Description and appearance of the rabbits of the breed are Silver

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Rabbit breeds Silver - a great look of the animal. The animal world is a rather mysterious area of ‚Äč‚Äčnature. There are many undiscovered and unrecognized things the

entails. The colorfulness and unpredictability of the behavior of all animals does not allow them to remain indifferent to them. A good example for familiarization is the rabbits. On our planet there are about 200 species of these animals. They can be classified as follows:
  • Meat Sour Cream;
  • meat;
  • fluffy.

Description and appearance of the rabbits of the breed are Silver

Rabbit breeds The silver is rather unpretentious, weather resistant and well adaptable.

Domestic rabbits breed Silver so quickly disappeared from the mind that Westerners immediately came to replace them.

This contributed to the almost total destruction of this industry. Although in separate farms, there is still a given breed. They are unpretentious, resistant to the climate and well adapted, which increases their level of competitiveness.

The history of the appearance of

Description and appearance of the rabbits of the breed are Silver

In our country, the rabbit breed is considered to be one of the best oldest breeds.

It will be interesting to learn about the history of the origin of the rabbits of the breed Silver. After all, these animals were known in Ancient China. It was there that he was raised as a sacred animal. They met in Ancient Greece, where they built entire altars for worship. The breeding of this species of rabbits was practiced in England and Spain.

In our country, the rabbit breed of silver is considered one of the best oldest breeds. In 1952, these wonderful animals were brought to the Poltava region. Therefore they began to be called Poltava Silver. They were produced on the background of the French breed Champagne, which was still imported by ancestors from India.

Scientists involved in the process of the emergence of new breeds, were tasked with providing farms with large animals that would be resistant to frosts, unpretentious to food, strong and fruitful, which in principle and was achieved. The new breed, which met all these requirements, was called the Silver Giant. After the official documentary registration of this type of specialists involved in the elimination of new breeds of animals, said that the form of rabbits really possesses undeniable advantages. Their resilience to the climate of the day, the milk productivity of females and the huge fertility struck by many scientific organizations. Significantly increased yield of meat and its taste, which played a further important role in the development of rabbit meat.

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Description and Appearance

There are different types of rabbit breeds that breed both in households and rabbits.

Description and appearance of the rabbits of the breed are Silver

Little breeders are born A silver rabbit with a black color.

All of them are different in color, size and weight. Apparently pronounced representative is the Silver Giant. The large dimensions, the solid fortune tell of the greatness of the breed. The length of the body varies from 55 to 57 sm. Deep and very wide chest, the coverage of which is 36 sm.

Ear length approx. 10-12 cm. Equal muscular back. The middle head is narrowed closer to the nose. This type of rabbits has a brownish-brown eye color. Their paws are strong and well-posed, the loss index is about 65%.

For the rabbits of the breed Silver is a characteristic feature of the color and color of the fur. Little baby breeds are born. Silver rabbit with black color. Already before the first month of life there is a change of color on lighter silver, and by the end of the fourth month of existence the basic color is established.

Color of fur acquires steady dark-silver( light-silver) color. If you carefully look at its color, it is possible to trace how unusual and rather unusual shade. On the nose and around the eyes is a darker tone, and then all over the body of the coat has the appearance of old silver. It provides some kind of greatness and the limit of the ancient era of nobility and domination.


In the weight category, the breed has a fairly high rate. Adults have a mass of about 4.5-5 kg, and some individuals reach up to 6.6 kg. Such data speak for themselves. Upon the release of meat after production, this breed exceeds all others.

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Home and Animals

Description and appearance of the rabbits of the breed are Silver

Rabbit Breeds The silver is quite a lot of moves and requires a huge amount of space.

Since ancient times, the main products after raking rabbits were meat and skins. After the fur industry became very popular and relevant, rabbit skins became a priority raw material, which allowed the production of an unlimited number of fur products. Elegant women's fur coats, hoods, vests, mittens and hats, made of natural fur, were in high demand. A huge range of fur models filled the spaces of many stores. Various styles and a large color gamut, thick hair and a high level of splendor of fur were important attributes of fur products. The negative moment was the rapid wear of things, but this did not particularly affect the ranking of fur products.

In the world, rabbit's dietary meat is accustomed to refer to white meat. By the amount of protein it surpasses lamb, beef, veal and pork. As best it is, it is aimed at increasing the full protein supply and reducing the level of fats in the diet. The rabbit meat is considered incomparable with any other kind of meat for vitamin and mineral composition. Regular consumption of rabbit meat allows you to maintain normal fat metabolism and helps to prevent atherosclerosis. This type of meat is prescribed for patients who are on a diet, and for little kids who are just beginning to adapt to adult life.

Rabbits of the breed are related to meat-sourctic rocks. Currently they are not very common in our regions. Preference is given to Californian and New Zealand species, as well as to those who have a light or white color of fur.

Description and appearance of the rabbits of the breed are Silver

Pyramid Feeding Rabbits.

This breed of rabbits has been selected for the most part for the industry, but they are well adapted to the household, due to their active and obedient behavior, mild temperament, almost complete absence of aggression. They quickly adapt to the presence of an outsider. Hand-crafted and flattering animals instantly get used to their new place of residence, which facilitates the fastest gaining of confidence and reputation at home. No special care is required. The only thing that is needed for them is a lot of space, since they move a lot and require a huge space. But for beginner the first task is to get acquainted with all the intricacies of care for rabbits.

A room must be built only after consultation with experienced people in this case. Very important is the initial assembly of animals. They should be selected from the well-off farms. When choosing rabbits it is worth looking not only on the appearance, but also on the structure itself, carefully check and make sure that they are fed and firmly hold their body. Foods are very cheap and affordable for everyone. But these animals are very sensitive to the quality of feeds, so they need to buy them from proven and reliable suppliers. Do not forget about the diversity of the diet. Mandatory for rabbits is vaccination. She safely protects them from all kinds of diseases. This is a simple procedure that you can easily learn. The vaccine needs to be purchased in large specialized stores, having checked the certification documents, in such cases you can be sure of purchasing a quality product.


Growth is a promising industry in livestock breeding. The main thing - to correctly set their goals and intentions in relation to the future of the case: to provide their family with meat or increase the reliability of the family budget. Before engaging in this occupation, you need to read the literature on an issue of interest to you, consult with experienced zoologists, learn as much useful and interesting information as possible, which will contribute to the development of further activities.