Newborn's Hydrocephaly: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of the Disease

In this publication, you will find out why the newborn baby's hydrocephalus occurs, which is what is generally due to the disease, which symptoms appear, what measures should be taken, so as not to further damage the body.


Hydrocephaly is a brain disease that causes

to occur due to excess fluid in the ventricles. Such a phenomenon affects the size of the ventricles of the brain and can lead to an increase in their size.


  • Three types of newborns hydrocephalus
  • Symptoms of the development of hydrocephalus
  • Precautions

Three types of hydrocephalus in newborns

  • normotensive;
  • replaces;
  • is not compressed.

The first type of hydrocephalus develops in older people. Newborns may have hydrocephalus of the second and third species.

In case of replacement hydrocephaly there is accumulation of fluid in the intracranial space, and when non-compensated, damage to the tissues of the brain is observed. Hydrocephalus in the first months after birth can occur for various reasons.

  • inflammatory processes in the brain;
  • injuries;

Hydrocephaly in newborn babies can be congenital and form during the development of the fetus, but acquired due to the influence of external factors. Tumor formation or infection can be a stimulus for the disease by hydrocephalus.

How hydrocephalus may develop during fetal development:

  • may cause fetal hydrocephalus, possibly an infectious disease transmitted by a future mother during pregnancy, especially at an early age;
  • use of alcohol, nicotine and narcotic substances;
  • heredity.

Fetal gland is diagnosed with ultrasound after sixteen or twenty weeks of gestation. Moreover, the transferred infectious diseases cause more damage at an early stage because of the fact that during this period all the organs of the future child are formed.

Approximately eighty percent of newborns' hydrocephalus are causes of malformation of the brain or spinal cord, as well as infection during development. In twenty percent of newborns, hydrocephalus can develop as a result of injury at birth before the term. Such a disease may be accompanied by hemorrhage of the brain or the presence of a tumor.

Symptoms of the development of hydrocephalus

The main feature is the rapid increase in head size. The frontal part is increasing, it seems to be forward. Spreads out the veins, serves as a source.

The closure of the basaltic occurs usually during the first year of life, and in case of hydrocephalus it can be opened up to two years.

  • muscles are in constant voltage;
  • head often fired;
  • may be oblique oblique, abnormalities of the nerve endings of the eyes;
  • developmental delay - head incontinence, crawling, generally depressed condition. The child does not try to sit or get up;
  • indifference to what's going on around;
  • restless sleep, constant crying.

If you find these signs, you should contact your doctor immediately. The timely detection of the disease affects the course and treatment outcomes.

Hydrocephalus is diagnosed in newborns with a medical examination of the brain. In cases where the source is not closed, conduct neurosotography - ultrasound of the brain. In other cases X-rays are used together with MRI.

The most effective treatment for hydrocephalus is considered to be surgical intervention. Such operations are carried out by specialists in neurosurgery. The operations are successful and the prognosis for recovery is favorable.

Very commonly called hydrocephalus in the newborns is called hydrocephalus. This name was born because of its signs. In this case, the cerebrospinal fluid is accumulated in the brain, and in particular in the ventricles.

It may occur due to various pathologies during pregnancy or injury, as well as infection infected during pregnancy. Hydrophilic brain in the newborn may appear due to injuries during childbirth or damage that the fetus received before birth.

Chemical substances have a negative influence on the formation of the organs of a future child. Therefore, in the pregnancy, the expectant mother should be very responsible and selective about taking any medications. Always exclude alcohol and tobacco, as well as narcotic substances.

After some diseases, namely meningitis or encephalitis, there may be complications. On his background appears a water brain of the head of the newborn.

Hydrocephalus or hydrocephalus is one and the same disease. At a certain stage of its course, the signs become visible from the outside. The baby's head increases in volume due to the accumulation of fluid.

Hormonal and diuretic drugs are used during treatment. It is very important to put the correct diagnosis in time and the treatment applied can bring positive results.

A specialty implant surgery is performed to improve fluid outflow from the brain. Taking into account the child's age, surgical intervention is considered to be rather complicated and should only be carried out in a specialized clinic and an experienced specialist.

During the course of the disease there is a decrease in the brain, and all free space is filled with liquid.

With moderate flow, the hydrocephalus manifestation becomes almost imperceptible. Brain circulation is broken. Hydrotherapy may occur due to intoxication of the body, which in itself carries a certain danger to the body of the newborn. Therefore, in the presence of any of the symptoms of hydrocephalus requires consultation with a doctor.

A doctor can find out the root cause of the disease and prescribe a course of treatment. If this is not the case, you can apply a series of measures to improve the blood circulation of the brain.

The complexity of any disease in newborns is that the child is small enough and can not clearly tell about their feelings. Therefore, all responsibility for the correct statement of diagnosis lies with the doctor, which will be based on observation of parents. In such a situation, a highly qualified doctor should conduct a series of examinations and, in the aggregate of all components, to diagnose. Mandatory study is subject to not only the brain, but also the eyeball.

It is necessary to ensure the correct administration of all necessary medications. Admission should be strictly prescribed by the doctor. A certain complex of exercises has been developed, which will help reduce the pressure and remove excess fluid from the body.

A child's cerebral hydrocephalus is a complicated pathological illness. In many ways the possibility of the disease depends on the course of the pregnancy period and the behavior of the expectant mother.


Newborn To avoid any pathologies during pregnancy, all doctor's recommendations should be followed. Try to avoid injury, strain and fatigue.

It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol, nicotine and any narcotic substances.

When working with toxic substances in a company, a woman should be transferred to work not related to them. During pregnancy it is necessary to undergo many different examinations in order to determine the course of pregnancy and fetal development. All this needs to be done on the instructions of the doctor.

Do not take any medications without the urgent need and appointment of a doctor. Walking in the outdoors, healthy food and more positive emotions - that's just what a pregnant woman needs.

If necessary and severe form of the disease may be the recommended operation. If it is done in a timely manner, there are many chances of a child's recovery, which will eventually be able to provide him with proper development. In childbirth, you may be injured at birth.

Hydrocephalus or hydrocephalus is not a very common disease. But it can cause serious pathologies in the development of the child. Very often a question arises about the positive dynamics in recovery. Modern medicine has several directions on this issue. In adulthood, such a disease is transmitted much easier and does not have such serious consequences.

Some physicians insist on surgical intervention. Other only on conservative methods of treatment. The use of brain shunting, the measure is quite dangerous. Now using the method - endoscopy, which allows you to make a natural outflow of excess fluid, without foreign objects. With minimal trauma of brain tissue.

In a complex form you can combine both methods - to conduct endoscopy and bypass surgery. From this we can conclude that surgical intervention will bring much more positive dynamics of recovery. But the operations are quite complex and their success will directly depend on the professionalism of the doctor who will carry it out.

But only such measures can really help your child. After the operation, he quickly catches up with the development of his peers and will not feel alien to society. Of course, any indication regarding the choice of treatment method should be given by the doctor in each particular case. The choice of

, of course, will need to be made to parents and survive with the child throughout the recovery period. But the health of your child can improve significantly, he can develop on an equal footing with all children, find his vocation and be realized as a person. Your child will be grateful for the right choice and the opportunity to live a full life!