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Diurofen for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats

When the owner of the cat encounters these creatures, his indignation has no boundaries - how? I just started a cat? !If you do not want to identify with other boys such as worms, along with the cat, use it properly and properly. Dyrofen for cats!


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Instructions for use of the preparation Dyrofen for cats

The hydrous preparation consists essentially of two substances - piranthelium and fenbendazola. The first substance in parasites causes a peculiar paralysis, and the second - destroys their intestines and, in the end, the worm itself.

Diurofen for cats: reviews, instructions for use, contraindications - Morkoto about cats and cats


The manufacturer produces dirofen in three types: in tablet form, in paste form and as a suspension, and for each species has its own dosage and its peculiarities of introducing .

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Tablets Dirofen

  • Pills should be given in the morning, along with food.
  • For adult pups, a single dose is calculated from the ratio of 1 tablet to 5 kg of cat weight.
  • Kittens are given 1 pill of diurofen per kg of weight.

Paste Dirofen

  • It is good to give it so much in the morning with food or squeeze directly into the root of the tongue.
  • Adult cats and cats, as well as kittens give dirofen in a paste of 1 ml per 1 kg of animal weight.

Suspension Dyrofen

Before use, do not forget to shake the slurry and then let the animal be fed in the morning or immediately to the root of the tongue at a rate of 1 ml per 1 kg of the weight of the animal, regardless of the pet's age.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Pumpkin oil in the composition has a beneficial effect on the intestines of the cat;
  • Has proven itself well against round and ribbon helminths;
  • In a paste and slurry pack, a convenient dispenser is included.

Contraindications to the use of

  • It is not possible to use a remedy until 3 weeks of age;
  • Dirofen can not be used in the first half of pregnancy;
  • In the second half of pregnancy, you can use the drug, but with caution;
  • During lactation, it can be used, but with caution;
  • Do not give at the same time as piperazine preparations.

Side effects

Not required but possible:

  • Acute salivation;
  • Allergic reactions.

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Reviews about the drug Dyrofen for cats

Cyrus: "The yard cat brought the nursery and the most charming kitty, we decided to take it for ourselves. Already at home drew attention that he had an inflated stomach. The veterinarian bought Dirofen, which will, according to the assistant of the pharmacist, gently and confidently. I gave the pill at lunch time, and by the evening came a tangle of worms. And then it began - lack of appetite, photophobia, even partial baldness! It lasted a few days, and then the kitten came to the normal. "

Lydia: "We brought a cat out of the country and, before the vaccinations, which we do once a year, decided to just throw away worms just in case. We usually bought an anti-helminthic tablet, and then I decided to try the paste. Did not see the difference - the cat with foam equally spits out everything. But in the feces I saw many "threads" in the morning. These were dead worms. For the first time I faced them in real life and got such a range of emotions that I understood - I'll rog and dander regularly! "

Marat: " They took a Thai kitten and decided to hold the rule - to remove parasites, to make vaccinations. They got stuck at the stage of parasite withdrawal. Dali at 8 in the morning, Dirofen, at 12 o'clock the kitten began to rush, felled the popuyu on the floor, and then a piece of woven worms came out of it. Hidden sight! "

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The office of the manufacturer of Diorofen, the API-SAN company, is located in Moscow http://www.api-san.ru/.

  • The cost of packaging of 6 tablets in Ukraine - 36 UAH,
  • Price in Russia suspensions Diorofen( 6 ml) - 138 rubles.


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