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How to drink mumio tablets to treat hemorrhoids

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How to drink mumio tablets to treat hemorrhoids

The healing properties of mummies have long been known, but provide them with these healing qualities of biologically active components that promote vasodilatation. Recent studies have revealed that fungi in this natural miracle are similar in nature to the penicillin .It is to them that they attribute the wonderful bacterial properties of mummies.

Mumiyo Altai

Tablets Biological stimulants and trace elements in Mumiy Altai tablets cause the affected tissue to recover much faster. This property mummies and explains its use in burns, fractures, for the healing of postoperative sutures, frostbite. Actively apply mummies from hemorrhoids in pills and in the treatment of internal organs: liver, kidney, stomach. Naturally, it is possible to drink mummia in pills and with various forms of hemorrhoids. Pills for hemorrhoids( list) Mumiy Altai is not toxic and does not adversely affect the human body. The composition of the drug includes: minerals, proteins, steroids, lipids, soluble carbohydrates, lipids, nitrogenous substances, amino acids, alkaloids, etc.

Application Mummies Altai for hemorrhoids should occur on the hungry stomach twice a day by 0.2 g.

How to drink mumio tablets to treat hemorrhoids

Mumiide ​​

ThanksThis resinous natural remedy, sold in pharmacies in a very different way, treatment of hemorrhoids can be done at times more efficiently and quickly, and without harm to health.

This tool is often used to prepare a therapeutic ointment, candles, baths and even beverages. Such drugs will remove the sensation of pain and burning with hemorrhoids, easily cope with inflammatory processes in the rectal area, stop bleeding and even reduce the size of the hemorrhoids themselves.

Accept inside

Drink mummies invented by our distant ancestors. This is done before meals, and the product is diluted in water in the amount of 200 mg. You need to take these medications twice a day. Treatment can last for a month or two, until complete treatment. However, every 25 days a 10-day break.

To enhance the effect, prepare an infusion of pine nuts husk. Take a glass, put it in it.lpeeled shells and pour boiling water to the edges. Infused shell will be a year, then water is filtered and mixed with already dissolved in water mummies. Mummies - 4 g dissolve in half a glass of water. Once again, the medicine is filtered out and you can drink a quarter glasses twice a day. The use of such a remedy will provide rapid treatment - reduce swelling in the rectal area and stop the bleeding.

But chestnut has a venotonizing and wound healing effect, so our medicine can be supplemented with this useful natural product. Take 150 ml of chestnut tincture and add 250 ml of mummies diluted in water. Such a medicine should be taken twice daily for 60 ml of

. Hemorrhoids accompanied by bleeding and constipation can be treated with the following recipe. Take a glass of cabbage brine and dissolve 0.2 g of mummies in it. Drinking the product should be twice a day for half a cup, or you can, and in general. The use of brine will facilitate easy and regular bowel movements, and mummies will have a healing effect.

Make Ointment

Ointments are most commonly used in the treatment of external forms of hemorrhoids. Mummies can even be applied purely to the nodules, because this pumiceous product melts well in hands. However, to enhance the therapeutic effect, you can prepare a special ointment.

  • Buy peach oil in the pharmacy and mix it with mummies in the ratio of 1 tsp to 1 tsp.
  • Mix in equal quantities granules of aspen and oil( olive, sunflower, linen).Add 5 grams of mummies to the kidneys and mix, you will get a great ointment against external hemorrhoids.
  • But the most popular recipe is an ointment based on honey and mummies. To do this, you just need to mix 1 item.lmummy and 3 tbsp.lhoneyTreat ointment up to three times a day.

The mummies have a seating bath of fine effect. Add the remedy dissolved in plain warm water or onion husk infusion and take a sit-down tray for 15 minutes.

Candles made of mummies

A very important tool for internal hemorrhoids with mummies in the form of candles, made by their own hands. The use of such candles will ensure a rapid reduction of inflammatory processes in the rectum, in addition, candles will remove the pain symptom and suppress infectious processes in the affected area. Candles need to be inserted into the rectum before bedtime.

  • In the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, you can use this recipe. Take 1 cent.lmummy and 3 tbsp.lhoneyMix and add the flour until the dough is released. Now they form candles and can be treated. To keep such a homemade preparation in the refrigerator.
  • Melt butter - 70 g and add 20 g mummies. The candles are placed in the refrigerator for quick hardening.
  • 0.08 g of the solution dissolve in Art.lmilk, add the required amount of flour or starch and form a candle.

Actually also treatment of hemorrhoids microclysters from mummies. For this, an aqueous solution of mummies is prepared in an amount up to 150 ml and injected into the rectum.

Use of mummies is contraindicated only to people with individual intolerance to bee products.

How to drink mumio tablets to treat hemorrhoids

Several Tips for Patients With Hemorrhoid

  • Choose the appropriate therapy to exclude constipation.
  • Do not irritate the stomach with alcohol, spices, spicy and salty.
  • Take away from the food store vinegar, fat, smoked, radish and radish.
  • Remember the proverb: "You chew longer, you live longer."Carefully chew food.
  • Protect yourself from colds, infectious diseases.
  • Long walks adversely affect hemorrhoids.
  • Do not sit on cold surfaces.
  • Follow hygiene, wash with cool water after bowel movement.
  • Devote half an hour a day in gymnastics.
  • Try not to lift the weight.

And remember to take long-term treatment for hemorrhoids - it's easier to focus on prevention.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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