A person wrapped around what to do at home, than to smear?

Unfortunately, the weather can not always stay warm. With the advent of cold, we begin to thoroughly cling to warm clothes, and only the person remains unprotected. Frost, wind, snow - all this seriously damages the skin. At times, even a layer of make-up and a greasy protective cream does not even save.

The result of this effect is not always noticeable immediately. Usually, all unpleasant symptoms are manifested the next day. The most common manifestation of wrapped skin is the severe redness, peeling, and vascular mesh. Among other things, the weathered areas are sometimes very sore, bite and even itch. Naturally, I want to get rid of such a problem as soon as possible.

A person wrapped around what to do at home, than to smear?

Why the skin is soaked

It is worth noting that drying is possible not only during the cold season. A person can wrap around in the spring, summer or autumn when the weather is completely warm. In addition, it's not even necessary to go out to the street. Although, it is in winter that the risk of getting dry is the highest.

The reason for the weathering of the skin is the strong movement of air, namely, the wind. In addition, a significant deterioration in the situation may be the temperature drop( when you often have to leave the room on the street and vice versa).

Humidity can be worn by air conditioners, fans or heating devices. This leads to rapid evaporation of the moisture in the room, after which gradually dry skin begins to dry. As a result, the person becomes screwed up, and then at all begins to grow thin.

How To Recognize Dry Skin

The most common manifestations of skin flaking are redness and irritation. Sometimes eyes can tear, which creates additional discomfort. In particularly serious cases, blistering and even edema may occur.

Most often, the effects of weathering are limited to minor redness and peeling. In addition to the person, the hands and neck can also suffer. Externally it may seem that the skin has burnt in the sun. The recovery period lasts about three days. But this is provided that the skin will no longer be exposed to harmful effects.

A person wrapped around what to do at home, than to smear?

Wrapped Leather

Wide Skin Assistance

Despite the fact that the symptoms of weathering are fairly rapid, you always want to get rid of discomfort as quickly as possible and improve the condition of the skin. There are several proven methods known in the following cases:

  • If you feel that your skin is covered, restrict contact with hot water. Avoid bathing in the shower or in the bathroom until the discomfort is completely gone. If you wash or wash your hands, you should use warm water, otherwise there is a risk of further damage to the skin.
  • Discard soap with flavors, as well as other aggressive and antibacterial bath products. It is better to use natural baby or soft cream-soap. If you are used to using a washcloth, let it be softer.
  • After washing, immediately apply a moisturizer without waiting for a complete drying of the skin. This will help to soften the fabric and prevent further peeling.
  • It is imperative to maintain the level of humidity in the premises at an optimum level( especially in the winter, when the heating system is used).To do this, use special air humidifiers. It is also possible to place alongside the heating radiators of the vessel with water.
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol as they remove more fluid from the body.
  • Try to drink as much water and juice as possible. If you love tea, then let it be sugar free and not too strong. It is important that the moisture of the cells of the epidermis occurs not only from the outside but also from the inside, which will significantly accelerate the recovery of the skin.
  • If the skin of the lips is exposed to weathering, it is better to drink any beverages with a tube. Also refrain from the use of oranges, lemons, salt and pepper, which can further irritate the tissues.
  • So that the weathered skin returns to normal as soon as possible, you should eat as much Omega-3 as possible. This item is in most quantities contained in fatty fish, nuts and legumes. They help to moisturize the skin. Very useful in this case is vitamin E, which is contained in dairy products, vegetable oils, eggs, nuts and olives.
  • Wrapped lips need to constantly lubricate them with nourishing balm. It's better to do it every hour. But licking lips is strictly forbidden.
  • If a man has been exposed to skin, then he is advised not to shave until the discomfort and irritation are completely gone. If you need to immediately get rid of the bristles, it is recommended to shave on the direction of hair growth - this will reduce the irritation.
  • It is not recommended to apply makeup to irritated skin. Apart from the fact that the decorative cosmetics dry up the skin, it still does not look very aesthetic during peeling.

A person wrapped around what to do at home, than to smear?

Masks for Wrapped Leather

National Cosmetology knows a lot of recipes that can eliminate unpleasant weathering symptoms, as well as quickly restore skin. So, masks of honey and yogurt, as well as oatmeal with milk, will be effective. The mask with yolk and a small amount of honey is quite effective. Such funds can be applied not only to the wrapped areas, but also to the whole face, they will serve as a source of additional power. Time of action is about 15 minutes. The combination of cucumber mashed potatoes and sour cream can be applied not only to combat the effects of weathering, but also for prevention.

  • Oil Compressor

The vegetable oils have a positive effect on woolen skin. They can be used as a compress. The best are sea buckthorn, almond, olive oil, as well as jojoba. The oil should be warmed slightly, dipped in a cotton swab and applied to the damaged area of ​​skin for about 10 minutes.

  • Infusion Calendula

One of the most effective means of helping wrapped skin is the calendula infusion. Take a glass of boiling water, two tablespoons of dry raw materials. The medium should be pressed for about 20 minutes, after which it is filtered and the precipitate is carefully pressed.

The resulting infusion must be divided into two identical parts, one of which will need to be warmed up. In order to make a compress, you will need two pieces of pure cotton cloth or gauze, each of which will be wetted in infusion of different temperatures.

Cold and hot compresses are alternately applied to the face. Moreover, each of them should remain on the skin for about 2 minutes. It is necessary to make from 3 to 5 such repetitions. The latter should be a cold compress, after which necessarily applied a moisturizer. If drying is strong, then damaged areas can be treated with sea buckthorn oil.

In addition to calendula, chamomile, coriander or lavender is also perfect for such contrast compacts, which restores and decontaminates the skin.

A person wrapped around what to do at home, than to smear?


Of course, the most appropriate solution for a person's strong weathering will be a trip to the dermatologist. This is especially true in the event that the symptoms did not disappear after the end of time, but on the contrary increased and developed into an allergic reaction. Occurrence can be accompanied by strong peeling and even deep cracks.

A qualified physician will be able to find the right and effective means that will return your skin to a normal state as soon as possible. Often, the following drugs are prescribed:

  • - hydrocortisone cream effectively softens the skin and quickly eliminates peeling. It is important that the course of treatment does not exceed two weeks, otherwise it may become addictive to the remedy;
  • - dexpanthenol is responsible for the regeneration of tissues and the weakening of discomfort;
  • - bepantine - provides a comprehensive therapeutic effect on damaged skin.
  • If for some reason you do not want to visit a hospital, then you should contact a cosmetologist. For several procedures you can completely restore the skin and get rid of the unpleasant sensations. In addition, you do not have to use pharmacy ointments in addition.

    Wrinkled skin care may seem too complicated, but all of these measures are simply needed to maintain the epidermis in its normal state. Choose for yourself a couple of recipes that you can always apply if necessary.