotension, increased sweating, severe myopia, anemia.

In case of disturbance of the operation of the central nervous system, an uncertain move, stumbling, loss of balance appears. If this happens due to impaired brain development, then it can not be diagnosed as dizziness. Such lesions may occur during the period of fetal development.

Dizziness may have different nature and appearance. The main types:

- if dizziness appears on the background of emotional stress, fatigue or overvoltage - this applies to the psychogenic nature. At the same time, there is a general weakness, depression, hysteria, incomprehensible anxiety may develop;

- at crashes in the work of the brain especially if there is a pathology of the cerebellum. The reason for this can be trauma, disruption of the brain's vessels, the presence of a complex disease, any inflammatory processes, intoxication of the body, excessive use of medicines;

- eye drops may appear. The reason lies in the wrong work of the eye muscles, this happens when objects start to move very quickly or you are at high altitude. Therefore, incorrect perception of the environment begins, disturbed design on the retina and the brain receives wrong signals;

is a bad job of the hearing. They can be shocked or injured. In this case, hearing may deteriorate or abyss, there are cases when on the contrary, there is a noise in the ears. The sulfur in the anus can affect this.

Why Nausea?

Drowsiness and Nausea: Causes in Children, Symptoms and Treatment A nauseous condition can be observed continuously or with a certain periodicity, so a cause must be determined. Let's list the main causes of the appearance of nausea.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - gastritis, ulceration. This may include heartburn, a feeling of dismemberment. The pain can be felt constantly or only on the hungry stomach, and may, on the contrary, appear after eating;

The action of drugs is called a side effect. Nausea may appear due to the administration of antibiotics, non-steroids containing iron.

  • in women during pregnancy;
  • with presence of glysters in the body;
  • for migraine attacks. Negative may appear as one of the signs of an attack;

In case of trauma and concussion of the brain. In such a situation, be sure to consult a specialist because this may be a symptom of a serious illness;

A pancreatic disease is a pancreatitis, in which case, the tussis will begin after eating. The patient will start to lose weight and the bowel will be very often upset;

In diseases of the gall bladder, during the meal, it will begin to feel tired, pain in the right side, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth will be felt. Very strong gas formation;

In case of aggravation of appendicitis, vomiting may even begin, temperature rises;

Intoxication of the organism or poisoning. At the same time there is a general weakness with pains in the stomach, the temperature rises, the head starts to hurt, the intestine is upset;

At high pressure. May be tired slightly, and maybe vomiting, dizziness, headache. In the morning there may be red complexion and puffiness;

With acute heart failure, a heart attack. Vomiting reflex with difficulty breathing, vomiting, excessive pallor, pain in the upper abdomen may appear. If you have had a lot of physical activity and these symptoms have appeared, and even the pain on the left side, which is given to the left arm or jaw - urgently to see a doctor, it is better to cause a quick;

Any diseases of the thyroid gland. Nausea will not be very strong, but almost always. Weight gain, although you eat less, memory impairment, general weakness;

With kidney disease. If the inflammatory process occurs, the lumbar will be affected, urination, fever. Such symptoms can be manifested even without eating, and also, improper work of the vestibular apparatus.

Causes of the appearance of

in children. Dizziness may occur at any age. Even children are exposed to this unpleasant sensation. This is usually due to a weak vestibular apparatus or a developmental disorder of the brain.

The most common causes of dizziness in children:

  • kinetosis is a disease of the movement. If your child can not stay in a moving vehicle for a long time, he is rapidly loling, he has broken the work of the vestibular apparatus;
  • such a reaction may occur as a result of inflammation of the inner or middle ear. It can also be the result of injury, inflammatory processes, falling into the ear of a foreign subject;
  • pathology in the development of the brain. It can begin even before birth or with the development of a complex disease;
  • Infectious Diseases of the Brain;
  • formation of tumors, by itself, any education can change and disrupt the work of all parts of the brain;
  • concussion of brain trauma;
  • effects of toxic substances on the brain;
  • excessive use of drugs;
  • poisoning with food, alcohol, chemicals;
  • the presence of worms in the body;
  • low hemoglobin level.

Nausea is manifested in all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidney diseases, pancreas, appendicitis, meningitis. In principle, we can say that the causes of nausea in children are the same as in adults.

But you need to take into account the age of the child. Indeed, during this period, the formation and development of many organs takes place. There is a change in the hormonal background. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a medical examination of the organism and find out the reason.

If developmental pathology is detected, emergency action may even be required.

Very often, the onset of pathological processes begins in the period of fetal development, and if they have not been detected in a timely manner, the consequences can be very complicated.

The courses of nausea and dizziness will depend on the causes of their occurrence, taking any measures necessary only with the consent of the physician. In childhood, it is recommended that a comprehensive survey be conducted and advice be given to all the experts.

Treatment of nausea and dizziness

First of all you need to get rid of the root cause of dizziness and nausea. If this cause is a migraine, you need to cure it or reduce the number of attacks to a minimum. After that, nausea and dizziness will go by itself.

A dizziness can be tried with the help of a doctor of osteopaths. The course of treatment goes without medications and painful sensations. You can try folk remedies.

Try to master the relaxation method. When an attack of dizziness starts to breathe more slowly and deeply. Breathing is gradually stabilized and the attack retreats. Try to drink a decoction of flowers and hawthorn berries. If you experience dizziness, if you have low blood pressure, you should drink more liquids.

You can apply aromatherapy, very good for juniper oil or fir. It is necessary to rub the diluted oil in the temple. Lymph nodes or just sniff it.

A tincture from the root of white pine and linden, taken before each meal. If tiredness begins because of a feeling of hunger, for this reason, it may begin and nausea should just be a snack. For this you can come up with a simple chocolate.

If these symptoms occur when they are prolonged in a stuffy room, it is necessary to get into fresh air and the attack will take place. Admission of drugs should be agreed with the doctor.

You can take "Cavinton", "Betaserque" to normalize the vestibular apparatus. The course of treatment can take about two months.

What can a doctor prescribe?

  • "Relanium";
  • "Tsinnarishin";
  • "Flunarizine";
  • "Dramin".

Any treatment of drugs must be carried out according to a specific scheme and take into account the age of the patient and his state of health.

In a situation where dizziness and nausea are side effects, it is imperative to take very seriously the recommendations of the doctor that he gives about the treatment of the underlying disease.

It is necessary to strictly adhere to prevention measures, especially for migraine attacks. If this is manifested in osteochondrosis, you must undergo a course of therapeutic massage, and dizziness can pass.

When summing up, we can say that nausea and dizziness are manifested in many diseases. You can get rid of them if you undergo a full course of treatment and side effects will disappear by yourself. Doctors use medical treatment, but sometimes you can do folk remedies. It all depends on the root cause.

Very often, in childhood, nausea and dizziness can be a sign of serious pathology. There are cases that at birth they did not manifest themselves, but only began to be noticeable during the period of maturation and growth.

To completely get rid of these symptoms, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, abandon alcohol and nicotine, and prefer healthy diet.

You can treat any illness, most importantly, timely diagnose it and timely medical care will bring positive results. This applies even to the most complex diseases.