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Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

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Hemorrhagic gastritis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach, although initially there are violations in the vessels present there. Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis causes

bleeding from the stomach in the presence of severe inflammation and damage to the gastric mucosa by erosion. Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis can be the result of an ordinary hemorrhagic "sister" or occurs on an independent basis.

Both types of ailments are acute and chronic. The symptoms of these diseases are almost the same, which often leads to confusion with the terminology.

As a result of exposure to hemorrhagic gastritis, the mucous membrane of the stomach is permeated with blood, bleeding may begin. Thrombi is often formed in the capillaries that pass through this organ. This intensifies the inflammatory process leading to erosion. In order to find out about gastritis, what is it, it is better to seek counseling from the appropriate physician.


  • 1 Causes of
  • 2 The main symptoms of
  • 3 Factors leading to the development of acute gastritis
  • 4 Dietary nutrition
  • 5 Conservative treatment of

1 Causes of

disease The reasons for the occurrence of hemorrhagic or erosive type of disease are as follows:

  • Most oftenthe illness is caused by uncontrolled and misuse of people by different drugs, for example, anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoids, analgesics, etc.
  • A disease can develop when using low-quality foods.
  • Infection of the stomach with salmonella, helicobacteria, diphtheria sticks often causes erosive gastritis.
  • Irregular nutrition, the use of various smoked foods, oily and spicy food leads to a defeat of the mucous structure of the gastrointestinal tract with the formation of various defects on it, which then causes erosive gastritis.
  • Too hot food can lead to internal burns that can then trigger erosive gastritis.
  • Defects in mucous membrane may occur due to severe stress. Especially often this is manifested in the presence of a patient with chronic psychological trauma.
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    Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

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    Development of bleeding is caused by micro circulation disorders in the stomach capillaries, penetration of blood particles and fragments of cellular structures into the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract.

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    2 The main symptoms of


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    Doctors Opinion. .. "

    Symptoms of the described type of gastritis are not specific in clinical manifestations. The main signs of this disease correspond to practically all types of gastritis or peptic ulcer in the cavity of the gastrointestinal tract. But there are some differences from other similar illnesses. Symptoms in hemorrhagic gastritis may look like this. The patient begins with unpleasant pains in the projection of the stomach and epigastric zone, and the person complains of increased pain after the end of the meal.

    Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

    Gastric dyspepsia may develop, nausea may occur. In many patients there is a lacrimation, severity in the gastrointestinal tract. In patients with this type of gastritis, the vomiting process may begin with stagnant bloody or brown coloration. Often people with gastritis starts to spin his head. Out of fecal masses are painted in black.

    At the examination of the patient, doctors note the pallor of his skin. In the language of a person with gastritis, a specific plaque is formed. When the stomach is stained, the patient complains of severe pain. If the patient develops bleeding, it can cause a strong drop in blood pressure in the arteries. In this case there is an increase in pulse rate.

    When diagnosing with fibrogastroduodenoscopy, reliable data on the places of multiple erosion of the mucous structures of the stomach is obtained on the background of their impregnation with blood plasma. Erosion may also be bleeding. Patients are diagnosed with an increase or decrease in acidity of the stomach. In blood tests, anemia often occurs, and a test on helicobacteria produces negative results.

    3 Factors leading to the development of


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    Acute hemorrhagic gastritis may occur suddenly. If a person is already sick, then the reappearance of the disease takes lightning. This type of disease has more vivid clinical manifestations due to the rapid inflammatory process, but with it, bleeding is much less.

    Usually, in the appearance of this type of defeat, it is faulty of poor quality or spoiled due to long-term storage of food. But such an illness may also occur when poisoning products with toxins.

    Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

    Chewed acute gastritis may be chemicals, heavy metal salts, poisons. In this case, there may be severe chemical burns on the mucous membranes of the stomach, which leads to the development of hemorrhagic or erosive gastritis. The same effect can be made by constant reception of low-quality alcoholic beverages.

    Often provoking role is played by systemic diseases on connective tissues that pass against the background of diseases that violate the normal circulation of blood in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Gastritis may appear due to abdominal damage, stomach ache when closed blunt injury.

    Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

    Under the influence of these factors, the development of acute gastritis is not associated with the secretory activity of mechanisms on the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore it proceeds in relatively short time. In the main, this is influenced by external factors, which gives a vivid symptomatology of this type of disease.

    4 Dietary Nutrition

    Diet is one of the main methods for controlling the disease, so it is intended for all patients with gastritis. The simple adherence to the recommendations of physicians when selecting foods and meals for a patient during gastritis in many cases can save him from repeated manifestations of the disease.

    Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

    In the acute form of the disease, patients are assigned a diet table number 1, and after the passing of the crisis period, they transfer the person to the diet in the form of a table number 5.The measures taken include the following recommendations for the selection of food: a complete exclusion from the diet of spices, rough, greasy, sharp, canned, roasted, smoked food. Citrus, burgundy products and fresh bread are prohibited. You can not eat tomatoes, peas and other legumes.

    In products that are allowed to be consumed include: bread made from bran( can be whitewash or cracker), various porridges( rice, oatmeal, buckwheat).Meat is selected without fat and only dietary grade. It is best to use rabbit meat and chicken meat in the ration. It is recommended to eat omelette or hardly welded eggs, various products of sour-milk content( cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, kefir).Mandatory boiled vegetable dishes, fruit and berry juices and compotes, you can drink and mars.

    Liquid and semi-liquid foods( broths, soups, jelly, mashed potatoes, etc.) should be eaten warmly by the sick.

    Do not give it hot or very cold food, as it can cause repeated attacks of the disease.

    All dishes should be steamed or cooked. The patient should give food in the form of moderate portions 5-6 times a day. Time of meals should be one and the same. There is no need to overeat an ill person, as it only worsens his position.

    Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

    5 Conservative treatment of

    To eliminate this disease, mainly conservative methods are used. After diagnosis of gastritis, the treatment starts with the use of different medications.

    To eliminate the disease, drugs that reduce the secretion of gastric acid juice are used. This creates opportunities for reducing inflammation. Usually doctors recommend patients such drugs as Dalarzin, Omeprazole, Nolpaza, Ranitidine, Kvamatel.

    Erosive-hemorrhagic gastritis: what is it like to treat?

    To protect the mucous structures of the gastrointestinal tract from acid in the stomach, medicines such as Venter, Phosphalagel, Maalox, etc. can be used.

    If a patient has a bleeding, then it is recommended to drink Vikasol, aminokapronovye acids, etamzilat.

    In order to ease the processes of digestion of a patient, it is necessary to use such medicinal products as Creon, Pancreatin, Mezim. These are enzyme preparations that eliminate discomfort in the stomach.

    Various vitamin complexes, aloe-based tinctures can be used. Well-labeled medicines such as Plasmol Actovegin.

    All these medications should be used in parallel with a prescribed diet.