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How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

It has long been known that a beautiful woman is a well-groomed woman, and how much time and effort is spent to achieve her ideal. Most rituals for self-care are quite pleasing, and even bring pleasure, but only not epilation. Oh, these annoying hairs on the body! As

has a lot of efforts and diligence to fight against them, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make epilation efficient and painless.

So, what else do we do epilation or depilation?

Depilation and epilation - quite similar concepts that involve the removal of unwanted hair on the body. Their difference lies in the fact that in the first case the procedure is painless, but the duration of the effect of its short, since only the upper part of the hair is removed.

How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

Under the term "epilation" refers to the elimination of hair on the body with damage to their follicles. Sufficiently painful, but how effective is the result. Many prefer this procedure, taking all their will into the fist and steadily overcoming the terrible pain. ..

How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

For its long existence, mankind has developed many ways to remove unwanted hair, and among them there are types of hair removal, which makes this procedure less painful. So let's open the curtain and find out more about them.


The most simple, painless method of hair removal, is a low efficiency and an unpleasant prickly "hedgehog", after a couple of days after shaving. In addition, the hair grows rudder and thicker each time, but it is still irritation - a constant companion to the shaving blade. If the second will help softening creams and gels, then with the first you will not do anything - this is already our human nature. Therefore, forget about the shaving machine and go to the viewing of these methods.

How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste


Another quite harmless means - special cosmetic creams, they give us a week of pleasure smooth and silky. There are even special types for sensitive skin that can be applied in the bikini and armpit cavities.

How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

photo creams for hair removal


The most traditional and effective waxing epilation. Its essence lies in the application of warm waxy melted mass on the skin, it decomposes it, opening the pores and penetrating inside the skin, envelops the hair follicle and freezes. After removing the wax, the hair stretches out to the root, and thanks to this, the skin is smooth up to 5 weeks!

How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

Along with this enviable advantage, wax depilation has a lot of disadvantages:

  • Very painful procedure, to muffle unpleasant sensations it is possible. This will require novocaine and water. On one part of the analgesic, take two parts of water, mix, pour into the mold for ice and freeze. Before epilation, rub the skin thoroughly with ice cubes to light numbness;
  • Wax epilation requires professional skills, so go to the salon before watching it at home and carefully observe the actions of a beautician;
  • It is prohibited to carry out such a procedure for pregnant women, elderly people, girls who have not reached the age of 17 years, as well as those who have skin lesions, dermatitis or allergy to wax preparations;
  • Particular attention deserves to be epilation in the bikini zone, it is strongly recommended to do it only in the cabin;
  • There is a risk of hair loss.
  • Laser Hair Removal

    This is a radical anti-wrinkle look. Its essence lies in the fact that laser energy, passing through the entire length of the hair, penetrates the hair bulb, destroying it, while the skin remains unharmed. Complete removal is not through one, but as a rule, through 4-6 procedures.

    How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

    Laser epilation - a pure salon method. The dermatologist evaluates your skin, its condition, analyzes these data in light of your health status, and only then assigns an optimal time and effect procedure. Which, by the way, passes without pain. The only thing you can feel is light burning and a feeling of warmth at the laser.

    Video Advice for a Person Who Has Passed Laser Hair Removal


    Today is the most popular type of hair removal, it does not cause pain, leaving the skin smooth and silky for more than one month. In addition, deep sugar evaporation can be successfully carried out at home, saving a lot of money.

    How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

    Preparation of

    Sugar Paste Here is what we need:

    • 10 tablespoons of sugar;
    • 1 tablespoon of water and lemon juice.

    Put all the elements in a suitable pot, mixing them thoroughly. Put on a hotplate, and stir constantly, in about 10 minutes, the mass will start to thicken and buy a good amber color. Appearance in the process of cooking white bubbles is a sign that you are doing everything right.

    How to make epilation: wax, laser, sugar paste

    The correct consistency should be such - soft and supple. To find out if your caramel paste has reached its condition, place it a little on a clean and dry plate. After cooling, it should be soft when pressed and plastic when stretching. There is another way. In a glass with cold water, drop a little syrup, if the drop immediately frozen, then the sugar stock is ready. It is better to pour it into a form where it will be stored. The color in the good paste is light brown, and not dark, the presence of which indicates that it is digested and is not suitable for epilation.


    Shugaring Process First you need to clean the skin with a scrub and dry it. After the tough towel against the growth of hair, to thoroughly raise them. Now we apply a warm composition( approximately 37 degrees) with fingers against the growth of hair pressed by movements. Waiting for 1 minute, until it cools a little, and sharply removes the sugar strip on the growth of hair.

    After shugaring, we soften and soften our skin. Remember, if you have allergies to pasta components, or to any citrus fruits, this type of depilation is not recommended. It is also contraindicated for those who have irritation, dermatitis or damage to the skin.


    Before using one or another type of epilation at home, make sure you do not have allergic reactions on its components. It's better to go to the salon to the professionals, where you look at the small, but irreplaceable secrets of high-quality and pain-free hair removal.