Headache and Nausea: Symptoms and Causes


  • General list of possible causes of headache with nausea
  • General anxiety
  • Headache and nausea with food poisoning
  • Hourly pain - Migraine
  • Temperature and joint pain - Meningitis
  • Pain and nausea after tick bite - Borellosis
  • Regular morning pain- brain tumor
  • Regular asymptomatic pain - arterial hypertension / hypotonia
  • Medicinal treatment and other methods
  • Treatment of folk remedies

Simultaneously cause headachenausea can be a variety of reasons - from serious diseases to the usual fatigue or motion sickness. Often, it's enough to drink an analgesic tablet and keep a cold compress on the head so that everything goes, but if the pain is really strong and recurs after a while, you should consult a doctor, as this may have an effect on the state of seriousness of a malfunction in the body.

Headache and Nausea: Symptoms and Causes

Endurance headache can not be in any way. However, its relief by means of a first-aid kit is not the best way out. Regular pain requires an urgent medical treatment.

Common list of possible causes of headache with nausea

These symptoms are characterized by too much ailment, so you should carefully monitor your health and try to find out the cause of the malaise.

  • Disregard for your health and needs of the body is "punished" with similar symptoms - for example, they are particularly pronounced in anorexia, hormonal failures, oxygen starvation.
  • Nausea and headache can be a side effect of taking medications, overdose and intoxication when food poisoning. Often they accompany left without treatment diabetes for the same reasons and even toxicosis during pregnancy.
  • They also serve as a signal for mechanical damage and effects - with various types of injuries, and not only the skull, but also the cervical spine, back.
  • Increased pressure causes unpleasant sensations, but it can be caused by too many diseases: vascular trauma, tumors, cervical osteochondrosis, malnutrition, eye diseases, and so on.
  • Infectious diseases in the same list: meningitis, genital herritis, frontis, encephalitis and borelliosis, as well as an influenza AEI.
  • Not to mention stress and muscle strain, the list is significant. But how to distinguish simple pain from mortal danger? Look for the causes of unpleasant sensations, including related symptoms, and be shown to doctors in time.

    General anxiety

    Failure, overfatigue, overheating or overcooling, long journeys in transport - all of this can provoke headaches with dizziness and nausea. As a rule, they are not strongly expressed, but deliver discomfort. To overcome the disadvantage it is enough to have a rest - sit, go to sleep, take an analgesic - Tsitramon, Analgin, No-Shpa. Thinking a bit after the last 24 hours, it is quite possible to find the reason why the patient feels bad and eliminate the source of discomfort.

    Headache and nausea with food poisoning

    Intoxication or food poisoning, besides the characteristic symptoms, often cause headache. Precisely to determine why a person is sick, he has a headache and sometimes there is a vomiting, maybe only a doctor, then it is not necessary to delay with a call to him. The first aid to be given in case of possible food poisoning is gastric lavage and activated charcoal ingestion. It is recommended to follow a strict diet in order not to exacerbate the pain: you can drink strong tea, there are crackers or drying, rice porridge on the water or boiled potatoes without adding anything, and all in small portions. If after a day the sensations have remained the same or strengthened - should immediately apply to the doctor for examination.

    One-hour pain - migraine

    According to medical statistics, at least one hundred people suffer from migraines for every one hundred people. Symptomics is characteristic of her - for no apparent reason there is a sharp headache in a certain place, which can last several hours or even several days. It usually accompanies nausea, dizziness, lack of appetite, sometimes even vomiting. The skin of the face becomes pale, feverish red spots may appear on the cheeks.

    A man in this state is extremely sensitive to noise and conversations of others, bright light - while it seems to him that everyone is shouting around, and sun or artificial light causes a cut in the eyes. Sometimes the patient sees light figures - asterisks, spots, stripes. The combination of all these sensations is called migraineous aura.

    Unfortunately, migraine is one of those illnesses that are difficult to treat and sometimes return after a while. A patient with relapsing migraine in advance feels the onset of an attack on the above-described symptoms. Leave the pain unattended and cured, motivated by the fact that the pills do not help - weird, but very common among patients with a choice. In addition to the medical method, there are other, more effective means, so in no case should not neglect their health and seek medical advice immediately upon occurrence of such pain.

    Temperature and joint pain - meningitis

    If, in addition to nausea and headache, the temperature rises in the patient, he can not flex the limbs in the joints without severe pain, and dark spots appear on the body - meningitis. This infectious disease is diagnosed by neuropathologists and infectious disease patients, and patients themselves can almost never determine the true cause of poor health. When meningitis, the lining of the brain and spinal cord is inflamed, in addition, it is dangerous for its complications.

    Pain and nausea after tick bite -

    Borellosis Borreliosis or Lyme disease is transmitted by ioxin mites. Among the symptoms are headache, nausea, general weakness and skin rash, similar to red spots with a red halo at some distance from the spot. At an early stage, the disease can be stopped by the administration of antibiotics, but at a late time, it not only destroys many systems of the body, but it can lead to fatal outcome. So far, there are ongoing controversies over the correct diagnosis and treatment of this disease, so it is imperative to seek medical advice at least doubt in the nature of the symptoms. The disease is common in the northern hemisphere in the habitat of ticks, infection is possible in the spring-summer period.

    Regular morning pain - brain tumor

    A hematoma or brain tumor provokes regular headaches, combined with nausea, especially in the morning. The lack of visible causes and constant recurrence at one and the same time of day - an occasion to immediately consult a doctor.

    Regular asymptomatic pain - arterial hypertension / hypotension

    Just a headache and nausea that appears regularly for no reason and suddenly stops. Not depending on the time of day, season, weather in the window - arterial hypertension and hypotension cause pain due to a sharp increase or decrease in blood pressure, which may not be accompanied by any symptoms at all. This disease in some cases can lead to a fatal outcome, so do not miss the scheduled examination and keep secret from the attending physician frequent pain and nausea. A good habit to follow your pressure will help to identify and successfully defeat the disease at an early stage.

    Drug treatment and other methods

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    Headache and Nausea: Symptoms and Causes
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    Before opening a package of anesthetic, it would be nice to find out:

    • Frequency of symptoms - morning, day, evening,night
    • Frequency of occurrence - how much lasts and how often
    • appears. Duration and nature of occurrence - attack, growth, persistent pain and nausea
    • Localization - in one place, on both sides, covers the whole head
    • Severity and intensity of
    • Probable causes - herbsWe, chronic diseases and infections, elevated or decreased pressure, hereditary diseases
    • Related symptoms - photophobia, noise sensitivity, skin rash and other
    • Treated at home

    All these data will not only help the doctor to diagnose, but also choose the most appropriatethe nature of the treatment. Since, in addition to analgesics, preparations that normalize blood pressure, vitamins and special supplements that may affect the work of the vestibular apparatus may also be needed. When threatened with ischemic attacks, there are drugs, for example, Tanakan, and in case of neurosis, the doctor will probably prescribe Prometazin or its analogues.

    But treatment is not limited to tablets for symptom relief. Additionally, massage, relaxation procedures, day care and healthy eating are used. Sometimes even prescribe emotional unloading with the exception of any stimuli, including light and noise.

    Treatment with folk remedies

    Phytotherapy can be made as the main treatment method, but it will help remove unpleasant sensations in the integrated approach to the problem. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the dosage and to avoid the ingredients on which the patient may be allergic.

    Headache and Nausea: Symptoms and Causes

    Folk remedies for treating headaches have a soothing and hypnotic effect, such as peppermint or melissa.

    • Vinegar elderberry - two tablespoons of berries and inflorescences brew in 100 ml of boiling water, insist for 15 minutes and drink 25 ml before eating. The course lasts 2 weeks, after which it must be stopped.
    • Broiler coriander - analgesic plus antistress drug. Two spoons of herbs brew 100 ml of boiling water, infuse 15 minutes and drink before eating a quarter of a glass. The course of treatment is 21 days. Attention is not recommended to men due to changes in the treatment of hormonal background.
    • Mint broth - brewed with tea or on its own. One liter of boiling water is put one tablespoon of mother-of-pearl, infused over 45 minutes. Drink half a glass a day, morning and evening. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. Contraindicated pregnant and nursing mothers.
    • Mint broth - brewed with tea or on its own, you can put a dry grass under the pillow as a prevention. Brewed on the calculation of a tablespoon of herbs on 500 ml of boiling water. The course of treatment is no more than a week. Has a pronounced sedative effect.

    In addition, in order to never feel headaches and nausea, doctors recommend regular exercise in the open air, sleep, proper diet, and do not neglect planned surveys.