The head of the head is hurt


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Headache has become so frequent and widespread that

most people prefer not to notice it anymore. Most often with headache take painkillers, and only in the extreme cases go to the doctor. But since the pain in the head of the head may be a consequence of a number of dangerous diseases that can lead to fatal outcome. Therefore, if you feel that you are having a headache - go to your doctor.

The head of the head is hurt

Pain in the tops most often indicates a serious pathology of the brain that can cause fatal outcome.

Causes of pain in the asteroid

  • Hypertension. This is the most common cause of headache in the neck area. Most often it occurs in the morning and has an increasing character. One of the main symptoms of arterial hypertension is increased pressure, which is the cause of headache.
  • Stress. Nervous and mental strains always lead to outbreaks of acute headache on the head of the head. The most prone to this phenomenon are women aged 30, working in conditions of constant stress.
  • Overvoltage. A headache may occur due to a regular stay in a static handicap: at a computer desk or desk. To get rid of pain, you need to regularly change your position, monitor posture and take breaks for simple exercise.
  • Diseases of the cervical vertebral column. This is also a very common cause of headache. The nature of the pain is acute, they arise in all movements of the head. Therapeutic massage can be used to relieve pain and cope with the disease.
  • Osteophytes enlargement( lateral vertebral appendages).Pretreatment is a rare disease, which usually appears in the elderly. In case of tissue disease, the ligament is transformed into bone tissue, which becomes the cause of acute pain. To prevent spondylosis, you need to have a vibrant lifestyle.
  • Myogelose spills muscle. The pain occurs after prolonged stay during or after an awkward sleep situation. To get rid of that pain, massage will help.
  • Neuralgia. If it occurs in the cervical nerve, it causes acute headache that increases because of sharp movements. In turn, neuralgia is a direct consequence of spondyloarthrosis, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine. In neuralgia, a comprehensive approach to treatment is required.
  • Migraine. The so-called "cervical migraine" causes intense pain in the neck and head of the head that pass into whiskey. Migraine is difficult to cure, but a competent approach and a timely appeal to a specialist will greatly increase the chances of recovery.
  • Muscular tension. It arises because of prolonged neck muscle tension, accompanied by an increase in blood pressure.
  • Wrong way of living: alcohol and smoking, non-compliance with diet.
  • Skull injuries are both fresh and outdated. Therefore, if you have received or suspected a skull injury, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible. Such injuries can be very dangerous in themselves and in the future: due to an unsuccessful strike in the brain, a pathology can develop which, ultimately, will result in a fatal outcome.
  • Test Methods

    If you do not torture you pain: it's rare, it's fast, then nothing to worry about. However, if you notice regular outbreaks of pain, or conversely, you perceive a day without a headache as a holiday, then you need to urgently go to a specialist.

    No one can accurately determine the cause of a headache, so you will be directed to a series of tests and surveys that will help the doctor find out the center of the disease.

    Due to modern technology, the survey does not take much time. The most accurate picture of the disease will help to make MRI, with which the doctor can see the brain in detail and quickly identify the cause of the pain. However, only CT can detect circulatory disturbances, and the state of the vessels will help to evaluate MRA( magnetic resonance angiography).

    In addition, it will be necessary to donate blood for analysis in order to exclude the possibility of infection.

    An ophthalmologist's review is required with a sharp decrease in vision: it will have to inspect the bottom of the eye and indicate its possible changes.

    The head of the head is hurt

    A relaxing head massage that can be done independently is ideal for relieving stress pain.

    How to treat a headache?

  • Tablets. There are a number of analgesics that help get rid of pain syndrome. However, in essence, they are not medicines for the cause of headache, and, moreover, they help only for a certain period of time. In some cases, analgesics are addictive, since headaches with each passing time are getting worse( with such an event, urgent referral to a doctor).
  • If the headache is tolerant and does not require urgent pain reliever, the best medicine will be a walk in the outdoors. The hot shower and cold compress on the patient's head are also well served. In no case do you smoke or drink alcohol: it will increase the course of the illness.
  • Acupuncture. Spot massage greatly helps with headaches. However, it can only be done by a specialist who will not harm this alternative treatment.
  • Massage. A regular relaxing head massage perfectly relieves headaches in its initial stages and facilitates migraine. You can do it yourself.
  • Music. Some people are good at helping music, especially classical or ethnic, with headaches. Often, they recall that the sounds of nature are also able to quell the headache. However, with migraines, listening to music is not very desirable: with acute pain, which literally threaten to erase the mind, peace and quiet are needed.
  • Head massage

    The head of the head is hurt
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    Popular folk headaches for headaches

  • The most proven way to fight headaches is simply a cabbage leaf. He is applied to the diseased section of the head and held for about half an hour.
  • A hot bath or hot water bath, where you should lower your legs, perfectly help you cope with acute headaches, especially if you wrap your head with a cold towel.
  • Herbal teas and insist on soothing herbs, great help to cope with aching pain. Valerian, mint and marjoram remove migraine attacks.
  • Aromatherapy also works well with any headaches. For example, the fight against migraine can be the scent of sage, lavender, peppermint or marjoram. These grasses perfectly relieve pain attacks.
  • Relaxation: Yoga, spa treatments, massage - all this is also a great method of combating headache.
  • One of the most effective ways is to wear an amber bead or bracelet.
  • Masks of fresh cucumber will help not only the skin, but also the head, relieving it of pain.
  • You can attach an orange peel or lemon to a patient's temple - they are also considered to be healing. By the way, an orange can be simply eaten - it helps to reduce the pain syndrome with migraines.
  • Cold compresses on the affected head area will help significantly reduce the pain syndrome.
  • Headache Prevention

    The head of the head is hurt

    A healthy sleep has a positive effect on brain function, normalizes pressure and restores strength. So sleep for at least 7 hours a day, in a well ventilated room.

    It's easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. This also applies to headache.

  • The main way to prevent the onset of pain is to have an active lifestyle. Be sure to take outdoor walks, do not forget about physical exercises - and headaches do not disturb you.
  • Drink more water, but no more than 2.5 liters per day. Browsing is also bad.
  • Take vitamin B2, it helps with migraine and helps prevent it. In large quantities, this nutrient is found in eggs, nuts, broccoli and spinach.
  • Drink fewer coffee: it increases pressure, addicts and leads to dull headaches.
  • Sleep more: A healthy sleep requires at least 7 hours a day. At the time of sleep, open the windows: the inflow of fresh air will help you get better sleep and easy to wake up in the morning.
  • Pay particular attention to your diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid fried, greasy and sharp.
  • Discard bad habits and try to avoid stressful situations.
  • As you can see, it's easy to cope with headache. However, if it is of a regular nature and is constantly coming back, this is an excuse for worrying. In this case, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible to help you find out the cause of the pain and find the best treatment.