Pigmented spots on hands: causes and methods of treatment

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One of the most characteristic signs of aging of the skin is the appearance of dark spots on the hands and wrists - they often give the age of a person even with a thorough rejuvenation

personPigmented spots on the hands are the result of a large number of processes and factors, so they arise at different ages - in most of their first manifestations should take place in the 50's. And at someone's brown dots and spots are noticeable right after 30, in addition, in addition to areas of hyperpigmentation, white spots may also appear - areas with reduced production of melanin.


  • Why there is a violation of
  • correction methods
  • correction at home

violations prevention Why there is a violation of

One of the common causes of the development of pigmented spots on the hands is the age - the overwhelming majority of these patients are over 30 years old. But the problem may be manifested in a younger age - the direct cause of such problems is the violation of the regulation of the activity of melanocytes. In such conditions there is no restraining factor to stop their distribution, which leads to increased production of the enzyme. This is due to accumulation in the body of various pathological products of metabolism, disruption of the endocrine system, as well as other pathologies.

Pigmented spots on hands are also manifested as a result of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. As you know, melanocytes, more precisely, contain melanin, which protects our body from ultraviolet radiation of the sun and formed free radicals. But if the effect of this factor will be prolonged and frequent( as in the case of a permanently open skin of the hands), then this mechanism of protection is disturbed and distorted, contributing to the formation of spots. Thus, this reason has a lot to do with the photosynthesis of the skin of the face - there, under the influence of the sun, not only the appearance of wrinkles, but also the pigmental imbalance in the skin can be observed.

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Pigmented spots on hands: causes and methods of treatment

Thus, summarizing all the causes of the appearance of spots on the surface of the skin, you canhighlight the following:

  • state after pregnancy;
  • diseases of the liver and pancreas - as a result of diseases of these organs in the body there are substances that violate the exchange of pigments;
  • pathology of the endocrine system( thyrotoxicosis);
  • Side Effects of the Use of Comprehensive Oral Contraceptives;
  • is an incorrect treatment of skin diseases with the use of caustic creams, ointments and other means( the common example of such complication is hyperpigmentation after the use of celandine preparations);
  • deficiency of certain vitamins and trace elements;
  • prolonged and frequent exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

A worthwhile person may notice that there is no age item in the above list - this is not an error and no oversight. By itself, the age of more than 30, 50 or even 80 years old is not the cause of such a violation. Pigmented spots on the hands of the elderly develop as a result of problems with other organs and systems, and hyperpigmentation is just their external manifestations and consequences.

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In addition to hyperpigmentation, the disturbance of pigmentary exchange on the skin of hands can be manifested by the appearance of white spots - that is, the reduced rate of formation of melanin. Usually it is called age-old vitiligo, white areas at this can occur not only on the hands, but also "neighbors" with spots of hyperpigmentation. In some cases, this creates a typical, aged-aged "motley picture of the skin. The reasons for the development of such a violation are almost the same as with the increased formation of melanin, sometimes they are infected with worms - helminths are able to absorb a number of vitamins, slowing down the division of melanocytes.

Pigmented spots on hands: causes and methods of treatment

Correction Methods

As a rule, quite an average person is not interested in why he has pigmented spots on his hands, he is more eager to get rid of them - especially if his age is slightly over 30 years old. But it is important to understand that the appearance of such a violation at any age indicates a decrease in the general well-being of the body - at best, it will be the result of ultraviolet irradiation. But even a complete treatment of the liver and other organs, the violation of which caused pigmentation in the hands, does not always lead to the disappearance of stains, so a person and appeals to the services of cosmetology. In her arsenal, there are plenty of techniques to view, remove, or whiten the spots on her hands.

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The most common methods of correction of hyperpigmentation on the skin of the hands are the following cosmetological manipulations and preparations:

  • Creams and other dosage forms based on a special compound - hydroquinone. This substance can normalize pigmentation in the skin, thereby gradually reducing the intensity of the color of hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone also increases the resistance of the skin to the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the dosage form( cream or ointment) it is necessary to apply it once or twice a day for several months. Some cosmetologists recommend using this tool daily for older people.
  • Chemical or laser dermabrasion is a very effective method of removing stains, which will help get rid of them much faster than any cream or other cosmetic product. However, it is effective in cases where the pigmentation disorder is located in the superficial layers of the epidermis.
  • Chemical peeling is also a popular method of removing pigment spots, which reduces to the removal of the skin layer with a violation. It can be made at different depths of the skin, which is not to say about dermabrasion.
  • Laser therapy or phototherapy - these two techniques differ little from each other( only the source of light) and their essence is reduced to the destruction of pigment in tissues with the help of light radiation.
  • Mesotherapy, ozonotherapy, cryotherapy - all these popular cosmetology techniques are also recommended for correcting this violation. However, the feasibility and effectiveness of their appointment should be determined by a cosmetologist.
  • In order to get rid of white spots on the skin use some other techniques. Some women, for example, simply use masking tonal creams - to hide the lack of pigmentation is easier than its excess. Other variants of treatment of this form of vitiligo are treatment with some vitamin cocktails, irradiation with ultraviolet light, mesotherapy with special compositions. In general, the use of various ointments against white spots is less widespread than the fight against hyperpigmentation.

    Correction at Home

    The question of how to remove pigmented spots on your own at home, torments not one thousand people around the world. Not everyone can spend time visiting a cosmetologist and then regularly review there, in order to bring out hated brown dots and spots. Many choose home remedies for economic motives - when there are areas of hyperpigmentation, far from everyone is able to spend a significant amount of money to eliminate them. Pharmacy ointments and creams are also not always a panacea for age-old dark and white spots, which further pushes a person to methods of folk medicine.

    If pigment spots appear due to pathologies of the liver, hormonal failures and other disorders, then you can get rid of them using the following recipes:

    A good remedy for problems of this kind is the black radish - the root crops should be rubbed and the resulting mass is applied to the skin of hands. It is advisable to treat the skin before treatment with a moisturizing cream. Compress time - half an hour, after which you need to wash a lot of warm water.

    For the treatment of hyperpigmentation of any localization, castor oil has long been used. It must be rubbed into the skin 1-2 times a day, in the area of ​​pigmented areas.

    The components of lactic acid products( sour cream, yogurt, yogurt) not only moisturise and soften the skin, but also normalize the pigment exchange. To do this, they must be applied to the affected areas every 20-30 minutes each day. It is possible to combine them with different bleaching creams and other means.

    White spots are eliminated with the help of folk medicine techniques a bit more complicated, but possible.

    One of the most popular remedies from vitiligo is red currant juice. It must be squeezed from the berries directly before use - in the resulting juice moisten a cotton disc and apply to the skin of the hands. Sometimes, as a side effect, skin peeling can be observed, which is eliminated by various moisturizing tonics and creams.

    If you wish, you can find many more recipes that allow you to get rid of similar problems at home. However, you should not use them thoughtlessly - ideally, you need to consult a specialist before starting this treatment, or at least read reviews and contraindications to these techniques.

    Pigmented spots on hands: causes and methods of treatment

    Pigmented spots on hands: causes and methods of treatment

    Prevention of

    Disorders Getting rid of pigmented skin disorders is far more difficult than preventing their development. After all, it will not make it very difficult to use sunscreen in sunny weather, adhering to the proper diet in case of damage to the liver or endocrine system. All these prevention methods are especially relevant for people over 30 - performing them, you will postpone the appearance of aging spots on your hands for a long time.