Chicken for smoking fish: choice and use of sawdust


  • 1 Features of wood selection for smoking
  • 2 Production and application of
  • chips 3 Correct sawdust for smoking fish

Smoked meals are part of our diet from time to time. In addition, when talking about the harm of these products, it is believed that the use of various chemical

drugs, a sample of liquid smoke. If, however, fish are used for the smoke of greener sawdust or cod, as well as technology, the damage from the final product is minimal. What materials are needed, whoever knows how to smoke fish should know the tree that is most suitable for cod harvesting.

Features of the choice of wood for smoking

For the preparation of chips and sawdust for smoking fish using apple, pear, cherry wood. Southerners successfully use chestnut and apricot, the middle strip of Russia - poplar, oak, ash. Also apply willow, alder, juniper. Ironically, in France, even the spruce finds its application in the process of smoking, although it is not wood, but dried needles. It is added to sawdust from the above-mentioned tree species. In the past and in Russia, in the northern regions, pine needles and cones were taken to smoke fish, and that the fish did not show a bitter taste, wrapped it in gauze.

An important role is played not only by the taste, but also by the color of smoked fish. For dark yellow color, alder and oak are suitable. For golden-yellow - maple, linden, though, they are most often used when cooking in smoky meat. Chicken for smoking fish: choice and use of sawdust

Wood used in the manufacture of

smoking chips No matter which wood is chosen for chips or chips, it must be healthy, free from fungus and bark beetle yields. If the mold appears, the wood material is not suitable for smoke.

Production and application of

chips For the smoke of fish, wood is required to be crushed. Then she will give not bitter, but fragrant smoke. This fragrance is passed on to the product. A special aroma comes from wood of fruit trees, as well as broad-leaved rocks: beech, oak, alder.

Do not use cod and sawdust of coniferous trees, as they contain a resin that gives its bitterness to fish. Birch if applied, then not overdried and not too crude.

Before getting a cod from the tree, it removes the bark from it. This is especially true of birch wood, in the crust of which there are a lot of resins. The wood can be crushed in different ways: an ax along the polish to get long shoots, splitting the chips into cubes, and harvesting sawdust after treating a tree on a machine or sawing it. Chairs can be stunned by a garden secateur. The main thing is that the cod was the same size and not too small, otherwise the fish will bitter and get an unpopular tint. If it has uneven dimensions, then the smoke will be uneven. Chicken for smoking fish: choice and use of sawdust Chicken for smoking fish: choice and use of sawdust

Cod should be calibrated

Cork or sawdust is evenly placed on the bottom of the tank to smoke fish. If this is a bucket, then it is enough full handful if the barrel - two, three straws. Too dry cork will have to sprinkle with water from time to time, otherwise it will burn quickly and give a strong heat for a short time. From the high heat it will occur premature draining of fat, and the fish will turn out dry with a bitter taste.

Correct sawdust for fish smoking

Unlike the cod, the sawdust for smoking fish is sold in supermarkets in paper bags. Ready are very easy to use, since all are equally dried and have even dimensions.

With separate harvesting, sawdust takes dry wood. In the fresh spelled tree no sawmill is not taken, as they burn the product to the product of the tar.

The sawdust may be homogeneous or mixed. Often it is for smoking fish to take alder or juniper, and in the absence of a Cherry, apple or pear. Experts say that a mixture of tree saplings and alder trees provide the most unusual and delicious scent of smoked fish, as well as an appetizing golden hue. You can experiment with flavors, mixing sawdust from chopped shell of walnut, cedar cones or husk cedar nuts, juniper twigs, mint leaves and forest cherries.

Tears, like cod, are harvested only after clearing the wood from the bark. You can use for this plan, moving with it across the barrel. In less than half an hour, this way you can prepare fuel for smoking fish all year round. Keep them well in well-ventilated bags in a dry place.