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Therapeutic baths for hands: cold, hot and contrasting

Therapeutic baths for hands: cold, hot and contrasting

Hot hand baths

Hot hand baths are useful in many occasions. They are used for local inflammations, chronic skin diseases, after bone fractures as a remedial agent, with inflammation of the nail bed, asthma, dislocation of the wrist, emphysema, and auscultation of the

fingers. Hot hand baths are used before the adoption of other water procedures as training.

For hot baths, water should be as hot as 40 degrees. The baths are made so: hot water is poured into a basin, and the hands are immersed in it for as long as you can endure. To increase the effectiveness of the bath, you need to move your fingers in the water, it improves blood circulation. After taking the bath of the hand it is necessary to rinse with cold water and wipe with a towel. Hot hand basins should be used 3-4 times a day during the month.

Hot baths help to alleviate the condition in patients with chronic asthma. People with this disease are advised to use the baths 3 - 4 times a day, plunging hands into water for a few seconds. After bathing, it is necessary to rinse hands with cold water and wipe it with a towel dry.

Hot baths can also help quickly enough without getting rid of panhandra to suppress. They reduce pain and relieve inflammation. For this procedure it is necessary to immerse not only the sick finger into the bath, but the entire arm to the elbow for 10 seconds. The tub should also be done 3-4 times a day.

Another hot bath is an excellent auxiliary agent for the treatment of colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, and influenza. For such a bath you need to undress on the waist and put your hands on the elbow of water at a temperature of 37-38 C. To cool the water slowly, the chest and back should be covered with a blanket or a large bath towel so that the bowl is also covered. It is desirable to leave the head open. From time to time it is necessary to heat hot water, gradually raising the temperature to 41-42 degrees.

Take a bath until you start sweating plenty. After bath, you need to take a warm shower without soap, dry to dry, warm clothes and go to bed, drinking in front of this hot tea with honey and lemon. For the most effective, these baths should be taken before bedtime.

Cold Hand Baths

Cold baths for hands help to tone the body, harden and get rid of cold hands syndrome. Also, a cold bath can help stop nosebleeds and alleviate the condition with a strong heartbeat. The bath is taken 5 minutes, hands fall on the elbow in water, at this time you have to move your fingers and brushes to improve blood circulation, and that the tissues massaged with water. Cold baths are recommended to be taken in the afternoon.

Contrast baths for hands

Contrasting hand baths have a less favorable and health-improving effect on the body. The alternation of cold and hot water effectively improves blood circulation, which also helps to get rid of cold-handed syndrome. With the help of contrast baths it is possible to quickly remove chills, stop small bleeding in different parts of the body. In the hands of hands there is a huge number of reflex points, and therefore hand baths have a beneficial effect on the whole body. Contrast baths are recommended to be used as restorative procedures after various injuries such as fractures and stretching.

For taking contrasting baths you will need 2 vessels, in one hot water 40-42 degrees, in another cold 10-12 degrees. Brush hands first immersed in hot water for 3 minutes, and then in the cold for 30 seconds. All actions are repeated 3 times. Finishing the taking of the bath is adhering to cold water, as it contributes to the restoration of muscle activity. With cold-handed syndrome, bathing is completed by cold rubbing.