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Which phone to buy in 2014

Which phone to buy in 2014

The new 2014 year promises to be productive on interesting new mobile phones. This year, the biggest manufacturers of smartphones, each with their own trump-right ace in their sleeves, must come together in a battle of equal footing. Therefore, it is entirely logical for users to ask what kind of phone

to buy in 2014?

Which phone to buy in 2014.Apple iPhone 6

Probably the long-awaited and desirable phone in 2014 is the Apple iPhone 6. This time, the Apple Apple Corporation decided to take some radical steps to compete decently with the mass of devices on the WP8 and Android platforms. Thus, the new iPhone 6 got a great screen with great resolution, as well as an updated 64-bit processor codenamed A8.The iOS operating system has significantly improved, and the amount of RAM has doubled.

Which phone to buy in 2014.Samsung Galaxy S5

Those who for some reason do not want to pay attention to Apple products, you need to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is based on the new Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. Compared to the predecessor, there was a significant improvement in energy efficiency, as well as many other elements were upgraded. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a very powerful multi-core processor, high-quality display with a resolution of 2560х1440, a completely new ISOCELL camera.

Which phone to buy in 2014.LG G3

Another South Korean flagship is the LG G3, which in its characteristics is very similar to a direct competitor in the face of the Galaxy S5.The only significant difference is the unique eight-core processor on which the LG G3 is based. It is also worthwhile to highlight an interesting design.

Which phone to buy in 2014

Which phone to buy in 2014.HTC One 2

The new flagship from HTC came out very interesting, both in terms of appearance and internal specifications. The HTC One 2 boasts a stunning camera with two flashes and two modules. The smartphone is equipped with a 5-inch display and Qualcomm's productive processor. Therefore, the HTC One 2 is seen as an excellent alternative to South Korean vehicles.

Which phone to buy in 2014.Nokia Lumia 1820

Windows Phone enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to look at Nokia Lumia 1820. This smartphone has virtually no weaknesses. Someone may not like the limited choice of programs, but everything else is done at the highest level. The Nokia Lumia 1820 runs the new Windows Phone 8.1, where much has been improved. There is also a significant touchscreen with 2K resolution, one of the best cameras, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor and a large amount of memory.

Of course, you can also look at other manufacturers: Sony, Huawei, Google, etc. All of them are worthy of attention from users. And what kind of phone to buy in 2014 will now not be particularly difficult.

Which phone to buy in 2014