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Rinse hands, folds skin on your fingers: why does it crack and dry?

Why do hands break? The human body is covered with a protective shell called skin. But, like everyone else, she is also exposed to harmful influences and often has certain defects. These, for example, include constant dryness of the hands, which often disturb people. But this is not the only problem with the

that it encounters.


  • 1 How dangerous is the
  • 2 syndrome? The etiology of the disease
  • 3 Therapeutic measures
  • 4 Medical intervention
  • 5 Home therapy

1 How dangerous is the

syndrome A scarcity of the skin, which is most commonly seen on the upper and sometimes lower limbs, is the most commonly worried about the body. This should not be surprising, because the skin is not only a protective layer, but also a very vulnerable part of the whole body. The skin regularly, daily, comes in direct contact with various foreign bodies, and not all of them are so harmless.

The skin is in contact with water and various paper with household objects and dozens or even hundreds of other things. Some of them have harmful substances that get into the skin, causing it great harm, destroying its normal condition. Most often it is expressed in the fact that the hands are scalded. At the same time, the skin is cracked. This phenomenon is very unpleasant, it can deliver painful sensations to a person. In addition, it negatively affects its appearance.

Rinse hands, folds skin on your fingers: why does it crack and dry?

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This phenomenon can be almost directly termed a skin disease, which may be the result of several different defects. Is it dangerous? Pliers do not belong to the category of dangerous painful phenomena. In many cases, it passes over time, but it's better not to wait and act for yourself. At the first signs of a problem, the best thing to do is to seek medical advice.

So why do skin peel in the palms? The answer to this question is unlikely to be categorical and unambiguous. Many factors can have a dramatic negative effect on the skin, destroying its health, which ultimately leads to peeling skin on the palms. Accordingly, the way to solve the problem should be aimed at eliminating the focus of the disease, which, however, does not always do.

Human skin more than any other part of the body is exposed to aggressive environmental influences, where too many factors are confronted with it as unfriendly. Therefore, the skin requires constant care, perhaps even more than any other part of the human body.

2 Etiology of the Disease

Like all in this world, the destruction of normal skin does not occur in an empty place. This is contributed by a variety of causes that negatively affect the functioning of the skin of the body.

Rinse hands, folds skin on your fingers: why does it crack and dry?

Often people, seeing that they have something wrong with the skin on their palms and even fingers, fall into a mild panic and, without assessing the situation, knowingly pose a somewhat unpleasant diagnosis of the dermatological form. But, as a rule, this self-diagnosed diagnosis is a mistake.

The reason why the once healthy hands are peeled can be very simple. Often, to solve the problem you need to change not very good soap, which can cause damage to the skin. But such simple and easily solved problems do not always happen.

Now there are several factors why the skin is peeling. The causes of this phenomenon are as follows:

  • The frequent use of potent detergents for household chemicals without the use of special gloves. In this case, the fault lies with the person himself. Any means that contain elements of household chemicals that you need to use in special protective gloves that can be purchased at any store.
  • Allergic reflexes on certain chemical reagents, chemistry, hygiene products. It is necessary to find out what specifically causes rejection of the body, and to exclude it from the use. Allergic symptoms can be quite dangerous, and prevention should be done as soon as possible.
  • Lack of certain vitamins. Often, the lack of useful elements causes defects in the skin. The most important vitamins for this body site are B, E and A. If they are badly lacking, this is reflected in the condition of the skin.
  • Use of an antibacterial agent, in this case - soap. Which, affecting the surface of the skin, simply exhausts it, destroying the natural protective layer, resulting in cracking the skin. Such funds should be withdrawn from use.
  • The destructive effects of antibiotics or other drugs. This situation can be determined by a doctor after detailed diagnosis. In this case, drugs with such side effects should no longer be taken.
  • Skin ailments within a wide range of etiologies.
  • 3 Therapeutic measures

    If you or your child still have a problem with peeling skin, you should not panic. It is necessary to soberly assess the situation and understand why the skin is bent.

    Of course, the best solution is to contact a specialist doctor right away. In this case, you need to go to the dermatologist. But doing it is still better when peeling and painful sensations persist for a long period of time. Then, without medical assistance, it is unlikely that it will be possible to do that.

    Rinse hands, folds skin on your fingers: why does it crack and dry?

    Before that, at your disposal you can at least pre-determine the cause of the problem. This will help you diagnose your doctor and preserve precious time for yourself. The most important rule is that you need to be very closely monitored for symptoms. In this case, a certain symptomatology may indicate, at least approximately, the essence of the overcoming problem, if you have a skin on your palms.

    Occasionally occurs eczema. For the skin it is already an in-depth form of the disease. One change or purchase of gloves here can not do. When eczema requires therapy, and the attending specialist will appoint for its passage of use of the whole complex of medicinal products.

    Cracking the palm of the palm can also due to changes in the temperature background. He does not immediately adapt to changes in temperature, especially in off-season segments of calendar time. The skin of hands gradually bends. As a rule, due to climatic factors, destructive processes are temporary and with full acclimatization of the skin to new temperatures of peeling and pain retreats. You do not need to go to a doctor in such a situation. But sometimes the reasons lie in far more serious than the change in the temperature background, factors.

    The process of skin damage can mean that there is a disease that causes such symptoms inside the body. As already noted, one of the reasons for peeling is the lack of necessary vitamins. If it's a shortage of useful elements, then it can be determined by specific features - on your palms there are large plates of dried skin. Plates almost always mean that the body feels lack of certain vitamins. The problem can be solved without a doctor, simply changing the diet.

    But in some cases, the plate is a sign of the presence of a fungus. Here without a visit to a specialist is not enough. It is necessary to make analyzes and to undergo a course of treatment.

    4 Medical intervention

    If boring scarring does not pass, it means that it is a serious pathology inside the body. Then necessarily need to go to the doctor, it is not necessary to postpone it, because if it is a disease, it will not pass itself, but will only develop.

    Rinse hands, folds skin on your fingers: why does it crack and dry?

    A physician will initially visually inspect the patient, appoint a biochemical assay. It is possible that the problem lies still in allergic reflexes, but the patient did not understand and continued to use the irritating substances with all the time. If this is an allergy, the doctor will point out and prescribe antihistamines for therapy.

    Where are the more serious cases when it comes to the detection of such an outbreak of pathology, such as eczema, dermatitis or, for example, psoriasis. In the presence of such a sore, no self-treatment is already unacceptable, it can even damage the body. Therapeutic therapy should be completely directed by a specialist, and the taking of any therapeutic drugs is carried out from the prescription of the doctor.

    A rather characteristic feature of the pathologies reflected on the skin is the detachment of the horny layer of the epidermis from the hands and hands. Most often it's about the following formations:

    • pareceratose;
    • diseases of parasitic properties, such as scabies;
    • scarlet fever erupted;
    • fungal damage;
    • flattened;
    • infectious pathology, mainly staphylococcus;
    • red lupus;
    • syphilis.

    Some of the diseases listed above have very characteristic signs for them. For example, in the presence of scabies, the process of detachment of the skin is observed primarily between the fingers. When fungal complications affect the extreme sides of the palms, and if it is scarlet fever, then the lobster of the skin occurs from the area of ​​the pads of the fingers.

    Other sores have no pronounced pathologies or do not show signs of it for a long time. Understanding the essence of the pathology, the dermatologist will prescribe medication. In relation to each illness, specific drugs will be used which are personally assigned to neutralize the source of the disease.

    A therapist is planning a therapy, focusing on an individual approach to each patient, depending on the nature of his illness.

    5 Home therapy

    If there is still no internal organ disease, this means that the main cause of skin clamping on the palm is due to malnutrition and external factors.

    That is, there is either a lack of nutritional elements or an allergic reaction.

    Rinse hands, folds skin on your fingers: why does it crack and dry?

    Solve this problem in the power of every person without the help of a medical specialist. Self-treatment should include:

    • improved nutrition;
    • use creams and ointments;
    • excretion from the use of any agents that are allergic or that affect the correct metabolism.

    For therapy, you can make medicines using the old good folk recipes of decoctions and tinctures. Here is what you can do yourself at home:

  • A mixture of oatmeal and honey. The recipe is very simple, you need to lay out in the oatmeal capacity omelet and honey, everything should be even. Then apply it on the skin for about half an hour. After rinse with clean water and then grease hands with a cream. Sometimes, instead of honey, you can use simple chopped potatoes.
  • Olive bath of chamomile and olive oil. This recipe is a bit more complicated, but the effect is strong. You must first heat the olive oil in a water bath, then pour into another container. In this capacity you need to add vitamins E or A, or both if necessary. Vitamins add exactly 2 capsules, and butter with chamomile in the volume of 6-8 droplets. After the mixture should settle for about 20 minutes, then it is necessary to put in a mixture of damaged palms, to hold for several minutes, to pull out and wipe with a napkin.
  • Mixture of chamomile and almond oil. Both elements can be mixed and enriched with oils of sage, flowers of lavender and fruits( citrus).
  • All these folk practices have not lost their popularity by virtue of their effectiveness, often they completely replace medications and help to medication in cases where the skin begins to peel off.

    Another important thing that can not be forgotten is prevention. But the prevention of the health of your skin is very simple. All you need is:

    • to take vitamins and eat good food;
    • to use high-quality and effective moisturizers;
    • do not forget to wear gloves before using chemicals.

    If you follow all these very simple rules, no peeling of the skin will disturb you.