Winlogon.exe what is this process

When you open the Task Manager on your computer, each user can see the active process winlogon.exe in the process tab of the process. In this article, I will tell you what the process is for winlogon.exe and the functions of this process, and also explain how to distinguish Winglon from a virus, which

often masks under the process I have been considering.

Winlogon.exe what is this process

Process Winlogon.exe

What is winlogon.exe in Task Manager

Experienced users, having read the name of this process, can already conclude that once its name contains the word "win", then this process refers to the processes of the Windows operating system, namelyThe name contains the token "logon"( log on), then the process winlogon.exe serves as the user logon procedure.

It is evident that this winlogon process can only have two statuses - a systemic and trusted Windows process, or a virus, worm, or spyware with the same name. Therefore, it is very important to identify the process and the question "what is this winlogon.exe" is very relevant.

Winlogon.exe what is this process

Winlogon.exe what is

The winlogon.exe process starts with the startup of the operating system, and is present in all versions of the Windsor OS - from XP to Windows 10. It was created by Microsoft to improve the operating system, and endowed with a great functionality.

  • Winlogon is responsible for the operation and protection of the desktop.
  • For computer network operation.
  • For controlling the screensaver.
  • Download Custom Profiles.
  • It provides data security, works with SAS standard.
  • Verifies copies of the Windows OS.
  • Supports user logon and logon, as well as a number of other features.
  • The executable file of the winlogon.exe process is usually located in the Windows Common Directory, in the System32 folder. Stopping the file( and also deleting it) may have the most fatal consequences for your operating system.

    This process is started by the process smss.exe when booting the OS, and then it launches the processes lsass.exe and services.exe.

    If you, like me, process Svchost.exe periodically load the processor, learn simple fixes here.

    When winlogon.exe becomes a threat to

    Very often different virus programs penetrate a user's computer and work in it under the name winlogon.exe( Trojan. Goldun, W32.Netsky. [email protected], W32.IRCBot, W32.Neveg. A @ mm and a number of others).

    • To test the presence of a virus called winlogon.exe , run the Task Manager, and count the number of processes under this name.
    • Usually, only one such process that is located in the WindowsSystem32 directory is running( sometimes the WinGlue file can also be located at Windowsdllcache).
    • If you have two or more processes active and these processes are located in a directory other than System32( dllcache), then you are dealing with malicious programs that penetrated your computer.

      Winlogon.exe what is this process

      Executable file Winlogon.exe

    To determine the number and location of winlogon.exe files , go to the Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, click the check mark next to the option to display the processes of all users( below), find all the processes winlogon.exe and,clicking the right mouse button on each one, select "open file storage location".

    If you open any directory other than those mentioned above, you have a virus on your computer. To get rid of it, use Trojan Remover, Dr. Web CureIt, antivirus software.and others, you can also use such a useful tool as the Security Task Manager, which will analyze all processes running on the computer, allowing you to remove unnecessary and harmful variations.

    Very often the presence of a virus in the system indicates errors with the mention of winlogon, which appear during the boot and operation of the operating system. If you are faced with such a mistake - also check your system for the presence of various pests.


    What is winlogon.exe? The considered winlogon.exe process is an indisputable attribute of the Windows OS functional. It is very important in the operation of the operating system, and its damage or deletion may have the most sad consequences for your computer. At the same time, various malignant software is often masked under Winlone, making it more difficult to identify and remove user. More often check your computer with powerful antivirus programs - it will save you from viruses under the brand "winlogon.exe".