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Very dry skin of hands with cracks: what to do, treatment at home

For careless care, women of any age have a dry skin. Most often, this visual defect makes itself felt in the winter when dry air, combined with low temperatures, has a detrimental effect on the thin and sensitive epithelium. Dry skin on the hands may be accompanied by peeling, cracks, wounds, unattractive appearance. All this in general can contribute to the rapid aging of the skin. It is also surprising that dryness may occur even when using moisturizers, compresses. How to deal with it at home? And what decisions is given by modern medicine, cosmetology?


  • 1 Factors causing ailment
  • 2 Preventive measures
  • 3 When to consult a physician
  • 4 Therapeutic therapy at home
  • 5 Symptom with
  • climacteric 6 Possible complications of
  • 7 Pregnancy recommendations

1 Factors causing ailment

Skinthe hands are so thin that it is easily damaged by the effects of external physical stimuli. Among them may be:

  • low temperature;
  • contact with household chemistry;
  • general avitaminosis;
  • lack of elementary care;
  • violation of the rules of personal hygiene;
  • dehydration;
  • ultraviolet light;
  • frequent bathing in the sea;
  • sharp changes in ambient temperature.

One can not but mention that dry hands can be the cause of some infectious diseases, allergic reactions of the organism( high levels of histamine in the blood).The main reason for the defect is that the skin is much thinner on the hands than on the face, for example. Accordingly, it contains a smaller amount of moisture needed for the turgor( the process of separation and subsequent regeneration).If, however, it is also eliminated by any external influence, the process of recovery of the epithelium practically ceases. All this is exactly and is accompanied by dryness.

In some women, the lack of moisture in the skin is a genetic predisposition to the body. Fighting with these cosmetological methods is practically useless. In such cases, the advice of a dermatologist, who will select for the patient the optimal set of care products.

If a woman often diets to get rid of a few extra pounds, then there is often a dry skin of the hands, the causes are known here in advance. A negative factor is some medications, Bodies, whose action is based on the splitting of fat cells. This process is necessarily accompanied by increased metabolism and diuretic effect. Correcting the situation will help to consume enough water, sour milk products with a low fat content. But from strong teas, coffee, freesh should be temporarily abandoned.

Dry hands may be due to lack of nutrients that enter the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Here only a nutritionist who will choose the correct diet, taking into account all the physiological characteristics of the patient, will help.

Very dry skin of hands with cracks: what to do, treatment at home

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2 Preventive measures

As statistics show, 60% of women with aging are exposed to dry skinafter 30 years. Accordingly, the most effective treatment is prevention. And first of all, you should pay attention to the daily diet, lifestyle. The defect is guaranteed not to occur if you eat fresh vegetables daily, fruits, drink at least 2 liters of water per day( preferably filtered, with a minimum salt content), follow a full and regular holiday.

Since dryness can be caused by hormonal failure, there is a risk of developing thyroid gland diseases. In addition, the use of drugs that in one way or another affects the hormonal gene, can also cause a feeling of dryness of the skin. But in such cases, as a rule, the change of the drug( or contraceptive) immediately solves the problem.

The following simple rules can also be classified as prophylactic:

  • always dry hands thoroughly after washing;
  • Prefer the smell of soap before flavor;
  • at least 2 times a week make for the skin compresses of sea buckthorn oil;
  • when using creams every week, take two days for a break;
  • do not use aggressive chemical reagents to clean the skin of your hands - acetone, gasoline, oil based solvents;
  • in winter go out only in gloves or gloves preferably from natural fabrics;
  • in the summer months, avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin;
  • homes use special humidifiers - these devices are sold in virtually every home appliance store.

3 When you should contact an

doctor If your hands are often covered with cracks, accompanied by itching, unhealthy pigmentation, then this is an obvious sign of having more serious health problems. In such cases, immediately contact the dermatologist for help. It is possible that excessive dryness is caused by the action of an infection, an allergen or a decrease in immunity.

The appearance of skin spots is often an accompanying symptom of some internal organs dysfunction. For example, yellow is an obvious presence of problems with the liver and the general intoxication of the body. Dryness at the same time - this is a consequence of the disease, therefore, and only get surgical treatment will help get rid of it.

Very dry skin of hands with cracks: what to do, treatment at home

You should also contact a dermatologist for deep bleeding cracks. This symptom tells us that in the upper layers of the epidermis there is a disturbance in the development of nutrients, in particular, lipid and corneocytic groups. They, in turn, represent something like a natural hermetic barrier that prevents the evaporation of moisture. In the run-up form, these factors lead to the development of eczema, atopic dermatitis, hypothyroidism, seborrhea( dandruff and peeling).

4 Therapeutic Therapy At Home

In most cases, even very dry hands are treated at home. If you have already excluded all the external influences, but this has not helped, various nourishing masks and compresses will help. Their recipes on the Internet can be found in a huge number, but effective among them - only a few. Here are some examples:

  • Oil Baths. In warm water, vegetable or olive oil is added. We hold hands in it for about 15-20 minutes, wipe dry, and then - lubricate with a nutritious cream.
  • Syrup dishes. Similar to oil, here's only the use of warm water instead of sour milk or fresh kefir( heated in a water bath).
  • Raspberry and Camomile Compressor. For him, take 50 grams of dried berries, 1/2 cup chamomile flowers, pour 2 liters of boiled water and insist for 2-3 hours. Then wet in this composition gauze and put on hands to the skin for 15-20 minutes. It is recommended that this procedure be carried out at night.
  • At home, the dry leaf and burdock root can help with a decoction bath. There is no specific proportion of ingredients for cooking, but the color of the resulting composition should be light yellow, not darker.
  • Good treatment - using masks based on olive oil( 1 tablespoon.) And a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. After the endurance for 20-30 minutes, the remnants of the contents are removed with a dry cloth, then a moisturizing cream is applied( do not wash hands).
  • Often there is a dryness after active physical labor. At the same time there is a feeling of tightness of the skin. The use of masks and compresses here is optional. Just epithelium should be given time for regeneration. To help him with this can be a regular moisturizer or baby cream with glycerin.

    5 Symptom at


    In women aged 40-50 years, the hormonal reorganization is activated in the body, which is why almost always there is an increased dryness of the skin of hands - what to do in such cases? It is advisable to treat the problem in a complex way while simultaneously restoring the nutrient medium for further regeneration. Doctors recommend the inclusion in the diet of foods that contain large quantities of vitamins A and E. In rare cases, the so-called substitution hormonal therapy, which consists in the administration of drugs that replace the development of certain substances in the body, for which previouslywere responsible for reproductive hormones. To get an effective result, first of all, sign up for a consultation with a dermatologist.

    6 Possible complications of

    If you do not give proper attention to eliminating dry skin for a long time, then in the future, be sure to have complications in the form of phlegmon, folliculitis, eczema. All of them are associated with atrophy of the protective function of the epithelium, its increased vulnerability to aggressive external influences, infections. At home, it's impossible to do anything about it. You can only use cabbage compress to relieve pain, itchiness. Next - seek qualified help from a doctor who will prescribe proper medical treatment. Restoration of protective functions can take a long time, as it involves the natural saturation of skin with nutrient trace elements. Trying to treat is not an option, since the first case is an analysis and identifying the causes that led to the development of the disease.

    It should be noted that dry skin is not always associated with a lack of moisture in the epithelium. It is possible that the body simply loses nutrient trace elements that are needed for biotransformation of water. A few words need to be given vitamins and minerals that prevent the occurrence of a lack of moisture in the skin of the hands. These include amino acids, "useful" cholesterol, collagen. To restore the natural balance should include in the diet red vegetables( fresh), dairy products, citrus fruits( oranges and lemons), sea buckthorn juice, nuts, black bread, fresh fish, brown rice.

    7 Pregnancy Recommendations

    Practically every pregnant woman has dry hands and face - a must-have symptom. This is due to the fact that during this period the body uses an increased amount of fluid to convey the nutritional components of the fetus. To use traditional creams, masks, which are sold in cosmetology centers, should not be. They include microelements that can penetrate the placenta, respectively, to damage the future child. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use creams that contain hydrocortisone. In addition, some of these components in pregnant women may be associated with increased skin problems.

    What recommendations can you take during pregnancy? First, apply only nourishing masks on a natural basis. Second, take the bath no more than 1 time a week, moreover, with the addition of vegetable or olive oil( only 2-3 tablespoons., No more).If a girl uses scrubs to remove keratinous and dead skin particles, then those who use fine-grained active ingredients should be preferred. And during washing it is necessary to exclude cute( including economic).It can be replaced with a special dry skin foam that is sold at any cosmetic store. Still prevent peeling to help the humidifier, which includes oily components( or you can simply add in the liquid essential oils without abrupt flavor).