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Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

Rottweiler breeders can be inherited or purchased for life. In any case, you should know what diseases can come from your pet and how to treat them. Then you will be able to provide him with medical assistance at first

symptoms, especially when you can not contact a veterinarian immediately.

  • Contents General concepts
    • Skin diseases Eczema Skin
  • dermatitis Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
    • osteochondrosis
    • hip dysplasia
  • Nervous system diseases
    • Encephalitis Epilepsy
  • eye diseases
    • keratitis Conjunctivitis Cataract

General concepts of Rottweilers

the nature is enduring and have strong immunity. However, they are prone to illnesses:

  • skin;
  • of the musculoskeletal system;
  • of the nervous system;
  • eye.

Knowing about Rottweiler disease will help you not only notice the first signs of impending danger but also relieve the dog's torment. And in some cases, you can prevent serious complications. Consider each item in more detail.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

Skin Diseases


Eczema - skin inflammation, which is accompanied by the appearance of ulcers. Eczema can occur due to poor nutrition, lack of hygiene, allergies, metabolic failure, stress, dry skin, diseases of vital organs, parasites.

In case of eczema, the rottweiler is constantly itching, trying to quench the itch. Not the first stage of the disease, some areas of the skin with clear borders are red, swollen, lose their natural color. Within two days, the disease passes into the second stage - the affected areas are markedly swollen and inflamed.

When the purulent bubbles appear on the skin, the third stage begins. She is called scratching, since bubbles burst from scratching a dog. And the fluid flowing from them glues her wool. The third stage is also accompanied by the fallout of the wool from the affected areas.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

In the running case, the Rottweiler decomposes pustules to the blood. The dog loses appetite, the temperature may rise. She becomes sluggish, often lying in one place, drinks a lot of water.

At the first two stages of the disease on affected areas, you must apply lotions soaked in two percent lead water. You can use the anti-inflammatory ointment "Laurinden" according to the instructions. This will help relieve inflammation and itching, as well as prevent the transition of the disease to the third stage.

If swelling and inflammation have started to disappear, rub the wounds of ichthyol ointment or pour on them a special powder, the composition of which is indicated in the table:

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

If eczema begins to go into the third stage, urgent contact the vet. After studying the analysis and review, he will be able to diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment.

Skin Dermatitis

Skin inflammation in Rottweiler is called dermatitis. It arises because of bad conditions of retention, taking medications, allergies, parasites, thyroid gland disorders, injuries.

In acute dermatitis the dog swells and reddened skin, a slight increase in temperature. It can be tormented with itching, but there is no rash. If the temperature is high and the rottweiler looks depressed, it may develop purulent dermatitis. In chronic dermatitis, the skin of the dog is heavily compacted and cracked.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

Acute form is treated with compression with furatsilin or boric acid. In chronic form, you can use paraffin wounds and resorbing ointments: ichthyol or heparin. With purulent dermatitis, compresses with thirty percent alcohol and camphor oil are well managed.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system


A lesion of a dog's spine tissue is called osteochondrosis. This disease is hereditary and acquired. In the latter case, osteochondrosis in rottweiler develops due to poor ecology, poor quality nutrition, a sharp weight gain.

In osteochondrosis, the dogs cause pain in the usual poses, for example, it will whine when it comes out of the litter. Rottweiler can bend while walking, clinging to the side and exposing the hind paw when sitting. In the running case, his back paws are denied.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

At the very first suspicion of osteochondrosis, you should make a X-ray dog ​​spine, and even better MRI, a magnetic resonance imaging.

In the treatment prescribed:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs: "Diclofenac", "Ibuprofen", "Ketoprofen";
  • drugs that improve tissue performance: "Agupurin", "Vazonit", "Pentylin";
  • glucocorticoids: "Prednisolone", "Dexamethasone";
  • enhanced vitamin treatment;
  • special massage.

Any medicine is accompanied by a manual that needs to be consulted before use. Self-use of medicines can cause irreparable damage to the health of Rottweiler.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

Dysplasia of the hip joint

The underdevelopment of the "calyx" of the pelvic bone or hip dislocation is called hip dysplasia. The disease can be transmitted at the genetic level, or due to poor nutrition and excessive loads beyond the age of the dog.

With this disease, the rottweiler can slip, get tired quickly, especially after exercise. In running cases, his back paws may slip or refuse. It is possible to establish precisely the degree of dysplasia by making X-rays of the hip joints, and only after Rottweiler has completed a year.

Depending on the severity, the dog is prescribed either medication or surgical treatment. In the first case, you will need drugs that restore cartilaginous tissue - chondroprotectors, pain reliever - nutraceuticals. At the same time, restrict Rottweiler to physical activity and reduce its weight in case of obesity.

If dysplasia is severe, it means that no surgical intervention can be done.

Nervous system


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder caused by internal disorders of the brain of the dog. The disease can manifest itself as a complication in other diseases: oncology, vitamin deficiency, diabetes mellitus. This epilepsy is called secondary.

Sometimes the causes of secondary epilepsy are infectious diseases, poisoning, stress, head injuries, intestinal parasites.

Primary epilepsy occurs due to genetic predisposition and is not curable. One can only relieve the dog of flour by using anticonvulsants: Diazepam, Relanium or Sibazon according to the instructions.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

Secondary epilepsy is often curable, but Rottweiler will have to pass all necessary tests and undergo a recovery course, designated veterinarian.

When septal epilepsy begins, sudden attacks begin, which are divided into three stages. The first stage is called aura, it begins just before the seizure. The dog is markedly nervous, whining, loses coordination of movements, clogging into a corner. She has a saliva.

The second stage is called Ictal. The head of the dog is unnaturally scumbling to the side, her eyes roar, but remain open. The animal begins often and difficult to breathe, the muscles of the body strain, the jaw moves from side to side, bloody foam flows from the mouth.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

Cramps begin with a head, then touch the entire body of the dog. During an accident in Rottweiler, the paws are twitching, and involuntary urination may begin. Cramps torture a dog every five to ten seconds, and even more often. Gradually the attacks slow down, then stop.

After the attacks, the third stage - postictal. Rottweiler confused, disorientated, dazzled. Salvation continues. After the seizure of epilepsy, some dogs quickly recover, but feel depressed, go to bed. Others continue to be nervous, running from side to side, not finding a place.

If the attack lasts for more than half an hour, Rottweiler must be delivered urgently to the vet even in this condition. If this is not possible, enter the intramuscularly mentioned drugs above.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)


Encephalitis is called inflammation of the brain of the dog. Most often this disease spreads to the spinal cord. It occurs because of infection, which is inserted into the body of Rottweiler mites. Sometimes the disease manifests itself as a complication after purulent otitis media, viral hepatitis, Aujeszky's disease, sepsis, bacteremia.

If the encephalitis is infectious, the temperature in the rottweiler begins to rise. He becomes sluggish, refuses to eat. In the manifestation of non-infectious encephalitis, the coordination of movements may disappear in the animal. If the brain and the spinal cord are damaged along with the head, the dogs may refuse their paws.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

At first signs of suspicious need to start treatment with glucocorticoids, at least sixty milligrams per day. Simultaneously with the treatment, the dog is shown by the veterinarian to determine the main cause of anemia.

In patients with Rottweiler encephalitis, the lost body functions are partially restored. Therefore, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. The prevention includes timely vaccinations against viral infectious diseases. Do not walk rottweiler in forest park areas in May and August, when encephalitis mites are most dangerous. After each walk, examine his wool and skin for the presence of ticks.

Eye Diseases


Inflammation of the dog's mucous membranes is called conjunctivitis. It arises because of viruses, allergies, inflammation of the tear glands, getting into the eyes of foreign objects. When conjunctivitis in rottweiler red and swollen eyeballs or tissue around them, begins to plump lacrimation. The dog may whine and constantly rub his eyes.

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)

To treat the disease with antibacterial drugs. You can use tetracycline or propolis ointment. It is also recommended to wash the animal's eyes with chamomile infusion two or three times a day.


Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye of a dog. Due to mechanical damage or drying the cornea loses its protective functions and eyes become susceptible to infections. Rottweiler begins to fear the light, because of which he strongly wobbles. From his eyes tears flow, purulent discharge may appear. Without treatment, swollen eyes, ulcers appear on the cornea.

To relieve Rottweiler from pain, first flush his eyes with a one-percent solution of Rivanol. Then three times a day drip into the eyes of the dog in three drops of 0.25 percent solution "Levomitsetina."For treatment, use eye drops "Iris" or "Tsiprovet".

Rottweiler denied rear paws, diseases of rottweilers( photo)


Cataract - a disease that is accompanied by opacification of the lens of the eye. It appears because of heredity, old age, poisoning, diabetes, trauma. The disease can lead to partial or complete loss of vision in the dog.

In the early stages of disease development, medical treatment is possible. Take vitamin "Vitamin", vitamin drops and "Katachrom" in two eyes three times a day in every eye of the rat. Unfortunately, such treatment only slows down the development of cataracts. Therefore, you can make the operation of removing a cloudy lens. It will partly give him a vision.

And what do you know about Rottweiler disease? Please tell your story in the comments.

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