Headache in colds: Causes and treatment of the disease

If you have a headache when you have a cold, the pain will stop only when there is a complete recovery. There are also cases when, as a residual phenomenon, it is present for a long time.

Headache in colds: Causes and treatment of the disease

May even turn into a chronic stage and on this background, the development of various diseases and the

may even lead to progressive depression. In itself, headache is always a certain discomfort and acts on a depressing person.


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General information

In case of very frequent or persistent attacks, fear of approaching an attack may appear. Therefore, all the diseases that cause headache attacks need to be timely and properly treated. It is very important in this situation to select effective and least toxic drugs. Take them on a certain scheme and do not get involved with self-medication.

In a chronic cold, the period of exacerbation can occur after overcooling or collision with an infection. Therefore, it is necessary to apply preventive measures, to maintain immunity in the right tone and to comply with all the recommendations of the doctor.

To prevent the transition of the disease to the chronic stage it is necessary from the childhood to accustom the child to the observance of the rules of personal hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

Causes of Headache with

Headache in colds: Causes and treatment of the disease Undesirability All organs and systems of our body operate according to a certain scheme and depend on each other. In the first place they should receive a certain amount of oxygen, and most of it comes through the respiratory system.

If there is a lot of mucus in the nasal cavity and respiration is difficult for this reason, the organs can fail at work. In the first place, the circulatory system will start to suffer, and this can have serious consequences for any organ.

Brain begins to get less oxygen and blood pressure drops sharply. With such phenomena, headache always manifests itself. In this case, the inflammatory process in the nasal sinuses can cause serious health problems.

With any colds, headache and undead are present. This is due to increased temperature, abrupt changes in pressure, usually its increase, and because of increased sweating and activated allocation of toxic substances.

Virtually all of the colds cause nasal congestion and therefore a headache appears. In the case of a flu, the head begins to become more ill until the evening because the pressure has increased, the reaction of the vessels has come in the form of spasm. In this case, the patient begins to breathe through the mouth.

When illness or sinusitis sinusitis necessarily there is a feeling of nasal congestion and there will be an undead. If these diseases become chronic, in this case, undead can become chronic.

Headache attacks will be practically everyday and get rid of them will only be possible with the help of analgesics, but for a short period of time. In order to avoid headache through non-burning, it is necessary to treat all the colds in accordance with the instructions of the doctor.

In such manifestations, it is imperative to consult a physician to determine the final diagnosis. If the headache is very strong, and the nose is laid, the body temperature is much higher, you can even call an ambulance.

If, after receiving the therapy, the condition of the patient does not improve, it can be assumed that the infection in the body is still present and even develops. To address in such cases is necessary to the doctor otolaryngologist and to undergo the prescribed medical examination.

Treatment for colds and colds with headache

Headache in colds: Causes and treatment of the disease Headache and runny nose are symptoms of almost any colds, so they need to be treated in parallel. But most of the undead provokes pain attacks that can only be stopped. Different methods and methods are developed for the treatment of colds.

The most popular of medicinal methods is considered to be the use of antiviral drugs. The doctor will appoint you the most suitable in this case. For this purpose, drops, capsules and tablets or candles are used.

Well-proven drugs - "Grippferon", "Taiflu", "Arbidol", "Cypferon", "Viferon", "Rematadine", "Rinza".

Special attention can be paid to the "Oksolin Ointment", it can be used both for prophylactic purposes and for the treatment of colds. But the appointment of drugs should only the doctor after the establishment of the nature of the appearance of non-human.

Antibiotics are used to treat non-cerebrospinal fluid bacteria, therefore, it is not possible to make an independent use and administration of these drugs. Very often they are released in the form of aerosols, which simplifies the use and provides direct impact on the desired area.

There is also an advantage that the medicinal product does not enter the bloodstream and thus allows it to be used even during pregnancy and lactation.

After the onset of the treatment, complete recovery comes within ten days, but progress can be noticed in two to three days.

Widely used vasoconstrictor drugs in this situation. Their application helps to clear the nasal cavity and quickly restores free breathing. Due to their effect there is a decrease in swelling and mucus. These include:

  • "Galazolin";
  • "For the nose";
  • "Ximelin";
  • "Otribyn";
  • "Nazivin";
  • "Nazol";
  • "Fazin";
  • "Sanorin";
  • "Naftizin";
  • "Thyzine".

The duration and quality of the effect depends on the constituents of the components, therefore, it is advisable to advise which doctor is better to use. Antihistamines and homeopathic remedies are used to treat colds.

After treating the cold, headaches will occur, or if they will still cause the cause, you should look for a different one. But after a course of treatment it is recommended to use preventive measures in order to consolidate the success achieved.

Treatment at home

Headache in colds: Causes and treatment of the disease Along with the use of a medicinal method of treating colds, various folk remedies, phyto or aromatic therapies are also used.

At the very beginning of the development of undead can help tea tree oil. You need to lubricate your nose wings from the outside and inside and in the morning you can wake up already without signs of nasal congestion. To this end, apply balsam "Zyrochka", oil eucalyptus.

One of the most effective and easy means is the use of a hot foot bath. In a basin with hot water add sea salt, mustard, a few drops of juniper oil and lower your feet for twenty minutes. After that, put on warm socks on your feet and try to fall asleep.

If the disease is at an initial stage, one procedure may also be sufficient. When it is not possible to take a bath, you may just rub your legs with vodka or alcohol, you can put mustard on the heel, or pour the mustard into a sock.

Having done this procedure in the morning you will wake up without headaches and colds. If in the evening the head was painfully enough you can take an analgesic tablet, you can use "Paracetamol" in case of colds.

At the initial stage, you can use the warming up of the sinuses of the nose. At home, it can be done using boiled potato wares. Wrap two potatoes in a napkin and attach on both sides of the nose.

It is advisable to do these procedures before bedtime, so that you can not go out for a long time, especially during the cold season. You can also use boiled eggs.

Inhalation at home is an affordable way. A very good effect is obtained with the use of soda and medicinal herbs. You can make such a solution quite easily.

To do this, boil water and add the ingredients you need. Make sure that you do not have allergies to these components of inhalation.

For inhalation use:

  • eucalyptus oil;
  • tea tree oil;
  • calendula and chamomile;
  • onion, garlic;
  • pine buds.

For inhalation, you can use conventional potatoes if you do not have the components listed above. Bake it in a saucepan and breathe over it, covered with a towel.

For inhalation, you can use a special device or simply make a cone of paper and alternately breathe, through each nostril. In such a procedure it is necessary to know that the temperature of the inhaled air should be acceptable and protect the nasal mucosa.

When establishing a cause-and-effect relationship found that headache in colds manifests itself almost always and passes after healing from him. If, of course, there is no other, more serious problem. Treatment needs to be given some attention because of possible complications and pathologies.

There are a lot of undead treatment methods, but you must know the nature of its occurrence. Medicines only appoint a doctor and monitor the entire course of treatment. It is possible to treat and at home, but only if the disease began to progress and the patient's condition after the first steps became better.

Preventive measures always bring positive results with proper and long-lasting use. For relief of headache attacks, anesthetics are used, but long-term treatment is not recommended, as it can cause intoxication of the body and complications on other organs. In the event that the attacks of migraines were and to the cold, their treatment needs to be done in addition.