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New HTC Desire 728

New HTC Desire 728

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    Characteristics of the HTC Desire 728

    The HTC Desire 728 smartphone belongs to the middle class machines. The

    5.5-inch screen with a good resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels is placed here. The camera in the device is 13-megapixel. Of course, there is a front 5-megapixel camera for popular sephi. In this case, the device has 16 GB of free internal space, and microSD format cards increase this volume. The

    HTC Desire 728 is based on the Android 5.1.1 platform, since this version is one of the newest. But the interface is seriously redone thanks to the unique shell Sense 7, which is only a gadget of a Taiwanese company. The MediaTek MT6753 processor meets the performance and performance requirements, has a full-fledged eight cores and a clock speed of 1,300 MHz. The manufacturer placed 2 GB of RAM in the smartphone, and the battery is installed with a capacity of 2800 mAh.

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    Prices HTC Desire 728

    The announcement of the HTC Desire 728 smartphone is currently in the Chinese region. There you can buy it for 18 thousand rubles at the current rate. And the purchase of the device is allowed only with the help of a pre-order. In a free sale gadget should appear a little later. The same applies to other countries where the HTC Desire 728 is not yet in official stores. However, many experts now believe that the price of this mobile device is significantly overstated, since competitors with identical filling and a lower cost is very much.

    New HTC Desire 728

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    Latest News HTC Desire 728

    HTC has released an incredibly attractive smartphone, which belongs to the middle segment of devices. It is the appearance of the device that can distinguish it. The back side was matte, and also a bit rough, which greatly affects the convenience and practicality. But the front part of the Desire 728, and at all, has undergone serious changes. The safety glass completely covers the front side, and special symmetrical slots are implemented for speakers. In this case, the BoomSound speakers themselves are securely protected by grids. It is worth noting that the glass is sloping just around the edges. No touch sensitive buttons on the glass-plastic case are foreseen, which is a manufacturer's tradition.

    The mid-range HTC Desire 728 will not be a revelation. There is a good set of features, including fast charging, but with the need to purchase a power supply. Indeed, this gadget is a design that is different from the usual appearance of other Taiwanese smartphones.

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    Photo HTC Desire 728

    New HTC Desire 728

    Attractive middle-class smartphone HTC Desire 728

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    Video HTC Desire 728

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