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What is the strength of the Chinese plaster against hemorrhoid Anti-Hemorrhoids

Ancient Chinese healers first noted that many diseases can be treated by the effect on the diseased organ through the skin, so a Chinese patch appeared from hemorrhoids anti-hemorrhoids. Today, transdermal treatments are widely used throughout the world.

They are available in our country thanks to the possibility to buy a miracle agent on the Internet. The anti-hemorrhoids patch is especially suited for folk medicine practitioners. This tool combines the centuries-old tradition of Tibetan monks and the achievement of modern medical science in the field of nano-technology. Anti-hemorrhoids patch is not a deception, but an effective method for solving a serious problem.


  • 1 Composition and mechanism of action
  • 2 Advantages of
  • 3 Application and feedback

Composition and mechanism of action

What is the strength of the Chinese plaster against hemorrhoid Anti Hemorrhoids Antihemorrhoey - a unique patch, it is 80% composed of plant components, collected together in one tablet, which is inside the patch and easily converted togel under the action of body temperature. During the day there is absorption of active components through the skin in the blood and delivery to the problem area.

Due to the complex effect of several components, the anti-hemorrhoids plaster affects all the symptoms of hemorrhoids and quickly relieves the condition of the patient.

Includes the following medicinal plants:

  • blood fever - the extractor from the root has hemostatic and wound healing properties, with hemorrhoids reduces bleeding and improves the healing of the anus cracks;
  • Chinese Gaul - contains tannin, which has a drying, astringent, antiseptic and regenerating effect;
  • berberine - anti-inflammatory and antitumor action of
  • borneol - has antibacterial activity, has a stimulating effect on the restoration of damaged mucosa of the rectum;
  • papaverine hydrochloride is the only synthetic component of the patch that is needed to relieve pain in the acute stage of hemorrhoids.

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Benefits of

What is the strength of the Chinese plaster against hemorrhoid Anti Hemorrhoids The Chinese anti-hemorrhoids patch is produced by various companies in the Celestial, some of them also produce ointments of similar composition, which can enhance the therapeutic effect when used jointly. Why buy this remedy:

  • antigemorrhoea effectively anesthetizes at the inflammation site after the first application;
  • relieves edema, eliminates itching and discomfort in the anal area;
  • stops bleeding from hemorrhoids and rectum cracks;
  • normalizes blood circulation and lymph flow in the veins of the lower extremities and small pelvis;
  • heals wounds and cracks;
  • reduces the size of hemorrhoids;
  • strengthens the walls of vessels;
  • alerts you to the development of complications.

Basic indications for the use of an anti-hemorrhoids patch:

  • , the first two stages of external and internal hemorrhoids - as an independent treatment;
  • cracked anus;
  • inflammation of the rectum;
  • recent stages of hemorrhoids - as an add-on to complex treatment;
  • prevention of exacerbations of chronic hemorrhoids.

Before ordering and buying an Anti-hemorrhoids patch site, it is desirable to get approval from practicing physicians dealing with hemorrhoids, and not just from Internet users who log on to the forum. Despite the natural composition, this remedy also has contraindications:

  • is an allergy in history;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • damage to the skin in the place of plaster sticking;
  • is the inability to abandon alcohol and tobacco smoking, as well as fat and spicy food at the time of treatment.

Application and Feedback

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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What is the strength of the Chinese plaster against hemorrhoid Anti Hemorrhoids Antihemorrhoid is not available at the pharmacy, it can be ordered on a special website. To effect the maximum it is necessary to conduct 8 procedures. Each procedure consists in sticking the patch on a clean and shaved( if necessary) belly skin slightly below the navel( the center of the intersection of all meridians from the internal organs).A day later, the plaster is bonded, the skin washed, make a 4-hour break, then repeat the procedure - so up to 8 times. The patient experiences significant relief after 2 or 3 procedures.

In the relatively short period since the appearance of the Chinese plaster on sale, it has become very popular among patients with various forms and stages of hemorrhoids, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews on the network.

Visitors to the site often come to this or that forum on the problems of hemorrhoids. Many do not confuse the price of the drug, much more important than the convenience of use, the ability not to change the routine of the day, to treat at work and anywhere without experiencing inconvenience and discomfort. Some negative reviews may be associated with non-compliance with the rules of the use of the patch, ignoring the contraindications. The price of such safety - money for the wind and the lack of proper effect.

What is the strength of the Chinese plaster against hemorrhoid Anti Hemorrhoids Always when choosing any new remedy for treating hemorrhoids or other illnesses you should consult with a specialist and trust your doctor. Then it is necessary to decide on the treatment itself by traditional or popular method.

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