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Everyone obviously is not cheap for the new models of vacuum cleaners with aquafilter. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to redeem the work of developers and designers,

, as well as the costs of setting up a conveyor for the production of new products. That is why the first series are more expensive than the following. On shipyards, the situation is even worse. The first three ships are always being damaged. Only after that some profit starts. Let's look at the rating of vacuum cleaners, including an aquafilter, a year ago( 2013), to understand what models should pay attention when choosing a home assistant.

Thomas Twin XT

Vacuum Cleaner Today, this gum headed the rating of cleaning vacuum cleaners and on the Yandex-market is decent. At least 17,000 rubles. Probably, they did not wait a little, it was necessary to return to them a year later! But to do nothing, have to consider who and for what is going to take away money from us. In which TV Twin XT did not appear. Long time has won a prize of spectator sympathies, the unit in our opinion will lead and popularity rating. Let's start with the fact that the company itself from Germany, as well as Thomas Anders from Modern Talking. Let's see what a company can do!

Vacuum cleaners are one of the two main specialties of the company:

  • Linen Centrifuges.
  • Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Rating of the vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: the types and their benefits

    Founded in 1900, it was before the start of the First World War. Today the family business is already guided by the fourth generation of Thomas. It's funny that besides this, there is no more specific information on the site, and even an English-language domain is missing from the Wikipedia article. But you can learn from the menu information about what kinds of vacuum cleaners are produced by the company:( See also: the best vacuum cleaner)

  • With a water filter.
  • Premium class vacuum cleaners.
  • Conventional Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Steam cleaners.
  • Multifunction Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Vacuum cleaners.
  • We really have a full range of cleaning products. But the most interesting thing is that all goods are manufactured in Germany. At least so is written in Vicki! Twin XT belongs to the latest class of equipment. This is a vacuum cleaner, of course, he has an aquafilter. The vertical parking of the suction pipe on the housing allows cleaning the air in the room, simply leaving the working device in this position for half an hour.

    Almost nothing is said about the product on the market, will have to get an instruction. Our subjects owns the AQUA BOX system, and even the company has the same experience with the HYGIENE prefix. From our experience, we would say that in the latter case, the microbes are also destroyed. Now check whether this is the case or not!

    In fact, everything turned out to be a bit easier. It means that the equipment is very easy to use, unlike most classmates. The device eliminates the need to mess with water when you do not want to do this. For example, set this HYGIENE BOX to make a quick dry cleaning with a bag, and when you need to apply a higher quality aquafilter, the device will be removed even until the next time you have to rush somewhere again. And still the vacuum cleaner has a washing function. It turns out the hybrid 3 in 1( well, it will directly top the rating of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning).

    AQUA BOX differs in the absence of a mode without an aquafilter in principle. This is a vacuum cleaner that can do wet cleaning, and maybe just work on suction. Its dignity is more hygienic than other container manufacturers. Judge for yourself!

  • Before cleaning in a plastic box, fill 1 liter of clean water and add the container to the vacuum cleaner.
  • After cleaning, one more liter of clean water is added, everything shakes( lessons are not for tender women's hands).After that, the waste is merged into the sewage system.
  • Rating of the vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: the types and their benefits

    The power is smoothly adjustable from 800 to 1700 W, with suction power constant throughout the working cycle, which distinguishes the device from the usual vacuum cleaner with the bag. A distinctive feature of the model is a long cord. Whole 8 meters. With a hose length of 4 meters. With this you can easily remove the entire apartment, even without removing the plug from the outlet. Impresses a set of nozzles:

    • Carpet pad-smooth floor should be cleaned with the touch of a bristle button.
    • For parquet and laminate there is a special brush made of natural hair that cleans the dust from all the cracks, but it will not damage the coating. On the sole is a padding of felt, which simultaneously polishes the surface. This nozzle for joint cleaning and care.
    • A low brush made of natural horse hair with a lateral arrangement of the duct connector will allow you to spill under any furniture where the gap is at least 8 cm.
    • Special Clean Light nozzle has a built-in LED backlight. Therefore, the operator can see if the cleaning vacuum cleaner is going to remove something valuable.
    • Slotted nozzle is also available to motorists with good biceps. Because to carry a product weighing 8 kg( without water) to the garage is not everyone's strength.
    • The nozzle for upholstered furniture with thread hoists specially designed for gathering hair from sofas, napkins. The

    Rating of the vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: the types and their benefits

    • Turbocharger resembles those that are found in cyclone vacuum cleaners. Under the action of the incoming stream, the roller spins inside and perfectly raises all the rubbish. This is a very effective carpet attachment.
    • A separate turbocharger is for upholstered furniture. In some cases, this will speed up the collection.
    • A small keyboard attachment will help clean even a personal computer with a cleaning vacuum cleaner. Of course, wet cleaning is not available in this mode.
    • The slotted mattress nozzle has a very narrow nozzle. Due to this, the high speed of air flow deeply penetrates into the thickness of the material.
    • The brush with clogged pads is designed to clean the wool from the furniture. True, the very affiliation after the procedure will have to be cleaned from the cats hair.
    • The wet cleaning nozzle has a special adapter latch for different types of coatings. It is recommended that the palaces first sprinkle with a cleaning solution and start the process in 15 minutes only. For this, the adapter is composed. When it comes to tile, it will cling to the rubber edge of the flattened adapter, which acts as a scraper of glass. The complexity is that the nozzle of the washing vacuum cleaner must be kept vertically all the time. A special transparent plastic tube is used for water supply.
    • The washing pad for furniture looks like a small triangle. Water is supplied through a plastic sleeve. The very design of this appliance for a vacuum cleaner does not allow water to penetrate too deeply.

    Rating of the vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: the types and their benefits

    • The Aqua Stealth laminate and parquet floor cleaner will delight the lovers of all the drapes to shine. Anyone knows how difficult it is to remove these types of floor coverings. Well, here's Aqua Stealth and help solve the problem. The microfiber pill is wetted by moisture that does not spray on the surface itself. At first, the path goes from itself, where the vacuum cleaner removes all dust in front of the fabric, which is located behind the suction slit. Then follow the opposite gesture. In two passes the floor covering should be clean. Dose Water with a special lever if necessary.
    • There is also an adapter for the triangular nozzle mentioned above, which can be attached to a piece of microfiber. As a result, it will be possible to clean and parquet with a laminate in a damp style. Why do you need to duplicate the functionality of the previous nozzle, difficult to say.

    Enjoy the presence of a remote control on the handle with the on / off button and power control. The device obviously should lead the rating on the responses of buyers of the elderly.

    Robots vacuum cleaners in the world ranking

    The second place in the world ranking is the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba 780. It is intended only for dry cleaning, unlike its sister Scooba. Still, the product costs about 24,000 rubles. And it's not strange. It is today that a lot of people look at such automatic assistants and study the rating of robots vacuum cleaners. In this segment, there is a simple rule: the product is more expensive, so it's more efficient. If, in the case of cyclone vacuum cleaners, it is possible to argue for a long time, whether the percentage of filtered dust is important, then the work runs on a program, the quality of which depends on the price.(See also: Best vacuum cleaner without bag)

    Rating of the vacuum cleaner with aquafilter: the types and their benefits

    The machine requires sensors of different types. This is both acoustic and video cameras, infrared. Due to such sophisticated equipment, some models have already learned how to create a primitive map of premises and clean the area along the route. Cheaper vacuum cleaners just work in different directions. Well though, if in this case there are sensors of protection against falling from the stairs.

    According to our ideas iRobot Scooba is ideal for parquet and laminate. The water in it is quite a bit, and then it is mainly a solution of detergent. This will not bring a big trouble, even if the program collapses.

    Price frame for cleaning

    vacuum cleaners As expected, in Russia the cheapest vacuum cleaners with aquafilter are domestic brands Vitek and Supra. For example, VT-1833 and VCS-2085.Both cost about 3000 rubles. And this is the very bottom plate for cyclone vacuum cleaners. It is difficult to borrow at least for less money anything that is suitable for apartment cleaning.

    Thus, the rating for the price is headed by domestic models. We believe that this is somehow connected with the knowledge of the requests of the Russian consumer and, as a consequence, the truncation of all unnecessary qualities. There is a certain probability that there are some disadvantages from the state to the domestic producer.