Pokemon go what is it( review)

For anyone who wants to get acquainted with the Pokemon Go game, I propose reading this review, where I will tell you what Pokemon Go is, explain why this game quickly became crazy and I'll tell you how to install Pokemon Go onAndroid and iOS.

Pokemon go what is it( review)

Game Pokemon Go

Table of contents

  • 1 What is Pokemon Go
  • 2 Where and how to download Pokemon Go( review)
  • 3 Install Pokemon Go on Android
  • 4 Install game on iOS
  • 5 Conclusion

What is Pokemon's GO

Pokemon GO -The game in the genre of mixed( mixed) reality created by the joint efforts of the companies Nintendo and Niantic( the latter has already been noted for the popular game hit Ingress, released in 2013).The game is based on the "Niantic's Real World Gaming Platform" technology, combining real and drawn objects on your smartphone screen. The player has a lot to move around the surrounding area, looking for hiding Pokemon, catching it, developing it, letting it fight with other Pokemon and so on.

Not only does this Pokemon Go game inspire an active move that has a beneficial effect on player's health, and the gameplay itself captures the game from the first minutes, because there are elements of the accident in the game, the pumping of characters, the creation and development of teams players, and so on..

Pokemon go what is it( review)

Pokemon Games

For its work Pokemon Go uses satellite navigation( GPS) and the Internet, allowing not only accurately track the player's location, but also impose fantastic, fantastic content on real objects. So, the most public places in your area( fountains, monuments, museums, etc.) turn into so-called "PokeStops"( PokeStops), where you can get plenty of necessary game bonuses. In addition, existing tools in the game allow you to place labels( lure) in the right place and thus attract pokemon and other players there. In general, "interesting" in the game is enough.

If you're having trouble reading Pokemon Games in the Pokemon Go game - GPS Signal not found.

Where and how to download Pokemon Go( review)

Originally, the game came out only for the United States and a number of other countries, for the creators promised its release in the summer of this year( for more details you can read here).At the time of writing this article, the game for the Russians has not yet come out, and I do not even doubt that its release in Russia is expected by millions of players, as many users in Runet are interested in the question that it is Pokemon Go.

Pokemon go what is it( review)

Download Pokemon Go for iOS and Android

I suggest not to wait days, weeks, or months, while developers will release Pokemon Go for Russia, but download the game now. To launch the game, you will need an iPhone iPhone 8 or Android OS 4 OS 4. 4 or later, screen resolution 1280 to 720, and lack of processor from Intel( with this processor on mobile devices, the game does not work yet).

So, what do you need to install Pokemon Go to your device if you are in Russia?

Install Pokemon Go on Android Device

If you have an Android smartphone that meets the requirements stated above, you will easily download and install this game.

  • To allow your device to install games from unknown sources, go to the settings of your smartphone, go to the "Security" menu item and check the "Unknown sources" checkbox.

    Pokemon go what is it( review)

    Let's install Pokemon Go from unknown sources

  • Then go to the link, upload to the computer file from Pokemon Go, then transfer it to the smartphone and install the game there. The case is done.
  • To install the game on iOS

    To launch the Apple game, first of all, you will need to unlink your Apple ID from Russia and link it to one of the countries where the game is already running( let it be the States).

  • To do this, go to the AppStore, go to the bottom of the page, click on the Apple ID, and exit the account. Then go to the device settings( Basic - Language and Region) and choose US.
  • Then go back to the AppStore and try to download Pokemon Go, and you are prompted to create a personal account.
  • We agree, we pass the registration( we specify a spare e-mail, the country of residence of the USA and the real zip code( search on Google)).
  • After you have filled in all the data, you will be able to download Pokemon Go. Please note that after returning to the former( Russian) ID, you will not be able to play game updates.
  • For more information on installing and playing Pokemon Go you can read the review here.


    What is Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go is an undoubted hit game of our day. The peak of his popularity is still ahead, but I propose taking advantage of my tips, installing a game on my smartphone, and presenting yourself with a host of joyous and unforgettable moments from the vicissitudes of Pokemon Go's gameplay. It's not in vain that Americans go crazy over the game, maybe it's not at all accidental.