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New paint SYOSS Mixing Colors - reviews and description

The brand SYOSS introduced a new product in the Russian market. The first stable hair-dye cream SYOSS Mixing Colors has its own unique "chip".It professionally mixes two tones. Thanks to this little trick at home, you can get the same impressive result as the

when coloring the hair in the cabin.

As the manufacturer promises, the new paint will help to get a "live" shade that will beautifully shimmer on your hair. In addition, the novelty is good for paints gray hair.

New paint SYOSS Mixing Colors reviews and description The main difference between the SYOSS Mixing Colors and the other colors is that it consists of two tones that combine with each other. The first tone - basic, it is he and will give your hair a basic shade. The second tone - more vivid and intense, its task - to add a joy, bring a color nuance and make the color of the hair more distinct. For example, the dark chestnut base tone can be combined with a spectacular but light violet tinge.

In the Mixing Colors line you can find 12 shades, which have been developed by colorist experts of the brand. In addition to the name of each tint has a double number: the first of the numbers, separated by a dash, indicates the level of depth of the main tone. The second number defines the color nuance of a fashionable shade.

Use the new paint easily. The procedure is the same as in normal home coloring. The only difference is that instead of one tube with a dye, in the Mixing Colors package there are two. Both colors are mixed with the developer, and the colored composition is applied to the hair applied to it. After coloring of hair it is offered to put a special air conditioner, the main task of which - fastening and protection of color.

Reviews for hair dye SYOSS Mixing Colors

Despite the fact that the novelty has just appeared in Russian cosmetics stores, you can already find reviews on this paint and the impression of its use.

Many of those who have already tested the novelty, noted that the color turned out a bit darker than they expected. However, the majority of the received shade liked.

New paint SYOSS Mixing Colors reviews and description It is clear that the saturation of color depends on the structure and the initial state of hair. As a rule, more porous and dry hair is more likely to absorb the paint, so the color may turn out to be more intense than it would be desirable. As an option, you can use a lighter shade or slightly reduce the time of painting.

I also thought that the color of hair really turns out to be more complex and multifaceted than with ordinary paint.

also praised the steady effect - with further washing, the paint keeps the hair fairly well.

Many good reviews deserved a conditioner to fix the color that goes in one box with paint. The girls very much praised the beautiful intense shine, softness and obedience that it gives to the hair.

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