Hemorrhoid Treatment

Effective hemorrhoids treatment by folk remedies

Effective hemorrhoids treatment by folk remedies When detecting signs of the disease, many people are trying to heal themselves, using folk remedies for hemorrhoids for this purpose.

And it's not surprising, since long-standing practice has shown a high enough effectiveness in treating this unpleasant

illness with nature gifts. An important factor is the safety of such tools, their availability and cheapness.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with folk remedies includes the use of:

  • Medicinal herbs in the form of infusions, decoctions, ointments
  • Beekeeping products Natural minerals, etc.

Prepared products are used both inwardly and locally in the form of different baths, enzymes, lotions or candles. Since the methods of application are quite large, everyone will be able to choose hemorrhoids by folk methods at their discretion. It is only necessary to add that treatment will be most effective at the early stages of the disease, when the problem can be eliminated only by reviewing its habitual diet.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with folk remedies

Since most recipes contain medicinal herbs, it will be appropriate to start with them.

Aloe Barbados - a remedy for constipation

It is not a secret that constipation can often cause the onset or exacerbation of hemorrhoids, because prolonged sitting on the toilet and nastuzhyvanie contributes to the flow of blood to the pelvic organs, thereby increasing the pressure on the walls of the vessels, which can lead toto increase hemorrhoids.

Effective hemorrhoids treatment by folk remedies With half a sheet of aloe( dried), spoons of anise or fennel seeds, and several crushed juniper berries in cold water, prepare a hood, which is drank a little cup during the day. Cold tea acts with disturbed digestion as a mild laxative, soothes the pain in the lower abdomen. In addition, aloe helps with menstrual disorders and blood flow to the head.

Carrot Bowl

It helps with severe pain and inflammation of nodes. To do this, prepare tea, brewing in 0.5 liters of water 20 grams.butyl, and drinking the resulting broth in 1 glass three times a day. Duration of treatment - 14 days.


Effective hemorrhoids treatment by folk remedies Gastrointestinal or Perechivaya grass The popular recipes from hemorrhoids refer to this herb to a beautiful antihemorrhagic remedy, which can not only remove inflammation but also eliminate bleeding from the nodes.

For internal use it is enough in 0,5 l of boiling water to brew 1 tbsp.spoon grass and insist 10-12 hours( it is best to cook at night), after which the next day to drink in equal portions for 3 approaches.

As a local remedy for the treatment of inflammation and elimination of bleeding, a lotion is applied directly to the affected site.


From the leaves and flowering ends of the plant's shoots, tea turns out to be a wonderful flavor with a pronounced medicinal effect. It has several astringent properties and helps with inflammation of the stomach, intestines, and especially when inflamed hemorrhoids.

Asthma grass

Popular folk remedies for treating hemorrhoids with bleeding indicate the high efficiency of the use of decoctions of cucumber, nettles, wood or juice of red beet.

  • A tablespoon of wood or nettle pour 0.2 ml of boiling water and keep it for 15 minutes, then filter and inject 20 ml 3-5 times a day until the bleeding completely ceases.
  • To prepare a hemostatic beet, just rub it on the grater, squeeze and drink the resulting juice at least ¼ cup 4 times a day.
  • To make money from cucumber whips, take 50 gr.washed, dried and crushed raw material, pour into a container with 0.5 liters of water and bring to a boil. After cooling, drink 0.1 ml three times a day until the bleeding is stopped.

Use of Plant-Venotonics

Treatment of hemorrhoids by folk methods can not be avoided without the use of means that strengthen the vascular walls. Often, for these purposes, use a wild rose, horse chestnut or hazelnut.

  • Fruits of hips grown in a coffee grinder are poured into boiling water at the rate of 1 tbsp.spoon on ½ l of water, add 2 teaspoons of honey and insist for at least 10 hours, closing the container with a lid. After that, the infusion is filtered and drunk one glass a day during or after a meal. The therapeutic effect comes from a large amount of vitamin C, which strengthens the walls of the veins.
  • Shredded foliage in the amount of 4 tbsp.spoons insist in 1 liter of boiling water, then drink 0.1 ml 4 times daily before meals.
  • Horse Chestnut Seeds are also used in folk medicine as tincture in the treatment of hemorrhoids, for which 50 g finely crushed seeds and 0.5 l of vodka are required. Instead of vodka, spirits will fit the same fortress. Seeds fall asleep in bottles, clog up and in 2 weeks begin to take 40 drops for half a cup of water three times daily before eating.

Folk remedies for external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids can be treated not only by the methods described above, but also by using local remedies such as baths, ointments and lotions. Effective hemorrhoids treatment by folk remedies

The following types of baths are widely practiced:

  • Cold. Its application helps to reduce pain and eliminate bleeding. It is enough to pour in a bowl of cold water and sit in it for 5 minutes in such a way that the anus is under water. A similar procedure should be performed when exacerbation of hemorrhoids is performed twice a day. Contraindications are diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Hot. In hot water it is possible to add a decoction of calendula, chamomile, sage, marsh cherry, St. John's wort or crushed garlic. To eliminate the pain, use husk bulbs. Sit should be followed by cooling water, the number of procedures - usually no more than 10.
  • Steam( smoked).For the treatment of hemorrhoids, you need a container with a lid( preferably wooden), in which a hole with a diameter of 5 cm is drilled. After this, the inside of the container is filled with the prepared medicinal product( usually it is a bow, steamed in milk).If the medicine is used in a dry form( for example, garlic), then it is cut to a hot brick. After that the container is covered with a lid and the patient sits on her in such a way that the hole is located under the anus. The length of the seat - until the couple goes. Many notice improvement after the first procedure, which should be done once in 1-2 days.

After the steam bath, the area of ​​the anus should be lubricated with vaseline as it may cause irritation.

Ointments and lotions

These are also quite popular folk remedies against hemorrhoids.

Here are some of the ways of treating:

  • Berries of rowanberry should be rubbed into a mushroom condition, after which it is applied to inflamed nodes.
  • Leaves of wild strawberry have pronounced hemostatic and anti-inflammatory properties. For this 1 st. A spoon of leaves is poured into a glass of boiling water, infused for 20 minutes, after which they are filtered and used as lotions.
  • Rub the small grated carrots or red beets in a bandage or gauze, and then placed on the nodes to eliminate the pain.
  • Folk remedies for hemorrhoids in the form of an ointment are made on the basis of butter, vegetable oils, lanolin or vaseline. They add propolis, honey, sea buckthorn oil, mummies. Apply either directly to hemorrhoidal nodes, or applied with pieces of gauze.
  • To relieve pain, you can make a lotion of cloth dipped in cold water. The first overlay lasts for a few seconds, all the next with a slight increase in time.
  • External hemorrhoidal nodes can be lubricated by such means as onion juice or celandine, honey, propolis, birch tar, diluted in a small amount of liquid mummies.

Folk remedies for internal hemodynamic

In contrast to external hemorrhoids, the inner node is inside the anus, so the ointment trays and ointments are virtually useless.

How to treat hemorrhoids folk remedies in this case? With the help of candles, tampons, soaked in ointment and introduced into the rectum, microclimate.


In folk medicine, they are made from potatoes, ice, honey, fat. Potatoes of the appropriate size are simply cut with a knife, and liquid or too soft drugs are poured into special molds of foil or dense paper and frozen. Before use, the wrapper is removed and the candle is inserted into the anus.

Candle Holders

  • First of all it is fat with the addition of crushed celandine, with which you can eliminate the pain and reduce the size of hemorrhoids.
  • Honey Candles. Folk medicine for hemorrhoids also could not do without this product of activity of bees, has a good curative effect. It is better to take candied honey for the manufacture of candles, since it is easy for it to provide the necessary form and enter into the intestine. It is recommended to put candles before bedtime, at night. To facilitate the introduction, it is allowed to freeze a little in the refrigerator.
  • Mummies( 3: 1) can be added to honey, stir, add a little flour or starch to add the mold.
  • Ice Candles. They are used to relieve pain and eliminate bleeding during internal hemorrhoids. In a mold pour water, freeze and insert if necessary.


Effective hemorrhoids treatment by folk remedies This is another way of treating hemorrhoids with folk remedies in which decoctions, infusions, oils are injected into the intestine in the form of a clam:

  • Infusion made from strawberry leaves in the manner indicated above.
  • Decoction of herbs from chamomile, St. John's wort, sage or calendula.
  • Microclysters from the water mummy extract will help to remove inflammation, heal cracks and wounds on the mucous membrane.
  • A wormwood decoction for pain relief. The introduction should be carried out at a broth temperature of 37 ºС.
  • The previous remedy is recommended to alternate with beet juice, which will allow you to remove the pain and reduce the nodes.

We talked about how to cure hemorrhoids by folk remedies. However, it should not be forgotten that the above-mentioned methods for eliminating the disease will be suitable at the very beginning of the disease, since a hemorrhoids that have been switched to stages 3 or 4 can be cured only with other methods, such as minimally invasive or surgical intervention.

In addition, getting rid of the disease is better to entrust the proctologist, and listed folk recipes for the treatment of hemorrhoids use as an additional therapy.

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