How to make lips more? Several secrets of loose lips

Not all nature has given such lips as Angelina Jolie. The voluminous, loose lips are the last squeak of fashion, and every woman is probably dreaming of how to make lips more. Drug in them is not always safe. However, there are certain ways in which they can visually increase


How to make lips more? Several secrets of loose lips

Radical receptions

Several decades ago, everyone who wants to increase the volume of their lips and have a financial opportunity for this turned to a plastic surgeon. Implementation under the skin of implants is quite common today, but after many loud stories, the number of falling under the scalpel has decreased at times. Meanwhile, there were alternative proposals for getting loose lips.

For example, lipophilic. In the tissues of the lips there is no fatty layer, therefore, when the muscles become flabby and dry, the lips as if melt. With the help of lipophilia, a small amount of fat cells taken from another place of your body is injected under the skin. It is likely that this fat will not survive, or it will be distributed unevenly, creating inequalities. But even if everything goes well, the result will remain forever.

Hyaluronic acid based filer lips filling. A thin syringe under the skin introduces a special composition. It will hold a bulk form only a few months, no more than a year. Gradually the gel dissolves, and the lips will take the initial appearance. Therefore, the procedure will have to repeat with a certain periodicity. This method is least risky from the described.

Decorative cosmetics for visual enhancement of lips

A huge role in the perception of facial features and its individual parts is played by makeup. Often you can find the following recommendation: make your lips seem more simple to draw the contour the shape you want. At the same time, the contour may pass at a distance from the natural edge of the lips. But even on brightly smeared lips will be seen that they are painted. So try the following advice: make your lips visually look bolder, use a light pencil for contour and light lipstick. If you are mostly dark lipstick, then in the center put a little gloss in a tone a little lighter, thanks to this lips will appear more complete.

Using lenses with sparkles, you can make the lips much more voluminous. Also, the use of lipsticks with ginger, pepper, menthol or other substances that greatly stimulate the flow of blood. And the presence of collagen or silicone in the lipstick will visually increase the lips.

A popular way to make your lips more lush - it's a tattoo. According to the tattoo design, a dot contour of the lips line is drawn. At the request of the client you can add even a completely new form of lips, increasing them.

How to make lips more? Several secrets of loose lips

Lip charger

With age the lips seem to dry up and lose volume. To prevent this happen, do a special gymnastics:

Pull your lips forward and blow your relaxed lips like a blow out candle. Repeat 30-40 times.

Take a deep breath, infuse your cheeks and exhale, alternating slowly exhaling the exhalation. Repeat 15-20 times.

Vowels to voice loudly a - and - oh - oh, straining your lips. Repeat 10-15 times.

Ways to increase lips without leaving your home.

You can add volume to your lips without risky procedures. There are so many recipes.

  • For example, to make your lips look brilliant, use the day cream "for sensitive eyelashes".It is necessary in the morning with the tips of his fingers to slightly kill( and not lubricate) in the red border around his lips, without stretching them at the same time.
  • Using a baby soft toothbrush, make a 1-minute massage of the lips every day. Or twice a day in 30 seconds. Brush your hands gently and slowly, so as not to damage the skin. After massage, be sure to apply therapeutic moisturizing balm.
  • The skin of the lips also needs to be cleaned from dead cells. For this you can use your favorite scrub with a small abrasive, but it is best to make it from natural products. In a small glass jar, mix two tablespoons of candied honey, a teaspoon of soda and sesame oil, two drops of essential oil of mint. Stir in a wooden or ceramic sticks or spoon. Keep scrub in the refrigerator at all times. At your discretion you can use it a day or more, but not less than once a week. After peeling, moisturize the lip balm with your skin.

How to make lips more? Several secrets of loose lips

Home-made masks for the volume of lips

  • Half a teaspoon of cheese to mix evenly with any natural juice or milk.
  • Mix homemade sour cream, one spoon, with 3 drops of lemon juice.
  • Natural honey is distributed over the lips. It is possible to mix honey with pork fat for enhanced skin nutrition.
  • Apply kefir, and once it has dried, apply another layer.

And remember: when you squeeze your lips in a whimsical grimace, wrinkles are formed around them. Better smile!