Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

It's no secret that the color of hair for every girl and woman means a lot. We repaint our hair to look something different, to please their needs, to please someone and simply to make a difference in our lives. However, repainting hair, it often happens that the

color and tone of eyebrows absolutely do not fit into a new image, so what should you do in such situations? Everything is simple, it will help to discoloration of eyebrows or their illumination, but to do it correctly, what about now and let's talk.

Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

From this article you will learn how to properly eyebrows at home

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  • Who and Why You Need to Brighten Eyebrows
  • Eyebrow Eyebrows
  • Eyebrows for Illuminating Black Eyelashes
  • Eyeshadow for Home Housing
  • Eyebrow Tinting Eyebrow

Whom and Whyneed to light eyebrows

First of all eyebrows are lit to bring them closer to the color of the hair on the head, make it less noticeable and noticeable.

Repainted with brunette in a blonde, the eyebrows are given a natural color of hair, and we want everything to be perfect.

Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

You can not eyebrow without proper knowledge, so you only risk ruining the aesthetic look. As for lighting, this procedure is done by girls with the following color of hair:

  • Shadows;
  • Brunette;
  • Dark-brown;
  • Chestnut;
  • Black.

Blondes do not need to bleed, since their eyebrows are without light, they have to constantly be painted to emphasize the facial expressions and eyes.

Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

In other cases, repainting your hair in a brighter tone, you risk losing sight of your face, as the roots of eyebrow hairs will give you.

The ideal option is the absolutely identical color of the eyebrows and hair of the head, but this result is difficult to achieve, so eyebrows can also be lighter on the tone, it will not be worse.

Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

Eyebrow eyebrows methods

Many people, fearing to do such machinations alone, access beauty salons, but eyebrows at home can be no worse, the main thing is to know the correct and proven ways that there are at least four:

  • Herbs use;
  • Special Whitening Cream;
  • Liquid paint;
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

    Before you go further, it's worth telling about the principle of hair illumination. In most cases, funds are used which "eaten" the natural pigment of hair, while it is made luminous.

    These include the following aggressive means: hydrogen peroxide, some grasses with its aggressive chemical composition, etc.

    The best of the proposed options will be to take an illuminating paint, then you do not have to accurately calculate every minute risking the "burn" of hair, but finding it is difficult. In addition, other methods are cheaper and now we will talk about each of them separately.

    Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

    Herbs for black hairs

    This method is the most safe for hair, but the process takes up to two weeks. A good choice for lighting will be chamomile, namely its inflorescences, which can also be purchased at the pharmacy.

    To prepare 25-30 grams of chamomile flowers and 250 milligrams of water. The plant is poured into water and brought to a boil on a slow flame or a water bath. Next, the broth is infused for 20 minutes, cooled to room temperature and filtered through a gauze. After that, add 5 drops of lemon juice there.

    Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

    However, this decoction is unlikely to help illuminate black eyebrows or the effect will be weak, as the content of melanin is too large.

    Apply the infusion every day. To do this, use sponge, moisten it in a broth, generously lubricate your eyebrows and wait until it's dry, then wash it with water.

    Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

    Remember, this tool operates gradually, so do not expect a quick effect. But you certainly will not hurt your hair and will be able to control the lighting process.

    The same method can illuminate the eyebrow tattoo, the result will be weak, but you will not hurt yourself, although in such situations it is better to turn to the experts.

    High-speed hydrogen peroxide lighting at home

    This method is the cheapest, but at the same time efficient and easy. For its embodiment in life it is only necessary to go to the nearest pharmacy with a three percent solution of peroxide. In this case, this agent affects the production of melanin, which is a natural dark pigment.

    To eyebrow eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide, first remove makeup and wash. The usual shampoo or cute is suitable, but the hair should be clean and dry.

    Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

    If you have a sensitive face skin, before the procedure, anoint the area around the eyebrows with a greasy cream, but so that it does not touch the vegetation.

    This preparation is complete. Apply peroxide to your eyebrows using sponge or brush, you need to do it thoroughly. After that we cut 5-8 minutes and quickly washed off with running water.

    Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

    If you forget or overexpose, there will be a lighting effect, and full bleaching, which is not suitable for everyone.

    While eyebrows can not grow, they can not be tinted at all, they will not become darker, since they do not have melanin left. To survive is also not worth it, if you do not like the result, you just have to wait for the growth of new hairs. And be extremely careful, getting peroxide on the mucous membrane of the eye causes burns and leads to blindness.

    Eyelash Tissue Eyeliner

    Prepare the cream strictly following the instructions, as they are different. After that, conduct a skin sensitivity test, smearing the inside of your wrists. If weak burning and no other side effects, you can proceed to the procedure.

    Brush the brush with a cream for one minute and rinse it with a cotton swab. If the effect does not suit you, do the same 1-2 times more, depending on the color of the hair.

    Self-illuminated eyebrows: 4 basic methods

    Wrong use of bleaching cream may result in golden eyebrows

    But be careful if you overdo it, the hair will turn yellow. The same effect can occur if the eyebrows are eclipsed by hydrogen peroxide and overexposed.