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Treatment of urticaria at home at adults and children by folk remedies

With hives, home-based treatment is very effective. Such a disease is also called nettle fever and urticaria. It is a pathology of the skin, it has a polyethiological nature. For urticaria is characterized by a rash of pink and itchy skin on the

.Then the skin is covered with blistering. This is usually caused by an allergic reaction.

1 Available for home remedies for

Treating hives at home at adults almost always gives a good result. If you can not go to a doctor, you can use the following methods:

  • Ice. You can use ice or anything frozen from the refrigerator. The subject should be applied to the place where the rash appeared. Because of this, the blood vessels narrow, redness and swelling gradually disappear.
  • Menthol and Camphor. You can use a lotion based on menthol or camphor. Such a remedy will help get rid of itching and burning. The substance should be applied to a sick spot. To enhance the effect of such local therapy, it is recommended that you take a pinch of soda daily 3 times a day.
  • Pitve. It should be abundant. The mineral water is best suited, but normal is also allowed. More useful are various vitamin-based broths based on medicinal plants. In a day you need to drink at least 2 liters of water.
  • Hawthorn and valerian based tincture. Such medication is suitable for rapid relief from stress, as in many people rash appears on the background of frequent and prolonged nerve surges. Take medication before bedtime by 35 drops, dissolving them in water. Such a drink also possesses general restorative properties.
  • Contrast shower. Irritation of the skin appears due to dryness. It is necessary to moisturize the skin more often. For these purposes, the contrast shower is great. Repeat the procedure 3 times a day.
  • Refusal of sports loads. During training, the skin is actively heated, the person sweats. This in the future leads to a new irritation. If you completely refuse to workout, it is necessary every time after classes to take baths with oatmeal. The water should be hot and warm. The procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes.
  • Diet. Be sure to pay attention to nutrition. From the diet should completely exclude products that are allergens. They are the cause of the urticaria most often.
  • It is imperative to clean the intestines, improve the digestive tract. You will have to give up pasta, sausages, canned food, sweets. Excessively fatty foods are prohibited. It is still not advisable to use berries and fruits during the treatment, especially red hues. The same applies to citrus fruits. In small quantities you can eat potatoes, buckwheat, corn, peppers, legumes. Low-allergenic are: rice, black tea, fish( exclusively salty), mushrooms, olive oil.

    When choosing a diet, you must necessarily focus on the peculiarities of the human body. Usually, with proper hypoallergenic nutrition, rash takes about 2 weeks. Then it is allowed to enter the usual foods in the diet, but the proportion of dishes from them should be small. Cooking or cooking is allowed.

    2 General methods of therapy

    Usually, in patients with urticaria, patients are prescribed antihistamines. They quickly eliminate the symptoms of an illness. In addition, some patients are recommended to take such medications even as a prophylaxis if they are prone to allergies. This will help prevent the appearance of urticaria or angioneurotic edema type.

    Treatment of horseradish at home at adults and children by folk remedies

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    If a patient of any age has a chronic form of urticaria, then anti-histamic properties are prescribed. Multiple combinations are allowed. If such therapy does not produce a positive result, then a corticosteroid product should be used. Usually, such hormonal drugs are more effective in hamster.

    In the acute course of the disease prescribed drugs of the steroid group. Epinephrine is also used. Such agents are prescribed for Queen's edema, the rapid spread of rash and deterioration of the patient's condition.

    If urticaria is caused by food allergies, it is necessary to take drugs from the group of adsorbents. Then you have to drink laxative with a mild action. To remove toxic substances more quickly from the body, it is necessary to drink more water. If the patient is violated the functioning of the autonomic department of the nervous system, then it is necessary to pass several courses for the administration of drugs for the sedative group.

    One of the modern methods of treating urticaria is autolymphocytotherapy. Its essence is as follows: it is necessary to isolate the cellular elements of the immune system from the blood of the patient. Once relapse occurs, they need to be introduced into the body. According to studies, such therapy is considered to be the most effective.

    Treatment of horseradish at home at adults and children by folk remedies

    3 Recipes of folk medicine

    Treatment of urticaria with folk remedies is the most effective. You can use the following recipes:

  • Tropic. It is necessary to make a decoction on its basis. To do this, you will need a large capacity, where you need to make crushed grass and pour it with boiling water. Dried leaves may be used. This broth should be washed away for 3 days. From the nettles you can make brooms and steam them in the bath. Already after 3 sessions the patient's condition improves. The broth can be taken inside. It is necessary to drink 3 times a day for 1/3 cup before meals.
  • Birch. It is recommended to make from the branches and leaves of the wicker and use it in the bath. After 2 weeks there will be noticeable improvements.
  • Oil of St. John's wort. They need to lubricate the affected areas of the skin. To prepare such an oil, it is necessary to rub the dried crushed grass to a powdered state, and then fill with olive or other vegetable oil. The remedy is persistent for 12 days. Capacity in this case should stand in a warm place. After the oil you need to strain and apply before taking the shower( 7 hours) and after it.
  • Egg shell based decoction. It is necessary to boil and clear 20 eggs. Make a shell in a boil volume of 3 liters, and then pour boiling water. This water is recommended for washing and bathing, for the preparation of various dishes.
  • Sugar. Sugar refined is used. It is necessary to pour 5 drops of fennel oil into a cube. It is allowed to replace it with tropical oil or laurel. Sugar should be eaten half an hour before eating. Repeat this procedure three times a day. The food should be washed with water, in which dissolved calcium chloride( 1 tsp.).
  • Walnut leaves. They need to be washed, dried and ground. Then brew like ordinary tea. On 1 liter of boiling water you need to take 3 tablespoons.lsuch raw materials. The remedy is insisted not more than 10 minutes. When hatchery this tea is very useful.
  • Honey. If there is no allergic reaction to bee products, honey is allowed. It is necessary to drink a solution of honey and apple cider vinegar before bedtime. But first you need to consult a doctor.
  • A queue. On the basis of this herb you need to cook the infusion and use it instead of tea or coffee. Excellent helps in chronic form of the disease. Drinking the infusion will take several years. It is necessary to fill the grass with water and boil for 20 minutes. There are no restrictions on the use of the remedy. The drink must have a golden color. If the liquid is greenish or turbid, then it does not fit. Every time you need to cook a fresh broth. Gradually the negative reaction of the organism to the allergens will disappear.
  • Buzzum and nettle. Both components should be taken in identical quantities, the mixture is poured in boiling water. The medium must be allowed to cool and cool down to 37 ° C.It is used for rinsing if Quincke's edema develops and allergy.
  • Wheat bran. Take 1.5 kg of product and pour 5 liters of water. Then boil and strain. The tool is used for the trays. In the decoction there is no more than half an hour. Procedure repeat once a day. The water temperature should be no more than 37 ° С.
  • Polyn. Required 1 itemlDried grass pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and cover for half an hour. Means to take half an hour before meals at 150 ml Repeat the procedure for 3 days.
  • Potatoes. Used exclusively raw root crops. It is necessary to clean it and cut it with thin plates. Put on places with a rash for 40 minutes. Then remove and rinse with water. Repeat the procedure every day.
  • 4 Conclusion on the topic

    Everyone should know how to treat a urine in a home environment. Such a problem can occur in any way as a reaction to allergens. Drug therapy is usually prescribed. But the pills are prescribed by the doctor only. Recipes of folk medicine are still used. Be sure to eat properly, take a contrast shower, moisturize the skin. Due to this, the rash will quickly pass without medication.