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Reviews Runbo Q5

Reviews Runbo Q5

Runbo Q5 - the newest in the world of secure smartphones. The device has a moisture resistant body IP67, as well as smaller dimensions than the flagship model X6.In addition, the Runbo Q5 is a powerful quad-core processor and 4.5-inch display.

Reviews Runbo Q5.Anton, Mytischi. I bought myself such,

usually from China. It cost me 15 000 rubles. The previous device was the Sony Xperia ZL, decided to change it. My first impression is a real brick! Moreover, I am still so impressed, although some people manage to walk with Runbo X6, which is one and a half times more. I often have to ride across Russia, so I just needed such an aggregate. He certainly is not afraid of a strong wind, a blizzard, rain and dirt( which he only I did not pass in a short time!).Runbo Q5 has proved its worth, and I really hope that it will not let me down in the future.

Reviews Runbo Q5.Boris, Belgorod. Advanced smartphone for active people. Your favorite woman will not give such a phone, but it will be for the man just now. Eat hunting or go hiking? Then Runbo Q5 will be just an indispensable thing. For everyday life, it's best to have a second handset that will fit in your pocket and will not bother it.

Reviews Runbo Q5.Sergey, Voronezh For those who doubt: the phone has GLONASS and satellites catches quite decent. The proven battery was not so powerful, it's obvious that the MTK MT6589T, a voracious processor, and the emitter of the radio module are no less echoed. Very strong screen, and the interface panel with the help of software is easy to hide. Yes, and honest 4.5 inches with a resolution of 1280x720 is. I was surprised at the camera because it makes cool shots. This applies to both the rear and the front camera, which is also 12-megapixel. Stunning speakers at all can shock the volume and sound quality. Communication and signal are good, I hear and I hear. They say the flash drive can be installed even on 128 GB, but I only tried 64 GB( successfully).Here are some common impressions.

Reviews Runbo Q5.Denis, Novorossiysk Earlier, I did not dare to buy Runbo mobile devices, but the latest models impressed me very much. A good filling and an unusual appearance literally forced to buy Runbo Q5.But my expectations were not fully justified. I want to note that the mobile phone turned out to be fast, since the entire system is expressed lightning fast. A good processor and lots of memory help in this business. The screen is kind of qualitative, but there is not enough supply of brightness that it is somewhat blurry. In reality, the smartphone was very thick, even shame to get if necessary. That's the most disappointing dimensions to me. But here I blame myself, I had to pretend to buy. Like the radio, the battery holds for a long time, excellent equipment.

Reviews Runbo Q5

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