Hemorrhoid Treatment

How To Identify Hemorrhoids At Home?

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How to identify a hemorrhoid, know a little, so you can often hear at the reception of a doctor something like "I do not understand whether hemorrhoids or he has passed."Of course,

can cause such a smile like this, but there is nothing funny, because this intimate place does not pay much attention, and in this area, few people are looking at the mirror. From this, it is logical to assume that a person does not know how everything should be there, especially if he faces a similar problem for the first time. Today, together, we will try to understand the characteristic symptoms of this disease and tell how to independently learn hemorrhoids at home.


  • 1 Clinical picture of the disease
  • 2 Classification and characteristic signs of the disease
  • 3 Danger of fourth stage
  • 4 Useful diagnostic information

1 Clinical picture of the disease

As with all other diseases, the earlier you will be able to recognize the hemorrhoids, the faster you get rid of thisspicy problem. Understand that you have hemorrhoids, you can have a sense of discomfort during bowel movements. In normal condition, the patient may not feel itching and burning. Some patients experience pain in the anus and the perineum area. Sometimes the pain gets worse when sitting and walking. A characteristic feature of the fact that the intestine is an inflammatory process, there is a sense of constant burning and itching in the region of the anus. Over time, bruises and admixture of blood in the stool appear. If the inflammation continues, then severe bleeding is possible.

In the ongoing stage of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal nodes fall out.

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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How To Identify Hemorrhoids At Home?

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To determine the presence of hemorrhoids, you need to respond positively to the following questions:

  • Do you often have constipation?
  • Do you need more than 5 minutes to empty your intestines?
  • Have you seen red traces of toilet paper after bowel movements?
  • Do you experience palpation in the anus?
  • Do you have a third-party sense in the anal fist?
  • Are you prone to varicose veins?
  • It is from the above symptoms that hemorrhoids begin, of course, if a hemorrhoidal lobe appears, then the diagnosis will be obvious. In modern society there is a certain pattern - not to talk about similar problems. It is for this reason that patients simply feel ashamed to seek help and start treating themselves. This should not be done, you can further aggravate the situation, and without operational intervention will not work out.

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    2 Classification and characteristic signs of ailment


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    Hemorrhoids - the most common disease, it affects 3 people out of 10. At the same time, he is equally common in both men and women. The most prone to this disease are people who are sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. The weakening of the strength of the anal canal with its walls and the loss of connective tissue elasticity in men occurs with age, and in women after childbirth. In this case, there is a loss of hemorrhoids. By their appearance, the severity of the disease and the degree of its development are determined. There are 4 stages of hemorrhoids, each of them has certain symptoms, in which knowledgeable patients and doctors understand the burden of a given situation.

    At the first stage of hemorrhoids does not bring significant discomfort, so it remains unnoticed, and the patient does not seek a doctor. At the second stage, itching and smoking in the perineum are already felt. Blood appears in fecal masses. At the second stage there are frequent constipation, and you need to stomp during bowel movements. The fallout of hemorrhoids is not yet occurring, but consolidation in the anus region already takes place. During weight lifting, the patient may feel a feeling of fullness in the gut and a desire to visit the toilet. On underwear in a state of rest, traces of blood may be detected. It is important to note that the constant feeling of a foreign subject in the back passage may not be hemorrhoids, but talk about the formation of a tumor, so it is important to undergo a survey as early as possible to exclude oncology.

    At the third stage, hemorrhoidal cones are already falling. It is easy to see them, because the part of the rectum goes outside. At this stage, it is still subjected to manual manipulation, which is the difference from the 4th stage. The feeling of pain becomes very strong, the patient can not sit even. Constant itching prevents concentration and engage in habitual affairs. Sometimes the patient may have a fever. It is important to note that in addition to the bloody excrement in the stool may be mucus. This point already indicates that the pathological process develops in the direct or the rim.

    3 Danger of fourth stage


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    The fourth stage is the most difficult and it is treated only surgically. Medicinal preparations do not go back to the place, so you should immediately contact your doctor. In the fourth stage, severe blood loss can lead to anemia, fainting and frequent increase in temperature. The intensity of hemorrhage depends on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the human body. It is known that hemorrhages are exacerbated if there is a disturbed diet. The inflammatory process in the anus can be complicated by necrosis, large edema of the perineum and incontinence of the sphincter.

    How To Identify Hemorrhoids At Home?

    The peculiarity of hemorrhoids is that it is characterized by long remissions.

    A patient may mistakenly believe that he has already cured, but under the influence of certain factors, the hemorrhoidal lump will appear again.

    Is distinguished and acute during hemorrhoids, which is also divided into:

    • thrombosis without inflammation;
    • inflammatory thrombosis;
    • thrombosis with inflammation of subcutaneous tissue.

    How To Identify Hemorrhoids At Home?

    Non-inflammatory thrombosis is characteristic of chronic hemorrhoids; it manifests itself in the loss of hemorrhoids, which is not complicated by the inflammatory process. Patients may notice a slight redness in the anus, and the ghoul itself wears a tight elastic consistency of a small size.

    Inflammation of thrombosis is characterized by substantial edema in the anus zone and severe redness. The pin is painful when touched. Acute pain and tingling is felt even when walking. When inflammation of hypodermic tissue palpation of hemorrhoids is impossible, as when touching the pain is so strong that a person may lose consciousness. In a visual examination, crimson bruises, strong swelling, cyanosis of the skin in some areas may be noted. At this stage of hemorrhoids, you need to hurry, because you can get complications in the form of purulent pancreatitis and necrosis. When necrosis fell hemorrhoidal nodes begin to blacken, and they need to be removed in a hospital setting. In no case can you try to exercise yourself a blue or already blackened cones. You can get blood contamination if they burst.

    4 Useful information for diagnosing

    Separately I would like to mention the topic of anal fechromom that may remain after hemorrhoids. These are small areas of the skin that remain outside after the hemorrhoidal lump is absorbed. Previously, these bits of skin were filled with blood, but due to proper treatment, swelling was asleep, and the skin went down, and did not succeed in fixing it. Such a phenomenon does not pose any danger to a person and is only a cosmetic defect. The patient may ask a plastic surgeon to remove it.

    Often people who first encounter hemorrhoids take these feces for the hemorrhoids themselves. These processes of the skin are not painful and do not swell, so they can not be treated without special need. The only thing is to observe the rules of personal hygiene, since feces may remain feces, and if the hygiene is not respected, the inflammatory process is re-developed, if the infection gets.

    In a healthy active person hemorrhoid develops extremely rarely. There is a certain category of people who are more susceptible to this disease. Among the factors that provoke the development of hemorrhoids, one can note the following:

    • smoking;
    • Alcohol Abuse;
    • obesity;
    • lack of fiber in food;
    • long cough;
    • liver and gastrointestinal tract diseases;
    • hereditary factor;
    • varicose veins.

    It's a mistake to believe that hemorrhoids appear lightning, it can develop for several years. This moment once again confirms the expediency of preventive medical examinations.

    How to understand that you have hemorrhoids, now you know, and more blush, asking friends, do not have to. At the slightest symptoms you can start treatment with folk methods or medicines sold without a prescription in each pharmacy, but first go to the doctor!