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Best button phones - 2016 rating

The best button phones are rated 2016

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  • 1. Best BlackBerry Phone Button Phones
  • 2. Best Button Phones - Nokia 230
  • 3. Best Button Phones - Ginzzu R7 Dual
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    Best BlackBerry Priv Phone Buttons

    The multi-functional Priv slider from BlackBerry has become a real breakthrough. If earlier the buttons were considered simple and slow, then this model completely destroys such a stereotype. This slider has got a really reliable and convenient QWERTY keyboard, has a built-in touch pad. Separate words deserve a fantastic 5.43-inch AMOLED screen with incredible QHD resolution. On such a clear 2.5 D display, the picture can be viewed literally for hours, enjoying maximum detail.

    Even independent experts admitted that the 18-megapixel camera in the BlackBerry Priv is the best of those that can be found on phones. New technologies have made it possible to photograph at night without losing quality. It is worth noting the optical stabilization as well as the Schneider-Kreuznach optics. Great performance was made possible by the Snapdragon 808, a six-core Qualcomm processor. Supplemented by a great technical side of 3GB of RAM.It is based on BlackBerry Priv on Android 5.1.Moreover, it is the first BlackBerry smartphone on this platform. Today it is the most powerful phone, which is talking about.

    The best button phones are rated 2016

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    Top handset phones - Nokia 230

    Nokia phones have always been famous for their excellent performance. This time, the manufacturer in the face of Microsoft went even further, giving the miniature device many useful and up-to-date features. The Nokia 230 awaits a practical plastic case with a metal back cover. Matte aluminum looks elegant and stylish in any situation. But the giant for a classic phone, the 2.8-inch display is very beautiful and bright.

    The manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to self-portraits, so the Nokia 230 can shoot stunning sephi. Thanks to the front-facing 2-megapixel camera with the most powerful flash, portraiture can also be created in the dark. The same camera is installed on the back of the phone. Therefore, Nokia 230 can be called one of the best phones for photography.

    The best button phones are rated 2016

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    Top handsets - Ginzzu R7 Dual

    The secured Ginzzu R7 Dual phone not only has strong buttons, but also an extremely sturdy case. Thanks to this design and the IP-67 standard, the model feels great in the most unexpected situations. Here is a shock-proof body completely, and the extreme conditions of this gadget are not at all terrible. The same applies to a liquid that can not penetrate into the Ginzzu R7.An interesting feature is the special mount, connecting different lanyards.

    Combines the R7 Dual Communication Providers from Ginzzu to the fullest. Two SIM cards allow you to actively use several numbers at once. Fans of good and different music will please the built-in radio. But the powerful battery of the phone at 1700 magic holds charge for a long time.

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    The best button phones are rated 2016

    BlackBerry Priv - the best button phone 2016

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