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Warts in children in arms, legs, feet: treatment, removal, than withdrawal

Warts in children occur quite often, this can be explained by the fact that children are not yet fully formed immunity and they are extremely susceptible to viral infections. And warts just cause a viral infection.

Another reason why they often occur in

is the fact that they are transmitted everyday. That is, it's enough for a child to get in contact with another patient for a while, and it is possible that he will also have warts. They happen to children in completely different places.

A child attending public institutions, such as a kindergarten, where the same toys are played by all children in the group or the child engaged in the pool, can be infected by them.


  • 1 Why
  • 2 Appearance
  • Therapeutic Measures 3
  • Traditional Medicine Tools 4 Antibiotic Control

1 Why

Appears Warts in arms, legs, feet should not be left unattended, they require complex treatment for the babyHe did not hurt himself and did not infect other children. Many of them cause disgust, but you need to explain to the child that it is the same disease as a cough, runny or sick stomach, and that if you fight correctly with warts, then there is nothing terrible about it. They can occur both individually and in groups. Someone is more susceptible to this disease, someone to a lesser extent. There are also children who, when they become adults, say that they never had warts in their lives. What is a wart? This kind of tumor on the skin, which is noticeably high on it, is solid in itself, and at first does not have very large dimensions, approximately, the size of a small pea.

If the wart is left without proper attention, it may increase in size.

Warts in children in arms, legs, feet: treatment, removal, than withdrawal

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Children believe that warts appear from the one who takes the hands of frogs, supposedlyafter a person touches them, he must have pops up. But this is nothing more than a game of childhood imagination, there are absolutely no frogs here, on the contrary, it is very useful, and quite like a pretty amphibian. Although, of course, they should not be taken into their hands, since they are not hand-made kittens and not toys.

Some children and even adults say that warts are a disease of dirty people who do not wash their hands and do not observe personal hygiene. This idea is also wrong in the root. They appear on different parts of the body because a child is infected with a viral infection, but this is because he has poorly developed immunity. As you can see, no frog, no frog, nor dirty hands have any relation to warts.

Can a wart precipitate on its own? Yes, such cases have happened. For this to happen, the child's immunity increases and she disappears herself. But parents, before treating anxiety and thinking how to cure this non-aesthetic sore, need to go to a pediatrician and ask him if it is really she? After all, this may well be a neoplasm of a viral nature, but not a wart at all.

Very often the tumors that appear on the toes of the feet are confused with corns. And indeed, the wart is similar to them, since the baby is always on the legs, the skin of the foot rubs about the sole of the shoes, toe and the floor, and often you can see a drop of blood in the center of the wart. She herself becomes red in color, while walking can feel pain.

2 Therapeutic measures

How to cure warts in a child? Such an unpleasant phenomenon often appears up to five years, and is associated with other diseases of the skin. In most cases, it does not require special or complex treatment, if it is one and does not bother its ruler, except for the non-aesthetic appearance. It may disappear as unexpectedly as it appeared. Of course, to children, she delivers discomfort morally much more than physical, they are ashamed of her, afraid that they will now be teased, and nobody will be friends with him. But the child must be calm down and say that there is nothing terrible in this. In most cases, warts pass by themselves. You just have to put in your baby the confidence that everything will go.

But if the growth does not want to pass, and the child still complexes on this, then you need to go to a specialist and decide what to do, maybe you need to withdraw the warts in the hands of the child, and perhaps be able to treat warts in children. Doctors warn that they do not need to be overly attracted by the means for the withdrawal of neoplasms that are released from non-prescription drugstores. Their quality is very doubtful, and if there is no visible effect in 2-3 weeks, then you should immediately stop using this medication.

Warts in children in arms, legs, feet: treatment, removal, than withdrawal

3 Folk Medicine Tools

And Still, How to Cure Warts in a Baby? First you need to go to the folk medicine, because they should not cause harm, their use is painless. It's easy for many children to go to a hospital to turn into a real tragedy, most of them afraid of doctors. The most widespread method in treatment is the lubrication of the affected area with sour cream with salt. You just need to mix these 2 components and smear newborns.

Treatment of warts in children can be done with garlic compress. To do this, take the garlic and grind it into small grater. You need to add a little flour to the viscosity, as well as a few drops of table vinegar. The resulting rubbish should be put on the spot of defeat, glued with a patch and leave for 1-2 days. Once the patch is removed, the wart should fall off herself. If this procedure does not produce the effect, then it can be repeated again.

Warts in children in arms, legs, feet: treatment, removal, than withdrawal

Not only one grandmother brought out her warts for herself and her baby with a cleansing solution. Very effective for removing warts infusion of wormwood. In order to prepare it, it is necessary to gather this grass, find it not a problem, especially for those who live in a village or a small city. You can ask her in the pharmacy, maybe it will be sold there already in the finished form. A few pins of this grass need to pour boiling water and give it a try. Then the resulting solution can simply wipe problem areas, and you can, if desired, make compresses. This will help to remove the wart from the child.

Some people are interested in how to remove the warts from the child by other means. If the parents categorically do not want to treat the child with the help of traditional medicine, then they will come to the aid of special patches, whose manufacturers promise to deprive the child of warts for the shortest possible time. It is impossible in any case to cut the tip of the warts. Firstly, it is very painful, and secondly, it is completely useless, since the root of the onset will still remain inside, and it may appear again. Therefore, the wart can not be removed by this method.

Of course, the removal of warts with a laser is an extremely radical measure that not every parent, and even more so, is not every kid. Therefore, it is best to wait for it to go on its own, but it will have to spend a long time and it can be measured over the years, which will be much safer than removing the wart to the child. Especially since even doctors have not yet come to a common opinion on this. Many of them still believe that the removal of warts in children through surgery is not always justified.


Fighting Prevention If a toddler attends such public facilities as a swimming pool, gym or joint play rooms, then it is strictly necessary to prohibit him from going to such facilities without shoes.

It is necessary to teach the child, at every opportunity, to wash hands, especially if he attends a kindergarten. To do this, you need to buy him antibacterial soap and a towel, and leave him in kindergarten. Fortunately, many kindergartens insist that every kid had such a package. Regular hand washing will help the child bypass not only warts, but also other diseases.

It is necessary to ensure that socks and shoes are not wet, and if this happens, then the shoes must be thoroughly dried. Harmful bacteria are very active in moist environments.

After a toddler visited a swimming pool, a gym, his feet need to be treated with a special liquid that kills harmful bacteria. Such a liquid in the form of a gel is sold in pharmacies, and recently it can be found at the box office in supermarkets.

Every parent should understand that if he follows such simple rules, and if he brings the child to hygiene, then no warts will be terrible to him.

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