The most rare Pokemon in Pokemon go TOP-10

In this article I will tell which are the most rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go , and also explain where and how to catch the rare Pokemon games. Crazy fame, millions of loyal fans, vibrant and addictive gameplay - all of this boasts the recently released Pokemon Go game from Nintendo

and Niantic. The game is breaking the record by record, Nintendo stock quotes rise before the eyes, with the peak of fame and recognition of the game is not yet passed. The search for Pokemon, based on the idea of ​​"mixed reality", is a very exciting event, but a special joy to the players brings the capture of rare Pokemon, which adds to the game of adrenaline and drive.

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10

The overall photo of rare Pokemon


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Where are the unusual characters of the

It is worth noting that in the Pokemon Go game itself there is no clearthe division of game characters on a rarity. All available classifications and rankings in this area are the product of the creativity of the players themselves, who conduct statistics on the appearance of different types of Pokemon in different places.

At the same time, judging by the available data, some Pokémons can generally be tied to individual continents( for example, Tauros - to North America, Mr. Mime to Western Europe, Kangashkhan will meet you in Australia and New Zealand, and Farfetch'd dwellsonly in Asia).

The distribution of game characters exists not only on the continental but also on a territorial basis, as the division of Pokemon on water, fire, earth, and so on determines their place of residence.

  • Water Pokemon will meet you while walking along the sea, lake or river.
  • Fire Pokemon live in dry and warm places,
  • Ice - in cold and water zones, and so on.

At the same time, the Pokémon MiTou can be seen in the Times Square in New York, the rare Pokémon Articuno chose the Vatnaikeudl glacier in Iceland, the Mount Carmel in Israel liked the fiery Matretha, while the Tristan da Cunha archipelago lives and flourishes Pokemon Lagia.

If you have any errors in the game, learn the instructions on how to fix them: Do not start Pokemon go - Our servers are humbled, Pokemon go Failed to detect location and GPS Signal not found.

How to Find Pokemon's Pokemon Games

Fans of the game( as well as the World Organization of Trainers( Pokemon)) are advised to pay attention to the following:

  • Roll your character up to its level. The higher your level, the more rare Pokemon in Pokemon go you can meet. Worthy players are advised to focus on pumping their hero to level 10, and then then start to hunt for more rare game characters;
  • Remember and fix the places where you or somebody from the players met the most rare Pokemon. The algorithm of the game is arranged in such a way that after some time in the same place, you can meet some of the rarely encountered characters. By the way, the Pokemon Coaches Club( KTP) in their correspondence, sometimes indicates the geographical coordinates of such places, so if you are interested in replenishing your collection with the most striking examples, then join the club of trainers;
  • In places where rare Pokemon has seen, you need to put more lures( Lure Module).They will attract the Pokemon, but be prepared for the fact that there will be other players;
  • Wear Pokemon Eggs in Incubators. The amount of distance traveled by you in carrying eggs depends on the specificity of the appearance of this or that new Pokemon, and from the eggs in Pokemon go may appear quite rare characters;
  • During your walks do not turn off the game and often look at the radar. When noticing the Pokemon, click on the image in the list, adjust the radar to it and track it. For a rare Pokemon you have to run, but it's worth it;
  • The largest number of Pokemon is usually near Poketstopov. Be there more often;
  • Developers promise the emergence of a Pokemon exchange system, so that in the future you can bet with other players and, if lucky enough, get a rare look Pokemon.

The most rare Pokemon in Pokemon go

Of course, the opinions of Pokemon Go's fans about the most rare Pokemon can vary significantly. I suggest to you the most popular version of the TOP-10 rare Pokemon in this exciting game.

So let's start with the tenth place. It belongs to the exclusive Pokemon Charisard , which comes from the first generation of Pokemon. Pokemon itself has the appearance of a dragon type.

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


9th place is the Pokemon Ditto , which can take the form of any other heroes.

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


8th place in the Pokemon Omastar - a powerful, strong and enduring Pokemon.

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


7th place in the fire dragon Charmelon .Like the Pokemon, Charizard has a dragon-like appearance and comes from the first generation of fairy tales.

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


6th place in Dragonair - an air dragon that is difficult to catch.

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


5th place in the poisonous poison named Mac .

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


4th place in the water-type Pokemon Vaporoneon , and if you suddenly meet it, do not confuse it with your brothers Jolteron and Fleron,( Vaporeon blue-blue).

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


3rd place in a battle Pokemon named Machamp ( do not mess with his younger brother Macchiom - Macho two hands, and our hero four)

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


2nd place in a water-grass type Pokemon named Izvizavr, the bulb on its back can bloom.

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


Well, in the first place, there is a large turtle blue BLASTOZ .

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10


Video of the five most rare Pokemon sites on the YouTube channel:

Here's what the overall picture of Pokemon's rhythm looks like for many players:

The most unusual pokemon in Pokemon go TOP 10

The distance to go to search for the hero


Finding rare Pokemon is quite complicated. You need patience, a constant increase in the level of your character, well, and moreover, great luck. More often visit the places where the appearance of such Pokemon was recorded, download the level of your character, use bait and look at the radar - and then you may find the most rare Pokemon of your collection. Good luck with the painstaking quest!